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Rigor and Mental Health: Lessons from Peabody’s Groton

Husayn Ladha '24 September 5, 2023

From its outset, Groton was more than just a college-preparatory school. Endicott Peabody sought to prepare his students for the “active work of life” with a curriculum inspired by Muscular Christianity—a...


Arjun Ray '24 September 5, 2023

If you were to ask a waiter, a soldier, and a pastor how they each define “service,” you’d likely receive a discordant array of responses, despite it being a tenet central to all three occupations....

The Meme Wall as a Voice of Change

The Meme Wall as a Voice of Change

Alisa Gulyansky , Opinion's Editor February 1, 2023

What do photos of Drake, Ziggy Bereday’s latest haircut fiasco, and characters from The Office have in common? At Groton School, they are all voices of change. Among the Groton Meme Wall, featuring a...

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Mahsa Amini and College Instagrams: A Cry for Help From Iranian Women

Elizabeth Wolfram '23 December 15, 2022

A typical post on the Harvard University Instagram has anywhere between 30 and 150 comments. On October 2nd, a generic, benign post featuring a “Fall day study session” had 178,932 comments. Almost...

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To Rank or To Not: the Rationality of Abandoning Educational Rankings

Evan Khym '24, News Editor December 15, 2022

On November 16th, Yale Law School released a notice announcing the end of its participation in the US News National Law School Rankings. Within the next week, nine T14 law schools, a term coined by the...

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Sustainability in the Strategic Framework

Amy Ma December 15, 2022

Walking out of the CPAC after Mr. Pyne introduced the 2030 Strategic Framework, I felt like something was missing. At first glance, the renewed commitment to D&I, GRAIN 2.0, counseling, and GEOs...

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The Dangers of Groton’s Dining Culture

Caroline Creasy '25, Staff Writer December 15, 2022

Under the pressures of Groton’s cutthroat “grind culture,” it has become a common occurrence for Groton students to prioritize school work above all else. However, it is perhaps too far to allow...

The Circle’s Lost Legacy

Arjun Ray '24 June 5, 2022

During the sixties, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. visited Boston in April 1965 to lead Boston’s first large-scale march for freedom. Among its nearly 22,000 attendants was an enthusiastic squad of...

Groton Student Survey Responses

*All results come from the same survey conducted via All-student email, for which 84 respondents participated.   D&I (On a scale where 1 is not enough, and 10 is plenty) A number of...

A Double-Whammy to SCOTUS’ Legacy

A Double-Whammy to SCOTUS’ Legacy

Arjun Ray '24 May 28, 2022

The American public’s faith in its federal government has been eroding at an accelerating pace in recent years, and with good reason: the Executive branch has been the centerpiece of controversy since...

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