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“Prize Day” 2020
Courtesy of Hannah Wise
The Uncertainty of Sports Leagues Returning
Tyler Weisberg '22, Sports Editor • May 31, 2020

Groton students are consumers of sports entertainment like millions of other people around the world. Due to the coronavirus, many sports leagues globally have either “shutdown,” “paused,” or “delayed”...

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Courtesy of Mary Collins
Athlete of the Issue: Mary Collins
Michelle Kim '23, Staff Writer • April 28, 2020

Captain Mary Collins '20 is most recognizable by her gait as she saunters across the slick, shiny court. She stops at the free-throw line, eyeing the basket. All eyes watch her as she takes her final breath....

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Runners Olivia Dillon
Finding the “Runner’s High” at the Hyannis Half-Marathon
Sophia Wu '21, Assistant Sports Editor • March 7, 2020

If you happened to wander along the river, you might have wondered what the group of 30-odd, colorfully clad runners were doing sloshing through snow while the sun threatened to set behind them. You might also...

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Groton Swim Smashes Through Expectations at Invitational
Charlie Weisberg '23 • March 7, 2020

“There have only been a few times in my coaching career that I have been speechless. I’m proud to say today was one of those days. I’m so honored to be a coach to such amazing athletes. Today, you...

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Summertime Swagness
Summertime Swagness
Aisling O'Connell '21, Zoe Park '21, Samuel Quigley '21, Humor Editors • May 31, 2020

Artist of the Issue: Jed Rainey
Artist of The Issue: Chioma Ilozor
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