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Advanced Studio Art Exhibition: Final Reflections from Seniors

Advanced Studio Art Exhibition: Final Reflections from Seniors

Brianna Zhang '23, Assistant Arts Editor June 1, 2021

As spring term neared its end, the Advanced Open Studio Art class concluded their year of deep artistic exploration and creation with a display behind the Schoolhouse. The students attached their artwork...

Courtesy of Nathan Zhang '21

Artist of the Issue: Nathan Zhang ’21

Eleanor Taggart '24, Assistant Arts Editor June 1, 2021

Whenever a group of string players is performing for any event in any setting, chances are Nathan Zhang will be there. Playing the cello in the orchestra and in several other small string groups, Nathan...

Courtesy of Chloe Zheng '23

A Night to Remember: Grotonstock on the Circle

Michelle Kim '23, Arts Editor June 1, 2021

On Saturday, May 22nd, all came to a quiet settle on the Circle, where a socially distanced Grotonstock, complete with outdoor speakers and a pitched tent as a stage, was organized. Students promptly gathered...

National Medalists for the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition

Julie Xie '23 April 21, 2021

This year, many Groton School students won national and regional key prizes for their art and writing submitted to the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. Specifically, five students...

Credits to Carlo Galleri

The Scammys 2021     

Ebun Lawore '24 April 21, 2021

Since the first Grammys Awards ceremony took place on May 4, 1959, the public has criticized the Recording Academy’s selection of nominees and winners. Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Queen, Amy Winehouse,...

Groton's TV Picks

Groton’s TV Picks

April 21, 2021

Following a term of academic and pandemic-related stresses, students have gravitated towards TV to relax and unwind. Here are some of Groton students’ favorites: Elizabeth Wolfram ’23: Country Comfort “It's...

Courtesy of Yuen Ning Chang '21

Artist of the Issue: Yuen Ning Chang

Jiacheng Kang ’22, Assistant Opinions Editor April 20, 2021

Yuen Ning Chang ’21 is an artistic mastermind with the capacity to bring to life any medium she engages with. She has drawn much inspiration from her mother, who used to work in the Chinese Arts department...

Artist of the Issue: Janice Zhai

Lang Burgess '23 March 9, 2021

From choreographing dance routines to designing clothes, Janice Zhai ‘21 has done a bit of everything. She is an art prefect and recently received two honorable mentions in the Scholastic Art Awards...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Bridgerton – The Allure of Decorum During the Pandemic

Christina Chen '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

There are many aspects of Bridgerton, a recent Netflix Originals hit based on Julia Quinn’s novel series of the same name, that make it a charming and enticing series. Perhaps it’s the Regency era...

Spotlight on Advanced Open Studio Art Class Projects: Blending of Mediums and Borders

Michelle Kim '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

The Advanced Open Studio art class directed by Ms. Ho and Ms. de Jesus-Akuete has pioneered through Covid-19 protocols by working on cooperative group projects, collaborating with artists distanced by...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Social Dilemma: The Problem We Live With

Jack Lionette '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

Like most, I found myself turning towards my phone at an increasingly frequent rate during the pandemic. Without the ability to interact face to face with peers, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and texting...

Courtesy of Olivia Dillon '21

Spotlight: Essence Step Team

Ava Bridges '24, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

In Spring of 2018, six dancers, Angelica Parra ’21 and Edwina Polynice ’21 among them, prepared to take the stage during a Saturday Open Mic. Essence, Groton’s newly revived step group, was about...

Groton Theater during Covid-19 – “The Wolves” 

Christina Chen ’23, Assistant Arts Editor February 8, 2021

An exciting kick-off to the winter term, the fall term theater team recently released their first and second episodes of “The Wolves,” an award-winning play written by Sarah DeLappe,, available for...

Groton Valentine's Day Playlist

Groton Valentine’s Day Playlist

Allison Jiang ’22, Arts Editor February 8, 2021

With Valentine's Day coming up, the Circle Voice asked the Groton community to recommend the best love songs that they had been listening to. Here is what some members of the community had to say about...

Courtesy of Sobia Ahmad.

Mudge Fellow Sobia Ahmad: The Personal and the Political

Allison Jiang ’22, Arts Editor February 8, 2021

At a quick glance, Sobia Ahmad’s Small Identities installation is a wall of regularly arranged ceramic tiles; however, upon closer inspection, a multitude of faces appear on those tiles. Following...

AOTI: Kate Clark

Michelle Kim February 8, 2021

Often known around campus as an incredibly versatile musician, an elite drummer, and the entertaining beatboxer of Groton’s a capella group The Maqupellas, Kate Clark ‘21 has established a long and...

Courtesy of Pixar.

Review of Soul

Jasmine Powell '24 February 8, 2021

Toy Story, Inside Out, and Monsters Inc. are films most of us grew up watching, each movie title’s two words full of the magic Disney Pixar brought to us through the big screen. For some, the sparkles,...

Carnegie Hall connotes accomplishment and brillance, but not all musicians who make their “Carnegie Debut” get there purely on merit.

How to Get to Carnegie Hall

Allison Jiang , Assistant Arts Editor December 20, 2020

It’s a classic New Yorker joke: on the intersection of 57th Street and Seventh Avenue of New York City, a man asks a passerby for directions. He asks, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Upon closer...

Courtesy of Chloe Zheng '23

Arts Showcases of the Start of Winter

Brianna Zhang ’23, Staff Writer December 15, 2020

Even with virtual school for the first two weeks of the winter term, Groton’s music, dance, theater, and visual arts programs are busy planning their undertakings. Here’s an overview of the art showcases,...

Courtesy of Anna Pimentel '21

Artist of the Issue: Anna Pimentel

Christina Chen ’23, Assistant Arts Editor December 15, 2020

  There are few who can overlook the stage presence Anna Pimentel ’21 has whenever she performs. At Open Mics, Jazz ensemble performances, and postludes, Anna always delivers no matter what part...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Were the Grammys Rigged for 2021 Nominations?

Michelle Kim '23, Assistant Arts Editor December 15, 2020

As 2020 proved itself to be a turbulent year with the pandemic, many found themselves immersed in the music industry more than ever, streaming and exploring various media platforms. Despite uneventful...

Courtesy of Amy Ma '23

Zooming in on Lessons and Carols

Allison Jiang '22, Arts Editor December 14, 2020

For over 90 years, the long-standing tradition of the Groton School Lessons and Carols service marked anticipation of the nearing Christmas season and close of winter term. Created by Reverend Milner-White...

Courtesy of Angela Wei '21

Groton’s Quarantine Playlist

Allison Jiang '22, Arts Editor November 4, 2020

During a time when lifestyles and daily habits are constantly shifting, pressing play and jamming out to your favorite song remains the same exhilarating experience. Earlier this month, the Circle Voice...

Spotlight on Campus Arts

Jasmine Powell '24, Staff Writer November 4, 2020

You hear the shutter of a camera as you pass the Schoolhouse and peer through the door as another flash of light flickers out of a camera. A group of art students photograph the scene of students sitting...

Courtesy of Chioma Illozor

Groton’s Own Billie Eilish: Update with Ai Bendr

Christina Chen '23, Assistant Arts Editor November 4, 2020

Her hauntingly beautiful voice; her impeccable musical style; her unforgettable stage name: Ai Bendr, a version of her two middle names Ai and Bendors. (“Ai” means love in Chinese, and Bendors is a...

Courtesy of Jamal Jackson

Groton School Dance Series

Zola Sayers-Fay '22, Staff Writer November 4, 2020

This fall, Groton's dance program returned more robust than ever, energized by the new leadership of Math Fellow Mx. Zara Williams-Nicholas. While at Swarthmore College, Mx. Williams earned a double major...

Artist of the Issue: Caroline Drapeau

Artist of the Issue: Caroline Drapeau

Michelle Kim '23, Assistant Arts Editor November 3, 2020

  She struts onto the stage, hot pink miniskirt glaring against the spotlight as high-heels click rhythmically. She sets down her tote, and a small dog playfully jumps out and skitters around her....

Isabel's project. Courtesy of Isabel Cai '21.

Spotlight on Summer Arts Projects

Amy Ma '23, Graphics Editor September 13, 2020

While the pandemic restrains the range of our daily activities, many Grotonians have utilized this summer to pursue creative endeavors. An increase in downtime allows for projects which had usually been...

Jane Park '21 performing. Courtesy of Jane Park '21.

Artist of the Issue: Jane Park 

Allison Jiang ’22, Arts Editor September 13, 2020

You can catch her performing in dance recitals, singing postludes with the choir, and even composing original music– Jane Park ’21 is a multifaceted artist who is an active member of the music, dance,...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

New Entertainment, New Accessibility 

Allison Jiang ’22, Arts Editor September 13, 2020

If you observe the typical YouTube homepage, it might consist of the following: a couple of laughing late-night show hosts, suspenseful movie trailers, and maybe the latest live performance of your favorite...

Courtesy of Noemi Iwasaki '22.

Clubs Get Creative Combatting Covid-19 

Christina Chen ’23, Assistant Arts Editor September 13, 2020

As we prepare for the long-awaited return to campus, students are finalizing hybrid plans for their clubs, following Mr. Maqubela’s lead in conducting campus activities safely. Especially for the extracurricular...

Courtesy of Zenande Mdludlu '21.

Art Class Changes for the New School Year

Michelle Kim '23, Arts Assistant Editor September 13, 2020

Just as the school is working to establish a new norm, the art department is getting creative to tackle the new Covid-19 restrictions.  What were once credited classes, such as jazz ensemble, improvisation,...

John Donovan’s Lasting Imprint 

Michael Lu ’24 May 31, 2020

John Donovan ’20 is a gifted and passionate artist with talents ranging from stagecraft to painting to drawing. Adding to his many artistic accomplishments, John has recently won this year’s Groton...

The Show Must Go Online

Allison Jiang ’22, Arts Editor May 31, 2020

    In the midst of theatre shutdowns and a myriad of empty stages, artists all over the world have been locked out of their performance spaces during quarantine. Though confined, they...

Artist of the Issue: Jed Rainey

Artist of the Issue: Jed Rainey

Allison Jiang '22, Assistant Arts Editor April 28, 2020

It's Saturday night, and the dance floor under the Dining Hall is lively and crowded, the space covered in graffiti and strobe lights.  Tracks blast from the DJ booth. There, you will find DJ Rainfall,...

Chioma at her craft.

Artist of The Issue: Chioma Ilozor

Amelia Lee '22 March 7, 2020

You’ve listened to her songs on Spotify. Under the name Ai Bendr –– inspired by her middle name, Ai Bendors –– Chioma Ilozor '20 has dropped many catchy singles, such as “Stay With Me,” “blue...

From Our Perspective: The Winter Recital Series

Maya Gite '22 March 7, 2020

In 2000, the first Groton student recital was held with three performers. Two decades later student recitals are an integral part of our music program here on campus. Musicians at every level get the...

New to the Circle: Composers Concert

Christina Chen '23 February 12, 2020

Coming up on March 2 is an exciting new opportunity: the Composers Concert, an idea conceptualized and now realized by music prefects (Josh Guo ’20, Alex Schade ’20 and Chioma Illozor ’20), student...

Soul Sauce, the Groton School Jazz Ensemble, playing as Jazz Director Kenji Kikuchi solos.

Jazz at the Hard Rock Cafe

Joon Whang '23 February 12, 2020

Covered in neon lights and rock’ n’ roll memorabilia, the Hard Rock Café and its high energy vibe make it an amazing venue for live music. On January 26 Soul Sauce (the Groton School Jazz Band) took...

Maineland: Film Insight into Boarding School

Emily Li '22 and Annie Pei '22 February 12, 2020

Imagine traveling across the world into an unknown culture during the most rapidly changing time of your life. More specifically, imagine going from mainland China to Maine. In the documentary Maineland,...

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