Holy Guacamole: The Art Prefects Take Instagram


COURTESY OF GUAC (@thisisguac)

GUAC’s first Instagram post, a self-portrait of Echo and Suzy

Most are aware of the new and raging Instagram page that is “This is GUAC.” GUAC, or the Groton Undiscovered Artist Club (cleverly named by Suzy Kuczynski ’16 and Echo Zhuge ’16), features artworks ranging from photography to white-board sketches, knitting, and Snapchat drawings. After gaining approval from the Art Department, Art Prefects Suzy, Echo, Libby Llanso ’16, and Sophie Song ’16 created the page three weeks ago, which now has more than two hundred followers.

The idea began last spring, when current Sixth Formers Suzy and Echo were discussing fun things they could do to shed more light on the art community at Groton.

Echo recalled a hashtag she started in Third Form, #sundaybreakfastclub, where she occasionally made art out of food from Sunday brunch at the Dining Hall.

Then, once the two became art prefects, they found that this was an opportunity to showcase all kinds of art from the Groton community. As Libby says, “everyone is an artist in their own unique way.”

Echo discovered her inspiration to create humorous captions for the Instagram photos from her experience last summer, where she worked at an art museum. She had to compose labels for paintings at the museum, which involved her browsing countless blurbs of other artworks online. Through this she developed an appreciation for taking serious art pieces in a humorous way.

“I’m interested in bringing people to art,” Suzy says. And GUAC aims to do just that. As Echo and Libby explain, not everyone can fit an art class into his or her schedule at Groton, nor is everyone confident in his or her work. “It’s important to give those who may lack confidence in their artwork or lack the opportunities to display their art a chance to do so,” Echo says.

The leaders of GUAC have a host of ideas to look forward to. This November, the art prefects plan to hold a GUAC Pop-Up Show, where artwork done outside of the Groton art curriculum will be exhibited in the Dillon Arts Center with snacks and refreshments.

All will be welcome to attend, and all are welcome to present their own art in the show, thus most of this art will be new to the audience. The Pop-Up show will be a version of GUAC in real life, bringing the community’s artwork away from the Internet. The prefects also plan to interview each artist and write a short blurb for each piece.

Students may have already seen a few artfully-decorated dorm rooms on GUAC’s Instagram. The photos show colorful banners, unique posters, and patterned tapestries that all make up the character of each room. The art prefects encourage these room-themed posts and look forward to potential fall-themed posts, so be sure to send in any photos of Groton foliage, carved pumpkins, or cozy sweaters.

The GUAC prefects also look forward to making some posts more relatable to everyday life at Groton; for example, on a game day people could send in drawings to motivate a team or other pieces of art related to the sport.

If students are wondering what to submit next to GUAC, the possibilities are endless. GUAC isn’t limited to the still-life drawing of an apple (thought it could be); it could be a photo of the sunset or a model of your dream car. As long as it’s original, it’s guacworthy. Furthermore, it’s important to know that GUAC does not post work as a joke. “We post things that people take pride in and have put time and effort into,” says Echo. As Libby states, “we hope that GUAC can continue to be a safe and friendly place to share ideas.” So don’t be shy! Send a photo of your art to GUAC’s Instagram page (@ thisisguac) to be featured.