The Circle Voice



Lily Cratsley and Marianne Lu ’19

Graphics Editors

Sophie Conroy and Phoebe Shi ’19

News Editor

Julia Kendall ’19

Opinions Editor

Leo McMahon ’19

Features Editor

Fran Saldivar ’19

Sports Editors

Alex Kogler and Bobby Meehan ’19

Arts Editors

Lilias Kim and Karla Sanford ’19

Humor Editors

Lars Caspersen and Amy Lu ’19

Assistant News Editors

Cara Chang ’20 and Abby Kirk ’19

Assistant Opinions Editors

Andrew Porter ’20 and Jack Wilmerding ’19

Assistant Features Editor

Eunice Cho and Katie Reveno ’20

Assistant Sports Editors

Max Steinert and Powers Trigg ’20

Assistant Arts Editors

Claire Lee and Eliza Powers ’20


Brooks Anderson ’20 and Halle Livermore ’19


Anna Copeland ’20, Olivia Dillon ’21, Shirley Li ’19, Finn Lynch ’19,

Jack Sperling ’22, Eliza Turner ’20, and Tyler Weisberg ’22


Sophia Deng ’22, Noemi Iwasaki ’22, Julia Lin ’22, Amy Ma ’23,

Zenande Mdludlu ’21, Kathleen Morales ’22, Angela Wei ’21, and Hannah Wise ’21