Groton’s First Open Mic of The 2019 School Year

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Hilariously entertaining.

These are just a handful of an endless string of adjectives that could be used to describe what Groton’s first 2019 Open Mic had to offer. Cocooned in the warm glow of fairy lights with the company of fluffy blankets and friends, the Groton audience was roaring for more of this spectacular showcase.

This year’s inaugural Open Mic Night bore witness to a wide range of acts. Not only did these new acts make for a continuous more-than-one-hour flow of music, laughter, and talent, but they also managed to keep the audience breathlessly on their toes long into the aftermath. Open Mic Co-Head Elizabeth Girian ’20 was happy with the high turnout. 

“I was really surprised about all the people! Jane and I didn’t know if people would take time to support others,” she remarked. “It was much better than last year because of the combination of returning and new participants and the lower school turnout. The quality was so incredible, I was impressed with all the performers.”

But there’s more. For those who didn’t have a chance to witness it first hand, chairs are now permanently abolished from all future performances. Instead, an overflow of assorted snuggle-y items is now allowed into Gammons. Head of the Music Department Mary-Ann Lanier explained, “Chairs are not important to a successful Open Mic. The Open Mic on Saturday was fantastic because the audience was excited, supportive, and very attentive to each performer. It’s all about the attitude of the audience.” 

Most of the audience seemed to agree. 

“It was a great variety of performances and the atmosphere was so intimate and safe and I felt so good performing in front of everyone,” commented Allison Jiang ’22, who sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the Open Mic. “[My favorite act] was Ms. Lanier’s. It was fun and spontaneous and seeing her on stage performing interpretive poetry was hilarious.”

Without the rigid confines of specific seatings or the constant wafting air of formality and poise, Open Mic Night has completely transformed upon itself. And as she came alight in the night of lightheartedness and passion, the crowd goes wild and we all made a wish. Here’s to the next Open Mic, hopefully with the same captivating range of performances and huge turnout!

Students performing at the first Open Mic of this academic year, the audience showing their support by waving phone flashlights in time to the song. Courtesy of E. Girian ’20


No chairs and new fairy lights: Open Mic heads Elizabeth Girian ’20 and Jane Park ’21 experimented with a new set-up, and the audience loved it. Courtesy of E. Girian ’20