Recap of Fall Spirit Week


Sophia Deng '22

Spirit Week brought in its wake red, black, and white in the schoolroom, zebra stripes around the circle, and strange, impressive, and witty costumes throughout Groton’s hallways. This fall, Spirit Week was packed with energy and enthusiasm building up to St. Mark’s Day, which honors Groton’s long-standing athletic rivalry with the lions of St. Mark’s School.

To celebrate the end of the fall term, students have participated in a multitude of activities throughout the week. Students participated in Minute-to-Win-it challenges during conference, showcasing secret, wacky talents of Groton students. These challenges ranged from musical chairs and arm wrestling, to bathroom tissue unrolling and pinning the tail on the zebra. Energetic morning roll calls were accompanied by cheers and blasting music, and the schoolroom walls were decorated with bold senior signs.

To top the excitement, the Spirit Committee prepared an array of themes to accompany each day of the week. Monday kicked the week off with Country Day, which coincided with Global Education Day and author Azar Nafisi’s chapel talk. Next, students sported the classic combination of sweater vests paired with plaid shirts and multicolored ties for Favorite Teacher Day. Wednesday encouraged students to reveal their spirit animals and then, on Thursday, their inner meme day jokesters. Meme day featured an all-new “Best Groton Meme” award, a title given to the student that created the best Groton-themed meme. This prize awarded the winning student’s dorm with 3 points, the equivalent of best dressed or best announcement. Finally, the week’s themes concluded with a favorite: Pajama Day. Minimal or flamboyant, Spirit Week costumes are an easy way to spread spirit and brighten up the Circle. The dorm winner of Spirit Week will not only recieve points for their dorm, but also a Wendy’s feed.

The Spirit Committee worked hard to incorporate new elements of fun and inclusion into spirit week this year. Spirit Head Amy Lu ’19 said the committee felt that they “could better include introverted students or students not involved in sports” through the competition for the best Groton-related meme.

St. Mark’s Day, along with its zebra stripes and Groton gear, concludes Spirit Week. Although new elements have been incorporated into Spirit Week and the Groton-St. Mark’s rivalry, our traditions have remained an essential and unwavering aspect of Spirit Week. Countless memories have been created under the amber glow of the St. Mark’s Day bonfire after Second Formers make their way around the circle, pulling the wooden cart jammed tight with victorious sports teams while singing “Let Justice Roll.”

  The Spirit Committee has worked hard to plan an eventful and entertaining Spirit Week for the Circle. This fun-filled, week-long event, was definitely a week to remember.