Athlete of the Issue: Bensen Han


Courtesy of Groton School

Under the glaring lights, a figure appears. Calm and collected, his presence immediately captivates the focus of the entire audience. With the spirit and passion of a warrior, Bensen Han ’23 has served as both a leader and star for Groton’s football team. Although the past few years have been derailed by shortened seasons, Bensen helped to cultivate a team culture of perseverance and support this season. With his final season a resounding success, Bensen reflects on his Groton football experience. 


When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in the third grade. I was the quarterback and we lost every single game, except for one which we won by forfeit because they didn’t have enough players.


What makes Groton’s football program so special to you?

Groton football is a small close knit community of second formers, third formers, fourth formers, fifth formers, sixth formers, teachers, and staff. It’s a special place because we are all close to each other all the time. You put your body and your family’s body on the line every play, and you develop deep relationships with one another. You eat together, shower together, and grow closer every week. 


What is your most memorable experience? 

My most memorable moment in my Groton career was absolutely pummeling Huck Jamison (captain of the 2021-2022 football team) in the hole one winter night. He got mad at me, but it was inspiring how fast he forgave me. That kind of camaraderie can’t be found anywhere else.


What have you taken away during your time as captain?

I don’t think I learned much from being a captain. Being a leader or a role model to the kids isn’t dictated by your title on the field. It’s being able to be completely open to others, owning up to mistakes, and not letting personal feelings get in the way of what’s best for the team. Being a leader is being fair and just and knowing when you are wrong, and being able to apologize and confront mistakes. Being a leader is having fun, and making sure your team is also having fun. I hope all other captains are able to do that this year.

How did Groton help you develop as a player? 

Groton is a pressure cooker. You have work upon work stacked upon you and you are made to function under high stress. Groton itself hasn’t done much for my development as a player, but Mr. Lyons and all the coaches have shown me what it means to play football, and what it means to be human.