Girls’ soccer: a winning tradition


L. Toce '19

Alexa Beckstein ‘18 takes a shot.

Girls’ Varsity Soccer is one of the most successful teams on campus. In 2014, the team took home the NEPSAC Class B championship.It was not an easy victory either, as they were placed into the playoffs as the fifth seed. The quarterfinal game was against Pomfret, the team seeded fourth. Groton was eager to get back on the field, and the girls were anxious to redeem their loss from earlier that season. The endless energy on the field and support from the crowd was displayed when Girls’ Varsity Soccer defeated Pomfret and was greeting by their ecstatic peers rushing the field to celebrate with them. The team was walking on air, but it wasn’t nearly over. Groton had to face their biggest challenge yet, the first seed school, The Rivers School. Their semifinal game was a nail-biting, evenly matched game, which took them all the way through overtime to penalty kicks. With every shot, you could feel the tension in the air you could hear a pin drop. When Carrie Moore ‘17 scored the game winning goal, the team jumped on each other, screaming in pure happiness and relief, as the Rivers girls slowly walked to their bench, hanging their heads. Coach Mr. Spring proudly reflected on that memorable game saying, “I remember those long, solitary walks the girls took from midfield to the penalty spot, followed by joy and elation after the perfect kicks. I was so proud.” Groton’s championship game against Wilbraham and Monson School was an easy victory, but the most satisfying. Girls’ Varsity Soccer would have never won that championship if it weren’t for the sixth form which was filled with fantastic individual players whose leadership and grit o set an inspiring tone for the underclassmen. In 2015, Girls’ Varsity Soccer experienced a significant loss of starters, as three key sixth formers graduated. Although the senior class was significantly smaller, their leadership is what took the team to NEPSAC Class B semifinals. Girls’ Varsity Soccer is also so successful for it’s team dynamic. They start every practice with a “social warm-up”, focusing on a healthy team dynamic. They have light and humorous relationships, but know when to set the humor aside and set an intense tone for the rest of practice. This year’s sixth form is one that shares similar leadership qualities to the form of 2015. Coach Spring shares, “Our VI Form group is really important. As individuals, they are incredible players. In particular, I honestly believe that we have the most dangerous striker, the strongest goalkeeper, and the toughest defender in the ISL. Nonetheless, it takes 20 players to win a soccer match, and their ability to make their teammates feel included and important is critical; and I know they will do a good job.” Coaches Spring and Leroy are excited for this upcoming season and are tackling each obstacle day by day.