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Celebrating MLK Day: Julie Lythcott-Haims on Being a Real American

Celebrating MLK Day: Julie Lythcott-Haims on Being a Real American

Gracie Mumford '21 February 14, 2020

On January 20, the Groton community celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day. Rather than attending classes, students had the opportunity to watch student performances and listen to Julie Lythcott-Haims,...

Andrew Yang speaking at a rally in Iowa.

“Freedom Dividend:” Not Feasible in the Land of the Free

Alisa Gulyansky '24 and Eleanor Taggart '24 February 12, 2020

As we advance into a new era of American politics, the prospect of moving toward a socialist or social-democratic style of government is becoming more mainstream. With candidates like Elizabeth Warren,...

Embrace the Groton Grind

Embrace the Groton Grind

Garrett Johnson '20 February 12, 2020

During one of the first Chapel Talks I heard at Groton, Headmaster Temba Maqubela spoke about redefining the infamous “Groton grind” as the “Groton embrace.” The words did little to disguise the...

New to the Circle: Composers Concert

Christina Chen '23 February 12, 2020

Coming up on March 2 is an exciting new opportunity: the Composers Concert, an idea conceptualized and now realized by music prefects (Josh Guo ’20, Alex Schade ’20 and Chioma Illozor ’20), student...

Soul Sauce, the Groton School Jazz Ensemble, playing as Jazz Director Kenji Kikuchi solos.

Jazz at the Hard Rock Cafe

Joon Whang '23 February 12, 2020

Covered in neon lights and rock’ n’ roll memorabilia, the Hard Rock Café and its high energy vibe make it an amazing venue for live music. On January 26 Soul Sauce (the Groton School Jazz Band) took...

Maineland: Film Insight into Boarding School

Emily Li '22 and Annie Pei '22 February 12, 2020

Imagine traveling across the world into an unknown culture during the most rapidly changing time of your life. More specifically, imagine going from mainland China to Maine. In the documentary Maineland,...

Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach Andrew Evans (far right) supervising a regular practice session. 

Coach Evans: Revamping Basketball Defense

Tyler Weisberg '22, Assistant Sports Editor February 12, 2020

Head Coach Harold Francis appointed him as the team’s defensive coordinator. With that mandate, Coach Evans is working hard to improve the team’s defensive consistency, which, after reviewing game...

Inside Look into the Speakers’ Committee

Annabel Kocks '20, Assistant News Editor February 12, 2020

The Groton community welcomes speakers for one circle talk each term, Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day, and Global Education Day. For each occasion, speakers typically are selected by either the Speakers'...

Opinion: Wait On A Pool

Jiacheng Kang '22, Staff Writer February 12, 2020

As the Groton Swim team expands each year, there is a growing sentiment among the swimmers that the current pool does not adequately accommodate the full team. Gaining official recognition as a varsity...

Looking to Finish the Season Strong: Team Updates

Charlie Weisberg '23 February 12, 2020

Boys Varsity Basketball:    In the last month alone, Boys Varsity Basketball has won more games than in their entire 2018-2019 season.  “The boys had a very big win against BB&N recently....

Groton’s tuition increased rapidly from the 1980s to present day. The black dots represent the four years of tuition freeze under GRAIN.

GRAIN: Making the Groton Education Accessible

Addison Hyde '21 February 12, 2020

In the 2014-15 school year, Groton’s tuition ranked the most expensive among 40 peer schools. Now, Groton’s tuition is ranked 39 out of the same 40 due to GRAIN, the Groton Affordability and Inclusion...

Letter to the Editor: True Respect and 6-5-4

Letter to the Editor: True Respect and 6-5-4

To the Editor: Re “Should We Keep 6-5-4?”, (Opinions piece, Dec. 2019): We have roughly 85 years of aggregate time on the Circle in our family.  Our experiences are not uniform, and our opinions...

New Faculty Housing to be Completed in 2020

New Faculty Housing to be Completed in 2020

Tyler Weisberg '22, Assistant Sports Editor February 12, 2020

Since October 2019, Groton School has been constructing a new faculty residence behind Hundred House. According to Andy Anderson, Associate Head of School, Groton is hoping to complete construction by...

Award-Winning Author Elizabeth Kolbert Visits Circle

Award-Winning Author Elizabeth Kolbert Visits Circle

Annabel Kocks '20, Assistant News Editor February 12, 2020

On February 4, Groton welcomed journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert. The content of Ms. Kolbert’s lecture focused primarily on the material outlined...

Above: Dashy Rodriguez 19, who goes to NYU Shanghai. Below: Aaron Jin 19, who attends Tsinghua University, and his family.

How Coronavirus Affects the Circle

Cara Chang '20, Editor in Chief February 12, 2020

“Dear Groton Parents and Guardians,” the letter began, “As you are no doubt aware, world health experts have been working to contain the transmission of a novel strain of coronavirus… Groton...

New Faces in the Sport Medicine Center

Sophia Wu '21, Assistant Sports Editor February 12, 2020

Samantha Wall and Charles “CJ” Harper joined the Groton Athletics Department this winter term to fill the vacancies left by Art Cheeks, our former Head Athletic Trainer and Cory Varell, our former...

Rachel driving to the basket for a layup, a skill she’s dubbed her specialty.

Athlete of the Issue: Rachel McMenemy

Christina Oelhafen '21, Assistant Features Editor February 11, 2020

In Rachel McMenemy’s first season as a zebra, she led the Groton Girls Varsity Basketball team to the NEPSAC Class B finals and brought home the championship. As captain, Rachel continues to lead the...

Letter to the Editor: What Diversity & Inclusion Stands For

Letter to the Editor: What Diversity & Inclusion Stands For

What Diversity & Inclusion Stands For To the Editor: Re “The Dangers of Groton’s Echo Chamber,” (Opinions piece, Dec. 2019): The Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created to ensure...

Should Congress Have Condemned China?

In 2017, China created “ Vocational Education and Training Centers” as a form of forced cultural assimilation directed toward Uighur Muslims. The camps entail prohibitions against religion, a ban on...

Unnecessary and Unwanted: Trump’s Iranian Crisis

Unnecessary and Unwanted: Trump’s Iranian Crisis

Anuj Agarwal '21 February 11, 2020

Former Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was recently assassinated through an American drone strike in Iraq. This killing has drawn criticism both from Democrats and foreign leaders like British opposition...

Cast members gathered around the piano to practice songs for the winter musical, Legally Blonde.

Legally Blonde: Groton Theater Tackles Stereotypes

Derek Hu '21, Assistant Features Editor February 11, 2020

If you’re finding the winter long and mundane, you should look out for this term’s musical, Legally Blonde. “Our company is taking on incredibly challenging material… and they are coming at that...

Teddy Deng 20 crouching in the snow to get the perfect shot.

Artist of the Issue: Teddy Deng

Allison Jiang '22, Assistant Arts Editor February 11, 2020

Teddy Deng ’20 felt an artistic spark during the summer of 2018 as he gazed at the night sky. Inspired by that beauty, Teddy grew into a passionate photographer, enjoying capturing the “natural world’s...

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