Groton Election Results

Courtesy of Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld 21

Courtesy of Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld ’21

The Groton 2020 Presidential Election took place from November 1 through November 3rd through an online survey. Students, faculty, and all other community members were encouraged to submit their choices. The results above reflect the responses of 297 individuals, of which 224 filled out the demographic questions which provide the data for the second half of the analysis. The final tally had Biden ahead 87% to 13%, a total margin of +74%.


Not reflected in the chart are third party candidate choices. Of responses after the data was cleaned, there were 14 individuals who voted for a third party candidate. 7 voted for Kanye West, 4 for Jo Jorgenson, 2 for Howie Hawkins, and 1 for Tulsi Gabbard. Science Department Head Stephen Belsky also deserves an honorable mention for the two votes he received.


Finally, out of all eligible voters who responded to the survey, all but one also cast their vote at the ballot box, for a voter turnout of 98%.