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The Scales of Justice: Groton’s 12 Angry Jurors

Daniel Mao, Staff writer December 15, 2022

12 Angry Jurors was written seventy years ago, yet it remains substantially relevant in today’s day and age. At face value, the plot seems relatively straightforward: one juror has doubts that the boy...

Grotonstock is Back and Better Than Ever!

Ava Meyer '26 June 5, 2022

On Saturday, May 21st Grotonstock made a comeback to the circle. A majority of students and faculty sat on the circle in front of the chapel to enjoy the performances. For some, this was their last...

The Purpose of a One Act

Ebun Lawore '24 June 5, 2022

The Groton theater department is uncharted territory for most of the student body. Because many students are dedicated to their sports, theater is never seen as an option for the afternoons. Unless they...

A Better Batman

A Better Batman

Ava Bridges '24 May 28, 2022

On March 9th, I sat down in a small movie theater in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to watch The Batman for the first time. By the time the Batmobile leapt through a blazing fire, I already knew: this was the adaptation...

Artist of the Issue: Griffin Elliott

Artist of the Issue: Griffin Elliott

Chloe Han '25 May 28, 2022

Well-known within the Groton community as an actor and singer-songwriter, Griffin Elliott ’22 has left his mark on the Circle. If you’re looking for Griffin, you’ll find him on stage in the CPAC...

Ten Ten-Minute Plays in Ten Words

Ten Ten-Minute Plays in Ten Words

Allison Jiang '22 May 28, 2022

Every spring, the Groton theatre department opens the stage to a collection of student-written and student-directed plays during the One Acts Festival. This year’s program consists of eight student-written...

Choir’s Connections through the Golden Gate City

Ebun Lawore '24 May 28, 2022

On March 5th, 2022, Groton’s choir departed campus for a GEO in San Francisco. Those who went have a lot to say about it. Different choir members have described the trip as bonding, joyful, and rejuvenating....

Lyrics of a Story: The Convergence of Performance Art with Jazimina MacNeil

Michelle Kim ’23, Arts Editor February 15, 2022

Although Groton’s updated Covid-19 policy resulted in the cancellation of the Gammons concert Myth, Mourning, and Madness: An Afternoon of Songs and Stories featuring a fusion of folk songs and tales...

No Way Home: How Spiderman Saved Marvel 

Ebun Lawore ’24, Staff Writer February 15, 2022

The last two years were tough for Marvel Studios. With projects pushed back due to Covid, fans were antsy to watch the highly-anticipated new films. Although Marvel released semi-successful miniseries...

First Student Written Musical and Six-Person Production this Winter

Agathe Robert ’24 and Brenda Li ’25, Staff Writers February 15, 2022

The theatre department has been working on two unprecedented productions that will be performed at the beginning of spring term. This winter term’s production is extremely special because in addition...

AOTI: Wren Fortunoff

Brianna Zhang, Arts Assistant Editor February 15, 2022

For Wren Fortunoff ’22, art has no boundaries. At Groton, the Sixth Former has immersed herself in the visual arts, building an impressive portfolio of works that have earned accolades such as Scholastic...

Behind the Scenes: A Glimpse at Groton Artists’ Worst Pieces

Behind the Scenes: A Glimpse at Groton Artists’ Worst Pieces

Eleanor Taggart ’24, Arts Assistant Editor February 15, 2022

Groton is filled with incredibly talented visual artists, ranging over a variety of styles and preferences. However, like any artist, everybody has their bad days, or the times when their vision doesn’t...

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Musical Christmas Cheer Returns to the Circle

Christina Chen ’23, Arts Editor December 21, 2021

While the blow-up snowmen appeared in the dining hall and the Schoolhouse hallways were filled with holiday wreaths, Christmas cheer swept up the Circle in full force with the official return of the beloved...

Courtesy of Adam Richins Photography

Artist of the Issue: Wally Capen 

Michelle Kim ’23, Arts Editor December 21, 2021

From portraying the humble leading-man Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde the Musical, to the stick-wielding, intrepid stowaway Pascal in the fall production of Naomi Iizuka’s Anon(ymous), Wally Capen...

Courtesy of Damien Hirst for OVO_Republic, and Kanye West_GOOD

Certified Lover Boy or Donda?

Ebun Lawore ’24, Staff Writer October 30, 2021

Rap artists always seem pitted against each other. This started as early as Tupac vs. Biggie, and has gone to Cardi vs. Nicki. The most recent rivalry has been between Drake and Kanye, with the release...

Courtesy of Allison Jiang22

Artist of the Issue: Allison Jiang

Brianna Zhang ’23, Arts Assistant Editor October 30, 2021

Performing everything from extraordinary vocals to flowing orchestral melodies, Allison Jiang ’22 is truly a musical master. Allison serves as concertmaster of Chamber Orchestra, theatre prefect, and...

Mei Matsui 23 for The Circle Voice

The Return of Ensembles and Music Lessons

Sagata Das ’25, Brenda Li ’25, and Sophie Zhu ’25, Staff Writers October 30, 2021

Music has finally returned to the Circle after a long wait. Following new Covid-19 protocols this year, the Groton music ensembles have started meeting again while braving many difficulties, putting pieces...

Noemi Iwasaki22 for The Circle Voice

S(art)urday On the Circle

Eleanor Taggart ’24, Arts Assistant Editor October 30, 2021

With overwhelming stress bombarding the lives of Groton students, Saturday nights are one of the few times when the student body has a chance to relax and enjoy the vitality of the Circle. The dances and...

Is AI Music Revolutionary or Fruitless?

Max Fan ’25, Staff Writer October 30, 2021

Whether in robotics, medicine or the stock market, artificial intelligence (AI) has already begun to transform the world, displacing numerous jobs and outperforming humans in many disciplines. However,...

A Buried Reality Behind Squid Game

A Buried Reality Behind Squid Game

Jessica Lee ’24 and Michelle Kim ’23 October 30, 2021

  Squid Game has taken the Groton community by storm with a compelling plot. An enclosed circle of billionaires organizes the Squid Game as 456 indebted criminals play rounds of challenges in order...

Credits to Allison Jiang

Summer Student Arts Projects

Christina Chen '23, Arts Editor September 25, 2021

Groton artists continue to flourish despite the various disruptions Covid-19 has caused, fine-tuning their crafts during a productive summer holiday. (for the print version) To experience the full scope...

Courtesy of Geffen Records

What’s the Best Sour Track?

Eleanor Taggart '24, Arts Assistant Editor September 25, 2021

  Olivia Rodrigo, an American singer-songwriter, debuted with her first smash-hit album, Sour, setting the record for the biggest opening week for a female artist’s album on Spotify with...

Artist of the Issue: Creed Bellamy

Artist of the Issue: Creed Bellamy

Michelle Kim '23, Arts Editor September 25, 2021

You can find her honey-like voice serenading Groton students, from cozy Open Mics to Spotify. A Music Prefect and Open Mic Head, Creed Bellamy ’22 is a passionate singer-songwriter. She has released...

Credits to Julia Lin 22

Theater Preseason: The Unexpected Experience

Brianna Zhang '23, Arts Assistant Editor September 25, 2021

In a crowded CPAC, the lights suddenly dim, a hush quickly falls, and the anticipation begins. All the audience can hear is soft rustling as the curtains ripple apart to showcase another stunning Groton...

Advanced Studio Art Exhibition: Final Reflections from Seniors

Advanced Studio Art Exhibition: Final Reflections from Seniors

Brianna Zhang '23, Assistant Arts Editor June 1, 2021

As spring term neared its end, the Advanced Open Studio Art class concluded their year of deep artistic exploration and creation with a display behind the Schoolhouse. The students attached their artwork...

Courtesy of Nathan Zhang 21

Artist of the Issue: Nathan Zhang ’21

Eleanor Taggart '24, Assistant Arts Editor June 1, 2021

Whenever a group of string players is performing for any event in any setting, chances are Nathan Zhang will be there. Playing the cello in the orchestra and in several other small string groups, Nathan...

Courtesy of Chloe Zheng 23

A Night to Remember: Grotonstock on the Circle

Michelle Kim '23, Arts Editor June 1, 2021

On Saturday, May 22nd, all came to a quiet settle on the Circle, where a socially distanced Grotonstock, complete with outdoor speakers and a pitched tent as a stage, was organized. Students promptly gathered...

National Medalists for the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition

Julie Xie '23 April 21, 2021

This year, many Groton School students won national and regional key prizes for their art and writing submitted to the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. Specifically, five students...

Credits to Carlo Galleri

The Scammys 2021     

Ebun Lawore '24 April 21, 2021

Since the first Grammys Awards ceremony took place on May 4, 1959, the public has criticized the Recording Academy’s selection of nominees and winners. Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Queen, Amy Winehouse,...

Grotons TV Picks

Groton’s TV Picks

April 21, 2021

Following a term of academic and pandemic-related stresses, students have gravitated towards TV to relax and unwind. Here are some of Groton students’ favorites: Elizabeth Wolfram ’23: Country Comfort “It's...

Courtesy of Yuen Ning Chang 21

Artist of the Issue: Yuen Ning Chang

Jiacheng Kang ’22, Assistant Opinions Editor April 20, 2021

Yuen Ning Chang ’21 is an artistic mastermind with the capacity to bring to life any medium she engages with. She has drawn much inspiration from her mother, who used to work in the Chinese Arts department...

Artist of the Issue: Janice Zhai

Lang Burgess '23 March 9, 2021

From choreographing dance routines to designing clothes, Janice Zhai ‘21 has done a bit of everything. She is an art prefect and recently received two honorable mentions in the Scholastic Art Awards...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Bridgerton – The Allure of Decorum During the Pandemic

Christina Chen '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

There are many aspects of Bridgerton, a recent Netflix Originals hit based on Julia Quinn’s novel series of the same name, that make it a charming and enticing series. Perhaps it’s the Regency era...

Spotlight on Advanced Open Studio Art Class Projects: Blending of Mediums and Borders

Michelle Kim '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

The Advanced Open Studio art class directed by Ms. Ho and Ms. de Jesus-Akuete has pioneered through Covid-19 protocols by working on cooperative group projects, collaborating with artists distanced by...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Social Dilemma: The Problem We Live With

Jack Lionette '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

Like most, I found myself turning towards my phone at an increasingly frequent rate during the pandemic. Without the ability to interact face to face with peers, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and texting...

Courtesy of Olivia Dillon 21

Spotlight: Essence Step Team

Ava Bridges '24, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

In Spring of 2018, six dancers, Angelica Parra ’21 and Edwina Polynice ’21 among them, prepared to take the stage during a Saturday Open Mic. Essence, Groton’s newly revived step group, was about...

Groton Theater during Covid-19 – “The Wolves” 

Christina Chen ’23, Assistant Arts Editor February 8, 2021

An exciting kick-off to the winter term, the fall term theater team recently released their first and second episodes of “The Wolves,” an award-winning play written by Sarah DeLappe,, available for...

Groton Valentines Day Playlist

Groton Valentine’s Day Playlist

Allison Jiang ’22, Arts Editor February 8, 2021

With Valentine's Day coming up, the Circle Voice asked the Groton community to recommend the best love songs that they had been listening to. Here is what some members of the community had to say about...

Courtesy of Sobia Ahmad.

Mudge Fellow Sobia Ahmad: The Personal and the Political

Allison Jiang ’22, Arts Editor February 8, 2021

At a quick glance, Sobia Ahmad’s Small Identities installation is a wall of regularly arranged ceramic tiles; however, upon closer inspection, a multitude of faces appear on those tiles. Following...

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