How’s Everyone Doing? 


Cassidy Thibodeau on the left. Courtesy of Cassidy Thibodeau ’21.

Cassidy ’21: 

I can’t believe it’s already my final year on the circle. My time at Groton has really flown by, and I really just want to make the most of this year; enjoy time with my friends, commit to doing my best in classes, and indulge in all of my favorite activities. I’m excited to come back to the circle, and to take on new responsibilities as a senior, but disappointed that so much is up in the air regarding fall sports and competing with other schools. I am mostly hoping that we just have the chance to play St. Marks in field hockey this fall because we as a team have worked so hard and are determined to win after two heartbreaking losses in a row. However, if we do not get that opportunity I know that next year, I know my girls will be ready to compete. It will be difficult this fall term not being able to play for my club teams, Laxachusetts and Boston Field Hockey Club, which I usually structure my weekends around. I spend a lot of time training with my club field hockey coach in order to prepare for my collegiate career. However, I have a feeling that not being able to play club will be a blessing in disguise, as I get extra days in the week to play with the lacrosse (and hopefully the hockey) team!! This will be different but I’m excited for something new. It will also be nice to have more time to focus on my schoolwork and to spend time with my friends. 

Karenna ’23:

I’m in the middle with my thoughts on soccer this fall as well as returning to campus. I won’t be playing club soccer. As for soccer in the fall, things will definitely be different. More than anything I think I will miss not having something consistent to stay in shape. 

Cella ’21

I’m very excited for senior year, honestly I think it’ll be a shock to come back to campus, as even with all the changes, I feel like we never got the 5th to 6th form mental transition. I’ve been realizing how different Groton, but also America, will be when I arrive, so I wonder how I will adjust/how much of a shock it will be. I am also so excited to see my friends! The weirdest thing will be not being able to hug/properly greet them, but I am still super excited. I wonder if people have changed a lot, as even with facetime I feel like it is hard to gauge how people have changed. I’m sad that the dorms are changing and there is no certainty about having the traditions this year for our last time, but honestly I have mostly been thinking about the positives. While things have changed, I am so grateful that the school is putting the effort for us to come back safely and I think that good things will come out of it, at the very least student body bonding! 

Creed ’22

I’m feeling pretty anxious about returning to campus, just because I haven’t seen anyone in 6 months. I’m also upset that theatre this fall will be something virtual as I love going through the traditional process of a production. I’m hopeful that whatever we end up doing is still fulfilling in a new way. I’m still optimistic about playing piano in the music rooms. 

Varun ’25 

I’m feeling pretty excited and actually not that nervous because I’ve already had some zoom calls with people in my form. I personally don’t think the restrictions will take a big toll on me because I know I still have a lot of time at Groton ahead of me and the school’s traditions will always be there waiting for me. Because this my first year, not that much has been taken away from me so far, however, I sympathize with the upperclassmen who are looking at their final years at Groton.