Coach Evans: Revamping Basketball Defense


Tyler Weisberg '22

Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach Andrew Evans (far right) supervising a regular practice session. 

Head Coach Harold Francis appointed him as the team’s defensive coordinator. With that mandate, Coach Evans is working hard to improve the team’s defensive consistency, which, after reviewing game footage, he believes centers around players’ focus and concentration on the court. Coach Evans has been analyzing the film and breaking down each play to show the players what mistakes were made. He strategically discusses a few flaws and then a positive in order to prove to the players that they have the defensive capabilities needed to play proper defense, while reminding them to stay vigilant.

“I think the best part of Evans is his defensive knowledge. He really knows what he is talking about and how to take care of the opponent’s best players,” varsity basketball player Rami Hahami ’22 said. 

Players Jon Hahami ’20 (captain), Rami, and Matt Kandel ’20 have found this helpful. Rami commented, “I think the film study has helped us understand our mistakes better from previous games and allows us not to make the same mistakes again.” 

“These film breakdowns have been super helpful, and I think have helped our team considerably,” Jon added. 

Many players on the team have also enjoyed working with him on and off the court. Jon said, “He seems very dedicated to helping us. He has even had me come in during his free period in his office to go over plays.” 

Coach Evans sees himself as a personable and friendly coach, but also strict at the same time. He wants the players to enjoy playing while taking the game seriously.

During the games, Coach Evans is well-known for hyping up the bench and coaching with a positive attitude. 

“Coach Evans is always there on the sidelines full of energy and cheering us on. He’s always the one getting the bench hype. His energy has been a wonderful addition to the team, especially on the defensive side,” said Captain Caleb Coleman ’20.

Coach Evans said that he always hopes to use his “enthusiastic energy and life on the defensive side along with [his] general coaching philosophy and mentality” to bring the team defensive success. 

When asked about Coach Evans’ relationship with the team, Coach Francis said, “Coach Evans has been a great addition to the team and coaching staff. He is extremely enthusiastic about basketball and has offered thoughtful insight to our team.”

Although Coach Evans has helped bring some success to the team this year, including the team’s first ISL win in over two years, he said, “The job isn’t done yet by the players or the coaches. We still have a lot of games left in the season.”