Zootopia: A Review

From the start, this year’s Disney blockbuster was bound to be a hit. From playful marketing to adorable character design, “Zootopia” drew people of all ages into cinemas the moment it hit the screen. It’s not surprising, seeing as most Disney and Pixar movies rise to the top of the box office without much second thought. “Zootopia”, however, is different. The furry, walking, talking, joking animals post on social media, tap away on their iPhones, and wait at the exasperatingly slow DMV.

That’s exactly where the film differentiates itself. It draws on pop culture – what is relatable. It brings in themes such as race and politics. As cliché as it might sound, it’s the deeper meaning under all those layers of cute animation that makes “Zootopia” such a winner. The pursuit of an unlikely dream despite all odds, the danger of discrimination and bias, the payoff of dogged determination – it almost seems like “Zootopia” resonates more with the parents and preteens in the movie theater than kids.

Despite all the heavy themes swirling about, “Zootopia” does a stunning job of character development. Follow the unlikely friendship of Judy Hopps, an aspiring police officer, and Nick Wilde, a wily swindler, as they follow the trail of mysterious disappearances. It’s rare that you find a cutesy animation to bring you to the edge of your seat with suspense. At the same time, you might find yourself roaring with laughter or wiping away tears. There’s something really touching about the relevance of the animals’ fictional world to ours.

This is an incredible, emotional film that anyone, from toddlers to adults, will absolutely enjoy.