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The Long-Awaited Return of Parents’ Weekend

Alisa Gulyansky ‘24 October 30, 2021

After a year-long hiatus from accepting visitors to campus openly, Groton is finally ready to welcome families back to campus for this year’s Parents Weekend. Though some changes have been necessary...

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Groton Clubs on the Rise

Aimee Zheng '23 and Janice Darkwah '23 October 30, 2021

With Groton School’s student body and faculty becoming increasingly diverse, it should come as no surprise that the school’s array of extracurricular activities has shown similar growth and expansion....

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Sixth Form Student Qualifies for International Championship

Eric Ge '24 October 30, 2021

Standing tall and hands gesturing, Steven Pang ’22 can often be seen in the forum coaching the Groton debate team. He has won numerous awards at high school tournaments and is the co-president of the...

Exploring Underrepresented Identities in Summer Reading

Griffin Gura '24 September 25, 2021

In assigning readings for this past summer, Ms. Sen-Das said she sought to choose “compelling narratives that span the breadth of the human experience.”  Second Formers were assigned The House...

Groton Traditions in the Past and Pandemic Present

Groton Traditions in the Past and Pandemic Present

Sophia Bay '23 September 25, 2021

Credit to Mei Matsui '23 Matching neon clothing, tug-of-war in a pool of mud, and board games at the headmaster’s house — traditions like ’80s Dance, Spring Fling, and Parlor were vital parts...

Groton’s Covid-19 Plan in the Past and Present

Groton’s Covid-19 Plan in the Past and Present

Christina Chen '23 September 25, 2021

Credit to Amy Ma '23 As the new school year begins, a look back on the hard work of Groton’s faculty and staff shows the accomplishments of the past year of in-person learning.  In order to see...

A Nearly-Normal Summer For GRACE 2021

A Nearly-Normal Summer For GRACE 2021

Agathe Robert '24 September 25, 2021

Credit to Marlene Ma '24 Despite masks fogging up chemistry goggles, GRACE 2021 resembled a normal summer, preparing rising sophomores for their entry into Upper School this fall.  Accelerating...

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Prize Day 2021

Jared Gura , News Editor June 1, 2021

When asked about her thoughts on her upcoming graduation, Beatrice Agbi ’21, the student speaker elected by her form for this year’s Prize Day, responded: “There’s something magical about wearing...

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New Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Evan Cheigh , News Editor June 1, 2021

In recent years, Groton’s trustees, faculty, and students alike have been united in their passion for diversity and inclusion. Responding to this collective drive, Groton outlined in an all-community...

A Fond Farewell to Departing Faculty

A Fond Farewell to Departing Faculty

A Fond Farewell: Faculty Departing the Groton Community   As the bittersweet end of our school year nears, we prepare to say goodbye to ten faculty members who have served as positive role models...

Record Breaking Admission Seasons

Record Breaking Admission Seasons

Agathe Robert '24 April 21, 2021

This year’s admission season has proven Groton’s adaptability once again. The admissions office had to host the campus tours, interviews, admissions fairs, and revisit days on online platforms. These...

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Plans for 2021 Prize Day

David Wang '23 April 21, 2021

Groton’s Prize Day has always been a monumental event for seniors and their families, marking the end of a four-year journey filled with memories, challenges, and friends. While this important ceremony...

Asian American Footsteps Conference

Emily Li '22, Assistant News Editor April 21, 2021

On Sunday, April 11, the 10th annual Asian American Footsteps Conference (AAFC) commenced. Unlike in other years, the 2021 AAFC was held online due to Covid-19. The conference invites Asian, Asian-American,...

Weekend Events this Spring

Weekend Events this Spring

Vivan Das ’23 April 21, 2021

Every spring, after a winter of being stuck inside, students return to campus looking forward to nice weather and longer days. With the new term comes beloved annual events that take advantage of the enjoyable...

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The Voices for the Voiceless: Spring Term Circle Talk

Sophia Bay '23 April 21, 2021

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, two of America’s most celebrated journalists over the past half-century, will visit Groton on April 22nd to deliver the Spring Term Circle Talk.  Nicholas Kristof,...

“The Pandemic’s Frontlines” Circle Talk

Alisa Gulyansky '24 and Amelia Barnum '24, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

The most recent Circle Talk united us on something we all have in common: the devastating ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the name, “The Pandemic’s Frontlines,” suggests, the talk featured...

Groton’s Scholastic Awards

Amelia Lee '22, Assistant News March 9, 2021

For Groton students, the Covid-19 pandemic has limited important outlets of social interaction and travel. But it has certainly not limited their artistic abilities. As students have created meaningful...

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Update on the New Schoolroom Busts

David Wang '23 and Amy Ma '23, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

Walk inside the schoolroom and you’ll find a range of dignified historic men, perched on mahogany staring back at you. From Caesar to Washington, these 17 busts stood as esteemed role-models for the...

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A Fantastic Year for Debate

Steven Pang '22, Online Columnist March 9, 2021

Although most sports this year have suffered because of Covid-19, Groton’s Debating Society has had a fantastic year. Not only has Groton’s Debate team emerged as one of the top teams in our league,...

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Yet Another Major Snowstorm!

Jacques Dy '25 February 14, 2021

 Once again, another winter storm is impacting the USA in what seems to be an extremely active February for storms. Time: On Sunday and Monday, snow showers that may or may not be associated with this...

Primary source excerpt from Groton Town Diaries.

How Groton Handled the Spanish Flu

Derek Hu '21, Editor in Chief February 8, 2021

History teaches us many lessons, and those lessons can help us deal with current circumstances, particularly, the Covid-19 pandemic. In 1918, Groton confronted the Spanish Flu, a deadly virus that killed...

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Fighting for Sustainability at Groton

Amy Ma '23, News Assistant Editor February 8, 2021

The Sustainability Committee, founded in 2018, targets environmental issues which have become increasingly prominent and urgent on our campus. Unfortunately, aesthetics, limited control, and recent Covid-19...

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Virtual MLK Day

Jiacheng Kang '22, News Editor February 8, 2021

On January 18th, students will experience an unusual MLK Day. Typically, the event begins with student performances, followed by an outside speaker, and concludes with various student-run discussion groups...

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COVID Rules at Other Schools

Alisa Gulyansky '24, News Assistant Editor February 8, 2021

“I hate the term ‘unprecedented times’ but I feel like it’s the only way to describe the fall term… unexpected, unparalleled, yet somehow, we all made it work out,” said Choate student Isabella...

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Coping in a Crisis

Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld '21 December 16, 2020

“Fall term was like the thunderstorm of thunderstorms: occasionally terrifying, pretty destructive, but sometimes fun to play in,” said Caroline Drapeau ’21, when asked to describe her experiences. For...

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An Optimistic Future for US-China Relations

Harry Liao '21 December 16, 2020

At first glance, Biden’s victory is good news because it offers the US-China relationship a fresh start. However, to accurately predict what the President will do, one must analyze his foreign policy...

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Groton’s Secret to Fall Success

Evan Cheigh '22, Assistant Opinions Editor December 16, 2020

This fall, the Groton community accomplished something truly special: zero cases of COVID-19 among students and school staff. So who and what was behind this remarkable feat? And now, as we enter an unpredictable...

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International Students Stranded by Shut Embassies

Isabel Cai '21, News Editor December 16, 2020

While most students had the choice of returning to campus this Fall, some international students were unable to obtain a visa to enter the United States during the pandemic. For anyone who wishes to engage...

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Finding Space and Time for D&I

Emily Li '22, Assistant News Editor December 15, 2020

"And everyone single one of you, every single one of you, has been the catalyst for a lollipop," said Drew Dudley, a leadership speaker. During the last Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) gathering of fall...

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D&I: What Next?

Amelia Lee '22 November 4, 2020

From the Coronavirus outbreak to the Black Lives Matter protests, we have witnessed a drastic and rapid change in the political and social climate of the United States. The upcoming U.S. presidential election...

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Sustainable Investing: The Path Forward

Amy Ma '23 November 4, 2020

From solar panels to the Waste Not Initiative, Groton students have led many environmental initiatives on campus. Over the past few months, the Sustainability Committee heads have been meeting with the...

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Remote Learner Check-In

Emily Li '22 and Eric Ge '24 November 4, 2020

With two more weeks of school remaining,  a lot has occurred for both students on the Circle, as well as students in remote learning. The recent hybrid teaching model has been a unique experience for...

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Hybrid Learning

Emily Li '22, News Assistant Editor September 13, 2020

With 61 of 384 students opting for online learning, what fall term at Groton will look like for remote learners is still largely unknown. Unlike last spring term, where all of the Groton community was...

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Who Are the Covid-19 Decision Makers?

Isabel Cai '21, News Editor September 13, 2020

The decision to reopen with a hybrid model this Fall is an ongoing cooperative effort of the headmaster, faculty, and trustees since March. Headmaster Temba Maqubela consulted two groups: the Task Force,...

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Alumni Push for Change at Groton

Brianna Zhang September 13, 2020

On June 6th, one of the largest days of the Black Lives Matter movement, 500,000 demonstrators emerged onto the streets in 550 places, bearing homemade signs and chanting for social justice. At night,...

The Schoolhouse in 2019. Courtesy of Groton Flickr.

New Year, New School: Student Life Under Covid-19

Amelia Lee '22, Assistant News Editor September 13, 2020

No dances, no off-campus trips, and no interscholastic games. Social distancing measures have eliminated the possibility of many activities we previously enjoyed. Students moving in on campus or preparing...

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“Prize Day” 2020

Isabel Cai '21, News Editor May 31, 2020

In light of the pandemic, Prize Day has been postponed to a future time on the circle when it is safe for the Form of 2020 and their families to return to campus. However, an Awarding of Prizes and Diplomas...

Synchronous Classes: When Less is More

Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld ’21, Editor in Chief May 31, 2020

When Mr. Anderson dedicated his chapel talk to the interesting history of time zones across the world, nobody seated in the chapel that morning could have predicted that those very time zones would come...

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From Virtual Revisits to Webinars

Evan Cheigh '22, Assistant News Editor April 28, 2020

Faced with the cancellations of city receptions and Revisit Day, the Admission Office discovered new ways to reach Groton’s newly admitted applicants around the world. The virtual Revisit hosts, Groton...

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Students Against COVID-19

Stanislas Robert '22 April 28, 2020

During this pandemic, Elizabeth Wolfram ’23 is wondering how her time in quarantine can be made more meaningful for her and her community: “I feel much more at ease knowing that I am doing something...

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