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The 4-2 Program

Jack Ehrgott '22 November 3, 2020

To the dismay of many Groton students, the loss of the 2020 spring sports season was yet another effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. To compensate for this loss, the school created the 4-2 program: a system...

Selah Barrett 21, Courtesy of Selah Barrett

AOTI: Selah Barrett

Eleanor Taggart '24, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

Since she was a little kid, Selah Barrett ‘21 has loved soccer. Coming in as a new 5th former, she quickly found her spot as a strong contributor to the Girls Varsity Soccer team and is now deep into...

Julia Spada 24, Courtesy of Olivia Dillon 21.

Lower School Athletes To Watch

Julie Xie '23 November 3, 2020

Soccer: Julia Spada ’24 Groton Girls Soccer welcomes a new member onto its team: Julia Spada ’24. Julia has played soccer for most of her life, and currently plays center-back and holding midfield...

Courtesy of Creative Commons.

Groton Sports: What Has Changed?

Tyler Weisberg '22, Sports Editor September 13, 2020

Assistant Head for External Programs Megan Harlan’s email gave students some insight on how the sports program has changed this fall, and to find out more, we conducted an interview with the athletic...

Jamie Lamoreaux coaching Groton Football.

Spotlight on Jamie Lamoreaux

Nathan Zhang '21, Assistant Digital Editor October 13, 2019

Groton varsity football has recently been on a hot-streak, with big wins over St. George’s School, Middlesex School, and The Roxbury Latin School. Part of the success, of course, emerges from the hard...

Key Upcoming Games

Tyler Weisberg '22 October 13, 2019

Varsity Boys Cross Country Independent School League (ISL) Championships | November 1 | Away at St. Mark’s School Boys Cross Country is already looking ahead to its first championship meet at St....

Lower School Athletes to Watch

Amelia Lee '22 October 13, 2019

Alicia Guo ’24 started playing volleyball two years ago, first on the Fay Volleyball team then with the club Smash Volleyball.  She is passionate about the sport because “the feeling of hitting...

Status Update: Boys Varsity Soccer Field

Status Update: Boys Varsity Soccer Field

Tyler Weisberg '22, Assistant Sports Editor October 13, 2019

The Boys Varsity Soccer field has been closed off all fall for repairs due to unforeseen complications with the new grass. Buildings & Grounds (B&G) is working hard to get the field back in play. Currently,...

The Student Behind The Scenes: Andrej Klema

Jiacheng Kang '22 October 13, 2019

After a mentally taxing day of class, many of Groton’s students head to either sports practice or theater. However, Andrej Klema, a Fifth Former, files into the equipment room to assist Athletic Equipment...

Jack Goodrich 20 playing on St. Mark’s Day.

Athlete of the Issue: Jack Goodrich

Christina Oelhafen '21, Assistant Features Editor October 11, 2019

Jack Goodrich '20 has been an avid soccer player from a young age, and has contributed to the Varsity Boys Soccer team for the past three years. Last year, the team found success, making it all the way...

Admist Celebration, a Renewed Fight

Admist Celebration, a Renewed Fight

Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld '21, Sports Editor September 21, 2019

The final whistle blew and the stadium in Lyon, France erupted into cheers as the US Women’s National Team (WNT) claimed the World Cup Trophy for the fourth time. This past summer the women’s team...

St. Mark’s Day Previews

Lilly Gordon '21 November 10, 2018

St. Mark’s Day marks the end of the regular season for most varsity athletes. Depending on the team, coaches used different strategies to prepare for the big day: some focused on increasing fitness while...

Girls cross country after a race against BB&N.

Cross Country New England’s

Tyler Weisberg '22, Assistant Sports Editor November 10, 2018

Since the boys junior varsity and varsity cross country teams came in fifth and sixth last year during the NEPSAC New England Championships, the team has gained and said farewell to some valuable runners....

Head of the Charles

Max Steinert '20, Assistant Sports Editor October 19, 2018

There is a constant buzz around Groton’s rowers during spring crew season as they stride across campus in their uniforms or are seen erging their hearts out in the foyer. But in just a few weeks, two...

Lower School Athletes to Watch

Alex Kogler '19, Sports Editor October 19, 2018

Wren Fortunoff While new to the Circle, Wren Fortunoff ’22 is by no means a stranger to the sport of cross-country. She ran in 7th and 8th grade at her old school and from the very start of girls...

Freddie on the turf field during preseason.

Athlete of the Issue: Freddie Tobeason

Powers Trigg '20, Assistant Sports Editor September 13, 2018

As the late Vince Lombardi once put it, “the strength of the group is the strength of the leaders.” When it comes to the girls varsity field hockey team, leadership is especially crucial. The team...

The boys varsity soccer team in Ireland.

Boys Varsity Soccer Team Travels to Europe

Max Steinert '20, Assistant Sports Editor September 13, 2018

At the close of summer, while other fall athletes prepared themselves for preseason, the boys varsity soccer team packed up their bags and embarked on a 13-day adventure to England and Ireland. The itinerary...

Bruised and Broken: Athletic Injues

Bruised and Broken: Athletic Injues

Eunice Cho '20 October 26, 2017

Consider this: so far this term, the athletic trainers have offered over 1,200 treatments for athletes, ranging from simple ice packs to full injury rehabilitation. In most winter and spring seasons, for...

Your Fantasy Football Preview

Bobby Meehan October 26, 2017

With football season in full swing, Americans around the world are glued to their cell phones, laptops, and TVs. Why? Fantasy football.   According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association,...

Head of the Charles 2017

Powers Trigg '19 October 26, 2017

Held on the penultimate weekend in October, the Head of the Charles is advertised as “the world’s largest two-day rowing event.” It serves as a grand test of endurance for more than 11,000 athletes...

Athlete of the Issue: Paul Michaud

Athlete of the Issue: Paul Michaud

Ben Zaidel '19 October 26, 2017

16 minutes and 38 seconds. You can use this amount of time to read 5,000 words, or get through the bulk of a television show, or perhaps catch up on your Latin reading. Or, if you’re Paul Michaud, you...

Groton’s Newest Varsity Sport: Voleyball

Cara Chang '20 September 11, 2017

After four years of growing popularity and widespread student support, volleyball has been bumped a notch up on Groton’s athletic roster, finally taking its place as a fall varsity sport. Starting this...

Girls’ Varsity Soccer, currently 2-4-1, looks to beat a strong BB&N team.

Preview of Parents Weekend games

Westby Caspersen '17, Assistant Sports Editor October 21, 2016

Boys’ Varsity Soccer vs. BB&N Boys’ Soccer has been off to a somewhat rough start this season with a 2-5-1 record (1-4 in the ISL); however, they are confident heading into their Parents Weekend...

Max Strong 20

Lower School Athletes to Watch

Powers Trigg '20, Reporter October 21, 2016

Max Strong ‘20 Boys’ Varsity Soccer As Jonathan Martin recently wrote in The Guardian, soccer is always changing: “It is progression is neither cyclical nor linear.” Even with the changing game,...

Lucy at a recent competition.

Lucy Gund ‘19 skates to success

Alexandra Kogler '19, Reporter October 21, 2016

Many may know Lucy Gund ‘19 from watching videos of her ice skate, leaving all of us that are completely inflexible in awe of her ability to twirl and leap with such ease. Others may know her as a defender...

Students at the trainers.

Four Most Common Sports Injuries at Groton

Layne McKeown ‘18, Reporter October 21, 2016

On the athletic field, intense competition means working and fighting hard. However, the consistent tough play brings our athletes to the training room in the AC. According to athletic trainers Art Cheeks...

Groton’s revamped offense is led by quarterback Greg Segal ‘18 (8).

Football brings in outside coaches

Aram Moosavi '17, Assistant Sports Editor October 7, 2016

The Varsity Football team this year experienced a huge makeover in their coaching staff, bringing in three new outside coaches. With former head coach and history teacher, John Lyons, taking a sabbatical,...

Athlete of the Issue: Maddie Ferucci

Athlete of the Issue: Maddie Ferucci

October 7, 2016

“Playing field hockey at Groton has changed my life,” says Maddie Ferrucci ’17. Captain of the Varsity Field Hockey team, Maddie has committed the past five years to the sport. Her undeniable natural...

Alexa Beckstein ‘18 takes a shot.

Girls’ soccer: a winning tradition

Addie Newsome '18, Reporter October 7, 2016

Girls’ Varsity Soccer is one of the most successful teams on campus. In 2014, the team took home the NEPSAC Class B championship.It was not an easy victory either, as they were placed into the playoffs...

Noah Aaron ‘18 competes against St. Paul’s in basketball.

St. Paul’s to leave ISL, Tabor to join

Westby Caspersen '17, Assistant Sports Editor October 7, 2016

On April 11, 2016, St. Paul’s withdrew from the Independent School League, and on September 21, 2016, Tabor was accepted to fill the vacant slot. Groton has had a long history of rivalry and intense...

Fall Sports Preview

Fall Sports Preview

Layne McKeown ‘18, Reporter September 13, 2016

GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY: The Girls’ Cross Country team certainly ended last season on a strong note, finishing fifth at the ISL Championships--a great improvement from their eighth place finish the...

The embattled Tom Brady.

Deflategate: Goodell Up And Brady Down

May 13, 2016

While Grotonians were on their Spring Long Weekend, the newest chapter of the Deflategate saga unfolded. For those who have not been following what has been dubbed “Deflategate,” in the 2015 AFC Championship...

Hallie Bereday 17 sits with her mother.

Parents’ Weekend Games Preview

Delaney Tantillo '17, Assistant Sports Editor October 31, 2015

Varsity Football vs. St. George’s After beginning the season 2-0, Groton Football looks to build off of their early momentum. The team has done an excellent job of executing plays in their games thus...

Edmonton’s budding star, Connor McDavid

NHL Season Back Underway

Aron Cho '16 October 31, 2015

By mid-October, the NHL season was already in full swing. This year’s NHL season will feature several rule changes, top draft picks, and three outdoor games. Rule Changes A rule that has been implemented...

LeBron James

NBA Season Projections

October 31, 2015

The Circle Voice Sports Section has created its own NBA projections for the 2015-2016 season. The following will cover the projected top finishers in each conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers look poised...

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