Music for Your Mid-Teen Crisis

New Releases by Adele and Sivan




You’re walking alone around the wintry Circle. All your friends have early practice, but you have late. The Dining Hall is serving root beer pork for dinner. The world has never been more desolate. You turn to your Walkman for some smooth tunes, but all you have is Kidz Bop.

What do you do? The answer is simple. DJs Beckybeckyhi and Rizzle Lizzle-Smizzle are here to help you embrace your mid-teen crisis with two fresh and angst-ridden albums.


Adele’s newest album, “25,” will help you whether you are fifteen or fifty (faculty, we’re here for you too). Say good-bye to all your problems and “Hello” to someone who truly gets you. For four years we have all impatiently awaited the release of her new album, and we were not disappointed. Adele’s album is filled with classic and relatable tear-jerkers similar to the sepia-filtered “Hello” music video that we all know and love.

“Hello” was the first single released in preparation for the “25.” Rich and smooth, Adele’s vocals are flawless and nonpareil.

Do you want to get out of your rut and into a groove? The second song in her album takes you on a fast-paced journey with a groovy drumbeat. Upbeat and funky, Adele’s “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” is described by Alex Waxman ’18: “My favorite song from the album is “Send My Love” It’s so good that I started thinking, ‘This is ridiculous; I’m tying this song to relationships from over three years ago.’”

Zara Ali ’18, avid Adele rocker, says, “I think Adele’s new album is fitting for people who are in the feels of winter term. It’s great music to listen to when you’re trying to come to an understanding and accept all that’s going on in your life. The song “Send My Love” raises your spirits in these dark dreary times. Sometimes I like to dance to these songs in my room. I sing my roommate to sleep.”

One of the most popular songs on “25,” titled “When We Were Young,” can easily be related to because we are young. Adele’s rich and mellifluous voice fills the listener with both nostalgia and comfort.

Blue Neighborhood

Troye Sivan’s new release, “Blue Neighbourhood,” is the perfect remedy for winter-term blues. The twenty year-old from Australia, who gained his following through YouTube, released his album last December to much fanfare.

The full album is an hour long – the perfect amount of time to calm your raging hormones and soothe the sting of social interaction. Every song title in the album is in all-caps, adding to its angsty, ‘I’m Not Like Other Kids’ vibe. Sivan’s unique voice is both effortless and captivating.

Feeling “WILD?” Like most Groton students, Sivan understands that “there’s still too long to the weekend.” “Wild” is fun, upbeat, and makes you want to get up and dance.

In “EASE,” Sivan sings about the want for a simple life. In collaboration with Broods, a New Zealand music duo made up of a brother and sister, this song blends the singers’ voices together in perfect harmony.

With a universal message, “EASE” is a quiet day tune ideal for handling stress. Langa Chinyoka ’17 admits, “I was skeptical at first, but after hearing “EASE” I was hooked. Even songs I didn’t like as much at first are now some of my favorites. Definitely an album to play on repeat. Angsty, nostalgic, the chillest vibes, it’s not even just an album at this point; it’s a lifestyle.”

In “YOUTH,” Sivan sings about memories about your first love and growing up.

One of the most popular tracks on the album, “SUBURBIA” is all about remembering your childhood. “It seems I’m never letting go of Suburbia,” he sings, evoking the bittersweet nature of getting older and moving away from home. “SUBURBIA” is perfect for leaning your head against a window and pretending you’re in a music video. With its calming tune, “SUBURBIA” encaptures Blue Neighbourhood’s essence as an album.


Though Adele and Sivan are artists from two separate genres, their albums are both raw and heartfelt, bringing back memories and encouraging the listener to learn and move on from past mistakes. If you’re looking for new music, both “25” and “Blue Neighbourhood” are perfect for both quiet reminiscing and hopeful encouragement.

Let the vocals of these two fresh and distinguished artists smooth your angst as you make your way through this winter term.