Athlete of the Issue: Maddie Ferucci

“Playing field hockey at Groton has changed my life,” says Maddie Ferrucci ’17. Captain of the Varsity Field Hockey team, Maddie has committed the past five years to the sport. Her undeniable natural talent and passion for the game have led her to great success in the sport, thriving as a captain, teammate, and individual player.
Back in her glory days on JV during her Second Form year, Maddie was a field player, new to the game. As a starting midfielder, her work ethic showed early on, and she was truly a “force to be reckoned with” says her now co-captain Caroline Fisher ‘17. However, tragedy struck when the team’s goalie became sick, unable to play. Who else but the one and only Maddie Ferrucci to step up and take one for the team. A scared new student, she suited up and stepped into the goal for what she thought would be her first and last time. Maddie, of course, was a natural. Unstoppable, she had a shutout in her debut game, and helped score an undefeated season. After taking on the position, Maddie planned to try out for varsity the next fall.
Back then, Maddie never expected that stepping in would turn into four seasons as a varsity starter. Playing every minute since freshman year, Maddie’s skill and zeal for the game have only grown stronger. A positive force in goal, she motivates and instructs her teammates fighting on defense, and even said it’s one the best parts as goalie: “after giving directions to teammates I get so excited when they carry the ball out of the circle, make a beautiful pass, or score a goal on because I feel like I made a positive impact.” Maddie’s care for the team makes her a strong captain, and Coach Harlan noted on Ferrucci’s strength, saying “her knowledge of the sport, and not just her position, make her an invaluable leader to the team, a role she has taken on since she first entered the cage.”
Outside of the Groton season, Maddie plays for a year round club team. The team, HTC, practices on Sundays and attends national tournaments. With them, Maddie plays indoor field hockey, which has different set of rules and positions than regular play. The past two years, she has made it as far to compete in the National Indoor Tournament. Maddie’s years of play at Groton and HTC have helped her to improve her skills, making her a “brick wall” in net. Teammate Marcella Flibotte ’17 commented on Maddie’s talent in goal, saying “Maddie is the greatest goalie of all time and has a 100% save average.” It is through Maddie’s consistency to “show up ready to work hard, excited to be on the turf, and share her experience and passion for the sport,” as Coach Harlan puts it, that makes her “the backbone of the team.” Maddie is a machine in net, stopping rocket shots that fly at her from every direction. She claims the best part is the adrenaline rush that comes when making a big save: “I love the feeling when I block one shot after the next, make a diving save, a big save off a corner, or knock the ball down, out of the air.” Most important, her connection to the team is what has kept the sport so gratifying for her. When asked about the team, the goalie said, “the friends I have made on this team will last a lifetime. I have so much admiration and respect for my coaches, who have taught me so much on and off the field. They are what has kept me wanting to play the sport every day. I look forward to the rest of the season and continuing to play for another four years at college.”
Already starting off the season 3 and 1, Maddie is ready to bring her team to more success. She has dedicated so much time to the sport, that, in her senior year, she wants to make it to playoffs and have their most successful year yet. With her talent and motivation, the team will work to be victorious among the ISL teams, especially St. Mark’s. All the best to Maddie in her final season, and good luck to her in the future.