AOTI: Selah Barrett


Selah Barrett ’21, Courtesy of Selah Barrett

Since she was a little kid, Selah Barrett ‘21 has loved soccer. Coming in as a new 5th former, she quickly found her spot as a strong contributor to the Girls Varsity Soccer team and is now deep into her second season with the team. Though the modified COVID restrictions of no games and little contact have placed a damper on the season, Selah continues to make the most of her days at practice. Leading the team with her dedication, humor, and lighthearted attitude, Selah continues to keep her teammates’ spirits high and works to make every practice valuable and enjoyable for all. Selah will be continuing her soccer career at Colby College next year. As she enters the last half of her final soccer season, we commemorate her commitment and wish her the best of luck in her future soccer career.


When did you start playing soccer? Who taught you how to play, and what teams did you play for growing up?

I started playing soccer when I was 4 years old. I have two older brothers, and they always asked me to come to play soccer with them outside, so that was when it all started. They had me play other sports with them, like lacrosse, football, or basketball, but soccer was always way more fun to me than the other ones, they definitely started me on that path. My brothers definitely taught me how to play. Starting in fourth grade, I played for a club, and I was the only girl on the all-boys team. I could play at a higher level with the boys. So when I started playing with girls, it wasn’t as challenging for me. Playing with boys definitely gave me a different learning of the sport.


What is your favorite part about soccer?

Soccer games are probably my favorite. We do all this practice, and then when we finally bring it to the game we can demonstrate the improvement and the hard work. It isn’t all about winning the game, but more about the team playing altogether, playing well, being proud of each other, and having fun. Also, I think playing soccer is a way for you to escape all the other responsibilities you have to deal with. When you play, all you do is focus on the game itself. 


What is your favorite part of the soccer team?

The team dinners. We always eat with each other, and it is a really special thing that we have. Also, we talked about the fact last year that just because the season is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have dinner with each other or say hi in the halls. I think that that is something the soccer team does really well. Also, warmups are always really fun, with good conversations and a lot of laughs.


What makes you a leader?

I think being humble makes me a leader. There is no need to brag or anything about how good you are. I think everybody is out there doing their best, so I think we just need to appreciate everybody for all the hard work they put into the game. 


How did you find Colby? What was the recruitment process like?

Two summers ago, I did two summer camps, one at Middlebury and one at Bowdoin. The Bowdoin one was a sleepaway one where they had a bunch of other college coaches there to recruit people. So I did that camp, and then I had a couple of college coaches reach out to me and tell me that they were interested, so that’s how I was able to commit to Colby. I’m extremely grateful. I know it is a great school, the coach is super cool, and I actually know a girl on the soccer team. She’s given me a lot of insight about how it is to be a new player, and it all sounds really good.


Who is your favorite professional team and player?

My favorite professional team is Arsenal. My favorite professional player is Antoine Griezmann. He plays for the French National team. I don’t want to be a bandwagon and choose the classic Messi, or Ronaldo, or one of those. 


What do you think of the modified COVID season compared to the normal season?

The obvious worse thing is no soccer games. Since we recently are allowed to play some contact, I definitely think that that has made it better. With no contact, there wasn’t as much to look forward to, because we had no games, so it was just regular practice, with passing drills and modified no-contact activities. Now, my perspective has changed with the introduction of some contact. We are allowed to play an almost real game. That is a big similarity between last season and this COVID season. With our games being on Saturday, it gives it more of a game-day feel.


What would you tell any other up-and-coming Groton athletes?

Don’t take your sport for granted. As we saw with COVID, people weren’t able to do their spring sports. A lot of the time people go through their practices dreading it. But it is going to be over before you know it, so enjoy the time you have with your team at practices, and get as much out of it as you can.