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Macroeconomics, Miles Gloriosus, and More: This Fall’s Tutorials

Agathe Robert ’24 and Elizabeth Wolfram ’23, Staff Writer and Features Assistant Editor October 30, 2021

In their senior year, Groton students have the opportunity to create a tutorial with a teacher, enabling them to explore a specific subject of their interest in greater depth and create a final project...

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Behind the Dining Hall: Comfort Cookies

Aria Nahm ’25, Staff Writer October 30, 2021

We all have comfort foods and snacks that we hold dear and close to our hearts. They provide well-being and satisfaction when we are feeling stressed, down, lonely or just plain hungry.     According...

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Reflections on a Virtual Groton

Ella Farahnakian ’25 and Nina Karp ’25, Staff Writers October 30, 2021

Due to the pandemic, many students attended Groton remotely last year. This was a new way to communicate and connect with the Groton community without actually being in contact with one another. We conducted...

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Rising Star on Campus: The Astronomy Club

Amelia Lee ’22, Features Editor October 30, 2021

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered if you were looking at a star or a planet? The Astronomy Club can help you find out!  Every other week or so, on a clear night, heads Ian Bayliss...

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Harvard History Professor Tiya Miles To Speak At Fall Circle Talk

Maya Gite '22, Features Assistant Editor September 25, 2021

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future,” said Theodore Roosevelt.   Implemented soon after Mr. Maqubela’s arrival in 2013, the Diversity &...

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Get to Know New Groton Faculty Members!

Elizabeth Wolfram ’23, Features Assistant Editor September 25, 2021

Melissa Cahl joins the Circle as a mental health counselor as she finishes her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Outside of her work in mental health, she enjoys spending time with her three-year-old...

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Listen Up: The Circle Voice has a Podcast!

Amelia Lee ’22, Features Editor September 24, 2021

The Circle Voice has long been known for its articles on community news and hot takes. However, as the new year starts, the publication is introducing an exciting new initiative: a Circle Voice Podcast!    Editor-in-Chief...

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Letter from Your Former Editors

What a year it has been! With the pause afforded to us by the yearly passing of the torch to the next team of capable editors, we finally have some time to look back on what has happened. So much has changed...

Mr. Brown and His Retirement: Seeking Joy and Sticking With it

Mr. Brown and His Retirement: Seeking Joy and Sticking With it

Elizabeth Wolfram , Assistant Features Editor June 1, 2021

After five decades of teaching and attending Groton himself, Mr. Brown is retiring from the Circle. As he looks back at his years at Groton, he expresses a sense of joy which he has associated with the...

Giving Voices to the Voiceless: Anthony Borden ‘79 and the IWPR

Giving Voices to the Voiceless: Anthony Borden ‘79 and the IWPR

Isabella Gardiner ’24, Staff Writer June 1, 2021

How diverse is today’s reporting on foreign conflicts, terrorism, and oppression? Groton Alum Anthony Borden ’79, founder and director of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR), emphasizes...

This Spring’s Six Sensational FSAs

Maya Luthi '23 April 21, 2021

From crew to quidditch, there are a plethora of activities available in the afternoons this spring, but six particularly passionate students have come up with even more. First The Circle Voice’s Sports...

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Dr. Reyes: A Classic Figure with a Spontaneous Life

Elizabeth Wolfram '23 April 21, 2021

As Dr. Reyes prepares to retire from teaching at Groton, he looks forward to finishing up (and starting some new) exciting projects. He will work on finishing two manuscripts that he started with distinguished...

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Alumnus of the Issue: Ginger Cutler ’07

Eleanor Taggart '24 April 21, 2021

Groton has a lengthy list of alumni with impressive and interesting careers. Ginger Cutler, form of ’07, fits right into this group. However, her path was a little different. Instead of showing up from...

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Smiles and Bagels: Suki and her Motherly Wisdom

Elizabeth Wolfram '23, Online Columnist March 9, 2021

It’s been a rough week. You’ve had lots of majors and have skipped lunch multiple times to study. Whenever you do so, you always get a quick bagel from the cafe before heading back to the stacks. On...

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Major Weather Report: Winter Storm Jacques

Sophia Bay '23, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

In his first year at Groton, Jacques Dy ’25 has already made a name for himself in the Groton community. A student with an eclectic range of interests, Jacques loves to snowboard and surf, as well as...

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Why Do These Covid-19 Rules Exist?

Jiacheng Kang '22 March 9, 2021

While some of Groton’s Covid-19 rules seem to make perfect sense, the rationale behind other rules might not be easily understandable. In an attempt to find the answers to these questions, the Circle...

A Country Divided: Interview with Mr. Lyons on Capitol Riots

A Country Divided: Interview with Mr. Lyons on Capitol Riots

Eleanor Taggart '24 February 10, 2021

While watching the inauguration of a new Democratic president and the first female vice president, one can’t help but notice the change happening in our country. Just weeks ago, our Capitol was being...

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Feature on College Counseling Office

Evan Cheigh '22, Sports Editor February 10, 2021

Even during a global pandemic, Groton’s College Counseling Office (CCO) has remained a bastion of resilience, continuing to fulfill its mission under the radar. Whether you are a freshly arrived Second...

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Spotlight on Winter Term Activities

Stanislas Roberts ’22, Assistant Features Editor February 8, 2021

This winter term, Groton is introducing a wide variety of after-school activities. Students got to choose one activity or sport for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and another for Tuesday and Thursday. Varsity...

Evangelist 2.0

Angela Wei '21 December 15, 2020

A gun slung forward he is praying to a time on fire too bad it’s a hope-drought I would’ve liked to sit by his fireplace read a poem or two before lying face down on the street and surrendering

A Glimpse of Life on the Circle: Jack and Tyler’s Virtual Tour Film

Stanislas Robert '22, Staff Writer December 14, 2020

    On November 19th, Jack and Tyler Production Studios released their first-ever film: a glimpse at life on the Circle during the pandemic. Filmed and planned by Tyler Weisberg ‘22...

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Top Four TV Shows to Watch During the Winter Break

Christina Oelhafen '21, Features Editor December 14, 2020

Tiger King, Outer Banks, Love is Blind—I’ve watched them all, so what do I do now? While in quarantine from March to August 2020, I watched hours of TV and blew through multiple series. On the up side,...

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Pixelated Groton: A Minecraft Schoolhouse

Jiacheng Kang '22, Assistant Opinions Editor December 14, 2020

As Covid-19 has upended our school’s typical practice of touring prospective students, a group of Groton students devised a potential response: a Minecraft school. Initially the brainchild of Lucas...

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Ambiguous Math Problem: The Results

Tyler Weisberg '22, Sports Editor November 4, 2020

About a year ago, a simple math question took the internet by storm, dividing the r/CasualMath SubReddit in half. Just for fun, the Circle Voice wanted to see what the general consensus was at Groton....

Poetic Injustice

Zack Webber '24 November 4, 2020

Love and hate roam my mind, Digging up handfuls of sympathy and envy.   My mind sparks memories from when I wore smaller shoes, And foreshadows the sickening future.   As I...

Who Are Groton’s New Trustees?

Maya Gite '22 November 4, 2020

Ellen Boiselle '85 What does your background look like? What is your connection to Groton School?  I entered Groton in 1981 as a third former. The education I received — inside and outside the...

Alumnus of the Issue: Congressman Jim Cooper

Alumnus of the Issue: Congressman Jim Cooper

Stanislas Robert , Assistant Features Editor November 3, 2020

  “As your representative in Congress, it’s my job to make sure your voice is heard.” These are the words of Congressman Jim Cooper, an alumnus of Groton’s class of 1972 and father of Hayes...

Map that shows the old hockey rink and the tree house.

The Hidden History of Groton

Sophia Bay '23, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

What locations on campus shape our community? Sixty years ago, students might’ve answered the treehouse, while Groton students during the 1920s might’ve said Lake Romeyn. Yet, many of us are unaware...

An Interview with @BlackAtGroton 

An Interview with @BlackAtGroton 

Derek Hu ’21, Editor in Chief September 13, 2020

On June 18th, 2020, the Instagram account Black At Groton made its first post, following the lead of other accounts such as Black At Andover and Black At Tabor. The account created a platform in which...

Cassidy Thibodeau on the left. Courtesy of Cassidy Thibodeau 21.

How’s Everyone Doing? 

Maya Gite ’22, Assistant Features Editor September 13, 2020

Cassidy '21:  I can't believe it's already my final year on the circle. My time at Groton has really flown by, and I really just want to make the most of this year; enjoy time with my friends, commit...

Chaplain Read at Trinity College. Courtesy of Trinity College.

Chaplain Allison Read: Living out a Legacy on the Circle

Eleanor Taggart ’24, Staff Writer September 13, 2020

In 1989, then middle schooler, now Chaplain, Allison Read, watched as Bishop Harris became the first female bishop and Black female bishop consecrated in the Episcopal church. “Controversial at the time,...

New Faces on the Circle

Stanislas Robert ’22 and Robert Hong '22, Assistant Features Editor and Writer September 13, 2020

Students are all familiar with the “why Groton?” question; however, we rarely think about the teacher admissions process, and what makes our faculty come to Groton. To find out, The Circle Voice has...

A Letter from Your Former Editor

Cara Chang '20 May 31, 2020

To our community:  Re the Fiftieth Volume of The Circle Voice, 2019-20: I write, first and foremost, to congratulate the new Board on their first issue together. I am happy to see familiar and new...

Senior Prefects Pass the Torch

Christina Oelhafen ’21 and Sophia Wu ’21, Features Editors May 31, 2020

Grace Mastroianni ’20 and Lwazi Bululu ’20 led the school through one of the toughest times in recent years. The virus threw unimaginable challenges at them – as Grace said, “planning a virtual...

A Guide to Spring Classes: Elective Highlights

  There are many exciting electives in the spring term, and we find the ones displayed particularly unique. Some electives (such as advanced readings in a modern language) are advanced, term-courses...

Students celebrating Holi in the Dases backyard last spring.

Holi at Groton: A Burst of Color

Joon Whang '23 March 7, 2020

Warm weather this spring will breathe green back into the grass on the Circle and pink into the flowerbeds, but the biggest explosion of color will be in the Dases' backyard: teachers Nishad Das and Sravani...

Rachel driving to the basket for a layup, a skill she’s dubbed her specialty.

Athlete of the Issue: Rachel McMenemy

Christina Oelhafen '21, Assistant Features Editor February 11, 2020

In Rachel McMenemy’s first season as a zebra, she led the Groton Girls Varsity Basketball team to the NEPSAC Class B finals and brought home the championship. As captain, Rachel continues to lead the...

Ethics students producing their podcast.

Ethics Students Produce Podcasts About Campus Issues

Gracie Mumford '21 December 20, 2019

The Daily, the Moth, Radiolab, and Hidden Brain — all well-known podcasts designed to inform listeners about global stories and issues. This fall for their final project, Ethics students created similar...

The Circle Voice Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Circle Voice Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Cornelia Potter '21, Digital Editor October 13, 2019

  During the 1960s and 1970s, amidst the Vietnam War, America bubbled with social change and civil unrest, as did Groton students. In 1969 students created The Circle Voice to serve as the student...

A Survivor and Soldier: Luka Bakic ’15

A Survivor and Soldier: Luka Bakic ’15

Luka Bakic, a current Ensign in the US Navy and Groton graduate of 2015, bears a unique, war-ridden history. Born in the late 1990s in Belgrade, Serbia, Luka and his family were caught in the Kosovo War...

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