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The Secret Lives of Faculty Pets

Sunny Ma '28 and Guaiguai Zhang '28 January 28, 2024

Groton’s closely intertwined community of students, faculty and staff hold a collective admiration for the adorable faculty pets. Everyone knows which animal belongs to which teacher and loves seeing...

D&I: Past, Present, and Progress

D&I: Past, Present, and Progress

Chloe Han '25 January 27, 2024

Behind every community gathering, workshop, and Circle Talk stands Groton’s Diversity & Inclusion committee. Focused on community building and fostering a sense of belonging, the D&I committee...

Smiling Faces and Relaxation: New Wellness Manager Dr. Carvalho

Smiling Faces and Relaxation: New Wellness Manager Dr. Carvalho

Anna Duggan '25 January 27, 2024

Earlier this year, the Wellness Center welcomed a new face, Keri Carvalho, PhD. Dr. Carvalho is Groton’s Wellness Program manager, and she can typically be found across the hall from the main entrance...

Faculty Child Spotlight: Biz Machan

Faculty Child Spotlight: Biz Machan

Isabella Gardiner '24 December 13, 2023

This issue, The Circle Voice is reviving a beloved segment in the Features section: the faculty child spotlight. We are starting with Elizabeth “Biz” Machan, the second child and only daughter of Associate...

Groton Spending Recap

Groton Spending Recap

Anjanette Lin '25 December 13, 2023

For Groton students, COVID began as a treasured extension of spring break, and eventually, a social inconvenience that kept students from receiving the “full Groton experience” on campus. For the administration,...

The Cultural Alliance, Their Initiatives, and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Ella Farahnakian '25 August 14, 2023

Groton’s Cultural Alliance, which was initially established as an affinity group for Black students in the seventies, has evolved over the past few decades to become a more diverse student initiative...

Students and Faculty Call for Reform of Speakers Committee

Alisa Gulyansky '24 August 14, 2023

When the Speakers Committee originated in 2005, Circle Talks were known as All-School Lectures, infrequent lectures designed to expose students to a high level of cross-disciplinary expertise they would...

The Source of Dining Hall Frivolity: How Jared Brooks Makes the Winter Bread

Arthur Murray '26 August 14, 2023

As a large baguette arrives at the table, twelve hungry mouths water in anticipation of what is to come: around the horn. As the delicious bread jumps around the table, students savor the soft yet crunchy...

Crew Talk Midterm Elections

Christina Chen '23 August 14, 2023

While Rowen Hildreth ’23 and Henry Haskell ’23 row together as teammates in the Sweeney Taylor, on the Circle, they are citizens. As respective heads of the Young Democrats and Young Republicans clubs,...

Fall Term FSAs: Student-led Afternoon Activities at Groton

Liv Ding '26 and Brittany Deng '24 August 14, 2023

In keeping with the self-drive mindset here at Groton, many students are pursuing activities of their own choosing. FSAs are afternoon activities sponsored by faculty and a great way for students to advance...

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