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Carnegie Hall connotes accomplishment and brillance, but not all musicians who make their “Carnegie Debut” get there purely on merit.

How to Get to Carnegie Hall

Allison Jiang , Assistant Arts Editor December 20, 2020

It’s a classic New Yorker joke: on the intersection of 57th Street and Seventh Avenue of New York City, a man asks a passerby for directions. He asks, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Upon closer...

John Donovan’s Lasting Imprint 

Michael Lu ’24 May 31, 2020

John Donovan ’20 is a gifted and passionate artist with talents ranging from stagecraft to painting to drawing. Adding to his many artistic accomplishments, John has recently won this year’s Groton...

Courtesy of Amy Ma '23

“Prize Day” 2020

Isabel Cai '21, News Editor May 31, 2020

In light of the pandemic, Prize Day has been postponed to a future time on the circle when it is safe for the Form of 2020 and their families to return to campus. However, an Awarding of Prizes and Diplomas...

Courtesy of Hannah Wise '21

The Uncertainty of Sports Leagues Returning

Tyler Weisberg '22, Sports Editor May 31, 2020

Groton students are consumers of sports entertainment like millions of other people around the world. Due to the coronavirus, many sports leagues globally have either “shutdown,” “paused,” or “delayed”...

Why Numbers Matter

Leah Pothel '21, Opinions Editor May 31, 2020

When the coronavirus ramped up, schools across the country had no choice but to shut down. They did, however, face an important and contentious decision about how students would be assessed for spring...

A Letter from Your Former Editor

Cara Chang '20 May 31, 2020

To our community:  Re the Fiftieth Volume of The Circle Voice, 2019-20: I write, first and foremost, to congratulate the new Board on their first issue together. I am happy to see familiar and new...

Senior Prefects Pass the Torch

Christina Oelhafen ’21 and Sophia Wu ’21, Features Editors May 31, 2020

Grace Mastroianni ’20 and Lwazi Bululu ’20 led the school through one of the toughest times in recent years. The virus threw unimaginable challenges at them – as Grace said, “planning a virtual...

Synchronous Classes: When Less is More

Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld ’21, Editor in Chief May 31, 2020

When Mr. Anderson dedicated his chapel talk to the interesting history of time zones across the world, nobody seated in the chapel that morning could have predicted that those very time zones would come...

The Show Must Go Online

Allison Jiang ’22, Arts Editor May 31, 2020

    In the midst of theatre shutdowns and a myriad of empty stages, artists all over the world have been locked out of their performance spaces during quarantine. Though confined, they...

Online APs: The Wrong Enemy

Evan Cheigh '22 and Jiacheng Kang '22 May 31, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the nature of the Advanced Placement (AP) exams had to change — the alternative being the entire cancellation of the program. In a survey conducted by the College Board (CB) in early...

We Can't Let the Culprit Become the Hero

We Can’t Let the Culprit Become the Hero

Trey Whitehead '21 April 28, 2020

As of April 28, COVID-19 has infected more than 2.9 million people across the world and claimed over 205,000 lives. This deadly pandemic — which has ravaged the global economy, locked billions of people...

The Pilot is Stupid and the Autopilot Sucks

The Pilot is Stupid and the Autopilot Sucks

Steven Pang '22 April 28, 2020

While Trump congratulated himself on his “very serious” travel ban on China in early February, COVID-19 was already spreading across the nation, unhindered by travel restrictions and aided by government...

J.Lin for the Circle Voice

From Virtual Revisits to Webinars

Evan Cheigh '22, Assistant News Editor April 28, 2020

Faced with the cancellations of city receptions and Revisit Day, the Admission Office discovered new ways to reach Groton’s newly admitted applicants around the world. The virtual Revisit hosts, Groton...

Artist of the Issue: Jed Rainey

Artist of the Issue: Jed Rainey

Allison Jiang '22, Assistant Arts Editor April 28, 2020

It's Saturday night, and the dance floor under the Dining Hall is lively and crowded, the space covered in graffiti and strobe lights.  Tracks blast from the DJ booth. There, you will find DJ Rainfall,...

The Forgotten Evil of American Politics

The Forgotten Evil of American Politics

Anuj Agarwal '21, Assistant Opinions Editor April 28, 2020

When someone says “politician,” many people immediately think of the word “corrupt.” This stereotype is more prevalent in America than in almost every other developed country. According to a survey...

Courtesy of Mary Collins

Athlete of the Issue: Mary Collins

Michelle Kim '23, Staff Writer April 28, 2020

Captain Mary Collins '20 is most recognizable by her gait as she saunters across the slick, shiny court. She stops at the free-throw line, eyeing the basket. All eyes watch her as she takes her final breath....

Student acolytes leading the procession into St. John's Chapel.

Traditions Have Expiration Dates Too

Jiacheng Kang '22, Breaking News Reporter April 28, 2020

St. Mark’s Day. Check-in. Surprise Holiday. The interminable cycle of traditions define our lives on the Circle, yet we tend to forget the traditions that we no longer have.  We no longer condone...

Courtesy of E. Wolfram '23

Students Against COVID-19

Stanislas Robert '22 April 28, 2020

During this pandemic, Elizabeth Wolfram ’23 is wondering how her time in quarantine can be made more meaningful for her and her community: “I feel much more at ease knowing that I am doing something...

The Groton Community - Online Edition

The Groton Community – Online Edition

Elizabeth Wolfram '23 April 28, 2020

After Groton transitioned to online classes, many students feared that we will not be able to maintain the community that we all enjoy. However, from my siblings and my own experience at Stanford Online...

H. Wise for the Circle Voice

The Virtual Pulpit

Joon Whang '23, Staff Writer April 28, 2020

Just as teachers have done their best to adapt to virtual classrooms, Reverend Gil Birney is striving to preserve a centerpiece of Groton's community: Chapel. This also means that Chapel Talks, milestones...

Deaths vs. Dollars

Deaths vs. Dollars

Alisa Gulyansky '24 April 28, 2020

The United States has now surpassed all other countries in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19. Meanwhile, our economy has crumbled. With the virus quickly becoming a double-edged sword, government...

Courtesy of S. Deng for the Circle Voice

COVID-19 Changing College Process

Annabel Kocks '20, Assistant News Editor April 28, 2020

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the US, many upcoming college tours and standardized tests have been canceled or postponed until August. In the wake of this unprecedented tumult, many high school...

An Unaddressed Fallacy

Brendan Pelikh '22 April 28, 2020

The streets of Los Angeles and New York seem apocalyptic. Yet, all too often, we see young Americans mocking social distancing guidelines over social media. In the past few weeks, American cases have grown...

Celebrities & COVID-19

Celebrities & COVID-19

Christina Chen '23 April 28, 2020

The definition of “celebrity” is ever-evolving, now encompassing tech giants, athletes, social media stars, and political figures. In this new world permeated by COVID-19, celebrities must be prioritized...

Courtesy of Groton School Website

Sanitizing the School

Derek Hu '21, Assistant Features Editor April 28, 2020

As students and teachers tackle online classes, Groton’s health experts and Buildings and Grounds (B&G) staff have worked together to thoroughly sanitize the campus. They focused on disinfecting...

The Chamber Orchestra performing in Sevillia, Spain on last summer's musical global education opportunity (GEO). This year, unfortunately, all GEOs have been postponed or cancelled.

Update: How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Circle

Evan Cheigh '22, Assistant News Editor March 8, 2020

Citing an “abundance of caution,” the Global Education Opportunities (GEO) program is rescheduling trips due to the surge of COVID-19. Headmaster Temba Maqubela and Groton School Physician Sophie...

Groton School Primary

March 8, 2020

As the Democratic nominee field continues to narrow, many students and teachers engage in political discussions inside and outside of the classroom. The geographical diversity of Groton’s student body...

It’s Time to Change Protected Period

Cam Nguyen '22 and Zola Sayers-Fay '22 March 7, 2020

The goal of protected period is to assess students without putting them under the enormous stress of an exam week, especially after a cold and dark term. According to Academic Dean Katherine Leggat, “Protected...

Run, Zebras, Run! Acceleration at Groton

Imagine being told that you are not allowed to accelerate academically by skipping course levels, just because other people would feel pressured to do so as well. Despite the peer pressure it might...

Runners Olivia Dillon '21, Hannah Wise '21, Cornelia Potter '21, and Anna Copeland '20 after finishing the half-marathon.

Finding the “Runner’s High” at the Hyannis Half-Marathon

Sophia Wu '21, Assistant Sports Editor March 7, 2020

If you happened to wander along the river, you might have wondered what the group of 30-odd, colorfully clad runners were doing sloshing through snow while the sun threatened to set behind them. You might...

Groton Swim Smashes Through Expectations at Invitational

Charlie Weisberg '23 March 7, 2020

“There have only been a few times in my coaching career that I have been speechless. I’m proud to say today was one of those days. I’m so honored to be a coach to such amazing athletes. Today,...

Chioma at her craft.

Artist of The Issue: Chioma Ilozor

Amelia Lee '22 March 7, 2020

You’ve listened to her songs on Spotify. Under the name Ai Bendr –– inspired by her middle name, Ai Bendors –– Chioma Ilozor '20 has dropped many catchy singles, such as “Stay With Me,” “blue...

A Guide to Spring Classes: Elective Highlights

  There are many exciting electives in the spring term, and we find the ones displayed particularly unique. Some electives (such as advanced readings in a modern language) are advanced, term-courses...

Athlete of the Issue: Caroline Wilcox

Athlete of the Issue: Caroline Wilcox

Michelle Kim '23 March 7, 2020

As the ball zipped across the court, she lunged for a powerful hit with her racquet. A deafening silence emptied the room as her clean cross-court died in the back left corner, leaving her opponent with...

From Our Perspective: The Winter Recital Series

Maya Gite '22 March 7, 2020

In 2000, the first Groton student recital was held with three performers. Two decades later student recitals are an integral part of our music program here on campus. Musicians at every level get the...

From left to right: Cam Nguyen '22, Emily Perez '22, Julia Trowbridge '22, Emily Li '22, Kaylie Keegan '21, Tatum Pike '20, Erin Dollard '20, Steven Pang '22.

Mock Trial Advances to “Elite 8”

Tyler Weisberg '22, Page Editor March 7, 2020

Groton’s Mock Trial team, founded and coached this year by new Physics fellow Andrew Evans, will compete at the Massachusetts state tournament later this month. The team is one of 32 teams to make it...

Sally Bliumis-Dunn leads a fourth form poetry workshop.

Poet’s Visit Echoes Across the Circle

Stanislas Robert ’22 March 7, 2020

Sally Bliumis-Dunn’s visit to the Circle impressed and inspired many Groton English students. On February 18, English teacher John Capen invited Ms. Bliumis-Dunn to spend a day at Groton to lead several...

Trump Probably Committed Treason... But I'm Glad We Acquitted Him

Trump Probably Committed Treason… But I’m Glad We Acquitted Him

Steven Pang '22 March 7, 2020

As the Democrats decide on a presidential candidate, President Donald Trump is marching through America, rallying his supporters and raising money. He wields an incredible weapon that has already generated...

The Irony of COVID-19

The Irony of COVID-19

In mid-December last year, ophthalmologist Li Wenliang warned his medical school classmates about the possibility of a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in Wuhan. But on January 3, 2020,...

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