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The Birth of a Voice: Walter Russell Mead and The Circle Voice

The Birth of a Voice: Walter Russell Mead and The Circle Voice

Sophia-Nicole Bay '23 and Joon Whang '23 June 5, 2022

Fifty-three years ago, the box through which students perceived the world outside of Groton was tuned to a dead channel. The creation of the Circle Voice did not change the channel, it deconstructed the...

How Has the Russo-Ukrainian War Touched Our Community?

How Has the Russo-Ukrainian War Touched Our Community?

Sophia-Nicole Bay '23 May 28, 2022

When Russia began its assault on Ukraine on February 24th, Juliya Makhanov ’22 was up late completing her homework like most students. But when those explosions reverberated throughout Ukrainian cities,...

Courtesy of Mei Matsui 23

The Return of Groton Holiday Traditions

Elizabeth Wolfram ’23, Features Assistant Editor December 22, 2021

Last year, with the cancellation of in-person classes during the two weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break and stringent Covid-19 restrictions, Groton cancelled most of the holiday traditions that...

Credit to Chloe Zheng 23

MLK Day Preview: Former Death Row Inmate to Address the Circle

Evan Cheigh '22 December 22, 2021

On Jan. 17, the Groton community will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day with special events. MLK Day activities are planned by members of the Cultural Alliance and its faculty sponsor, Associate...

Credit to Amy Ma 23

Compensate or Don’t Operate: Resolving the MLB Lockout

Evan Khym '24, Sports Editor December 22, 2021

Effective December 2nd at 12:01 am, all 30 team owners unanimously agreed to a work stoppage,  marking the start of Major League Baseball’s first work lockout since 1995. Major League Baseball operates...

Courtesy of Groton School

Musical Christmas Cheer Returns to the Circle

Christina Chen ’23, Arts Editor December 21, 2021

While the blow-up snowmen appeared in the dining hall and the Schoolhouse hallways were filled with holiday wreaths, Christmas cheer swept up the Circle in full force with the official return of the beloved...

Its Time to Eliminate APs

It’s Time to Eliminate APs

Alisa Gulyansky ‘24 December 14, 2021

It is no unpopular opinion among Groton students to detest the entire AP system with a burning passion. However, we rarely think about the prospect that we can actually get rid of APs at Groton with great...

How to Invest After China’s Trillion Dollar Crackdown

Eric Ge '24 October 30, 2021

1.5 trillion dollars. This was the amount wiped off Hong Kong and Chinese mainland stock exchanges in the last week of July alone. Amid rapid and unpredictable government crackdowns, China’s largest...

Courtesy of Damien Hirst for OVO_Republic, and Kanye West_GOOD

Certified Lover Boy or Donda?

Ebun Lawore ’24, Staff Writer October 30, 2021

Rap artists always seem pitted against each other. This started as early as Tupac vs. Biggie, and has gone to Cardi vs. Nicki. The most recent rivalry has been between Drake and Kanye, with the release...

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