Athlete of the Issue: Jack Goodrich


Courtesy of Jack Goodrich '20

Jack Goodrich ’20 playing on St. Mark’s Day.

Jack Goodrich ’20 has been an avid soccer player from a young age, and has contributed to the Varsity Boys Soccer team for the past three years. Last year, the team found success, making it all the way to the Independent School League (ISL) tournament. This year, Jack is leading the team both on and off the field. He leads the team with energy and is there to pump them up when they need it. Jack will be continuing his soccer career at the University of Massachusetts Lowell next year. As Jack’s final season concludes, we wish him the best of luck this season in addition to his college career going forward. 

When did you first start playing?

I started playing soccer when I was about three or four years old. I played in the basement of my house with my brother, sister, and dad. Most weekday nights were spent on the small turf field in my house playing soccer from a very early age. 


Have you always loved soccer? Who taught you how to play?

I have always loved to play soccer because I find it to be my outlet when I’m stressed or in a bad mood. Soccer immediately makes me happy, and every season my urge to play only grows. 

At first, my dad taught me how to play with the fundamentals like passing and dribbling. As I grew older FC Stars (a soccer club team in the area) taught me almost everything I know about soccer and helped me gain knowledge about the game. Over the years, Stars has helped to develop me as a player and make me a better midfielder. 


What do you love most about sports? 

Sports are such a great source of entertainment. Whether it is playing in a game or watching one, I always feel the high energy of a sports game and all the exciting ups and downs that come with it. 


What do you like most about being an athlete?

Being an athlete allows me to push myself physically every day. More than that, it allows me to understand how to be on a team and how to work with other people to achieve certain goals. I find that there is nothing better than going out to the field with my friends and pushing each other to be our best. 


What do you like most about the soccer team?

The soccer team is a good group of guys who all care about each other a lot. The banter on the team always makes practice enjoyable, and everyone works hard for the player next to them. 


How is the season going so far?

The season had a rough start with a couple of losses, but the team is starting to gain momentum. After two ties against the two top teams in the league and a win against Thayer, we are finding our rhythm and game.  


What do you look forward to at UMASS?

I look forward to going to a bigger school and being in an environment that is different from what I’m used to. I also can’t wait to meet a lot of the guys on the team and play with a team that had a lot of success in recent years. 


Why did you choose UMASS? (What was the recruiting process like?) 

I chose UML because I found that their academics fit what I was looking for. The school is also on the larger side which is a nice change of pace. As for soccer, the team has been doing very well in the past years helping it to become a very strong program. In the recruiting process, I was lucky because the UML head coach became my club coach about a year ago. I had liked some other schools, but being able to play under him for a year and learning his way of coaching helped me to feel comfortable imagining myself on his team for the next four years. 


What makes you a good leader? 

I am more of a quiet leader, and this allows me to be level-headed most of the time. I am, without a lot of words, able to show how I think the game should be played and help others as well as myself to become better. 

What other sports do you play?

The only other sport I have played is JV baseball. I never played any other sport as a kid, but looking back I wish I had tried out a few others.  


What’s your favorite soccer team? Who do you think is the current best professional player?

My favorite soccer team is Arsenal. It’s hard being a fan as they always fail to meet the high standards that are set for them before any season, but I know one year they will do okay. 

I think that Messi is by far the best professional soccer player. It is also fair to say that he might be the best professional soccer player ever. 


When you aren’t playing soccer, what do you enjoy doing? 

I like to fish with my brother as much as I can. Soccer takes up a large amount of my year, but when I can I try and go out on the rocks at night with my brother and catch some stripers.