The Circle Voice



Cara Chang and Powers Trigg  ’20

Digital Editors

Cornelia Potter ’21 and Nathan Zhang ’21

News Editor

Katie Reveno ’20

Opinions Editor

Yumin Shivdasani ’20

Features Editor

Claire Lee ’20

Sports Editor

Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld ’21

Arts Editors

Eliza Powers ’20

Humor Editors

Annie Fey and Charles Wahba ’20

Graphics Editors

Gardner Thors ’20 and Angela Wei ’21


Brooks Anderson ’20 and Garrett Johnson ’20


Eliza Turner ’20, Olivia Dillon ’21, and Johnny Fan ’22


Zenande Mdludlu ’21, Hannah Wise ’21, and Julia Lin ’22

Assistant News Editors

Annabel Kocks ’20 and Evan Cheigh ’22

Assistant Opinions Editors

Sammy Agrawal and Leah Pothel  ’21

Assistant Features Editors

Derek Hu and Christina Oelhafen  ’21

Assistant Sports Editors

Sophia Wu ’21 and Tyler Weisberg ’22

Assistant Arts Editors

Isabel Cai ’21 and Allison Jiang ’22

Staff Writers

Liv Ting ’20, Maya Gite ’22, and Amelia Lee ’22

Breaking News Reporters

Afran Ali ’20, Jiacheng Kang ’22, and Jacinta Lopez ’22