The Circle Voice

Senior Prefects Pass the Torch

Christina Oelhafen ’21 and Sophia Wu ’21, Features Editors

May 31, 2020

Grace Mastroianni ’20 and Lwazi Bululu ’20 led the school through one of the toughest times in recent years. The virus threw unimaginable challenges at them – as Grace said, “planning a virtual ‘prize day’ when we knew that no matter what our form was going to be unhappy”. Yet, they l...

A Guide to Spring Classes: Elective Highlights

Jiacheng Kang ’22 and Elizabeth Wolfram ’23

March 7, 2020

  There are many exciting electives in the spring term, and we find the ones displayed particularly unique. Some electives (such as advanced readings in a modern language) are advanced, term-courses within their given department. The electives below, however, are a few examples of beloved clas...

Holi at Groton: A Burst of Color

Students celebrating Holi in the Dases' backyard last spring.

Joon Whang '23

March 7, 2020

Warm weather this spring will breathe green back into the grass on the Circle and pink into the flowerbeds, but the biggest explosion of color will be in the Dases' backyard: teachers Nishad Das and Sravani Sen-Das will host the fifth annual Groton celebration of the Hindu festival Holi. For the many Hin...

Ethics Students Produce Podcasts About Campus Issues

Ethics students producing their podcast.

Gracie Mumford '21

December 20, 2019

The Daily, the Moth, Radiolab, and Hidden Brain — all well-known podcasts designed to inform listeners about global stories and issues. This fall for their final project, Ethics students created similar podcasts that pertained to a more local environment: Groton. Each student, either alone or in pai...

Results of All-School Survey

September 24, 2019

Click here to open the PDF of the results.

International Experience at the Dining Hall

Angela Wei '21

February 11, 2019

Food mirrors culture, especially at Groton. Here, food makes up a large part of the Groton experience: students often look forward to meals as a way to spend time away from the rigorous academics and to catch up with peers. But Groton’s culture is predominantly American. Thus, the food may not always...

“Let’s Get This Bread!”

Bread in the Dining Hall.

Annabel Kocks '20

February 5, 2019

As temperatures drop, students seek warmth through mugs of hot chocolate, large winter coats, or the Dining Hall’s fresh bread. In the coldest winter months, the Dining Hall staff prepares various styles of warm bread every day at lunch to satisfy student cravings.  The origin of this tradition is unclear. In fa...

A History of Sunday Bell Ringing

A History of Sunday Bell Ringing

Wally Capen '22, Jack Sperling '22

February 5, 2019

Bell ringing at Groton began shortly after the chapel was built in 1900, and a club was soon established for the activity. The Bell Ringing Club has fluctuated in membership in recent years and disappeared for two years after the heads graduated in 2016. Last year, John Rogers ’22, Robin Huntington...

A New Face at the Bagel Cafe

Suki at the bagel cafe.

Eunice Cho '20 and Julia Lin '22

February 5, 2019

Since the departure of Cheryl, who was endearingly known as the “bagel lady,” Suki Johnson has taken over at the Schoolhouse cafe, and is quickly mastering the art of running the bagel stand. Since the cafe in the Forum opened four years ago, students in all forms have been taking advantage of this...

Word on the Circle

Finn Lynch '19, Photographer

November 10, 2018

“I love exercising! The fresh air helps me clear my mind to prepare for the upcoming challenges.” - Lucy Gund ’19 “Ordering food and hanging out with my friends as well as occasionally watching movies,” - Wally Capen ’22 “Destressing a stress ball!” - Derek Hu ’22...

Recap of Fall Spirit Week

Recap of Fall Spirit Week

Allison Jiang '22

November 10, 2018

Spirit Week brought in its wake red, black, and white in the schoolroom, zebra stripes around the circle, and strange, impressive, and witty costumes throughout Groton’s hallways. This fall, Spirit Week was packed with energy and enthusiasm building up to St. Mark’s Day, which honors Groton’s lo...

Counseling’s New Yoga Initiative

Julia Lin '22

November 10, 2018

As the yellow light of the side room in the wellness center turned off, eight people sat cross-legged on soft blocks, breathing softly while stretching their hands over their heads. Groton held its first yoga and meditation session of the year on October 24. As the calendar turns its page to November, ...

Friendly Puppers Roam the Circle

Ms. Marks with her dog Darcy

Eunice Cho '20, Assistant Features Editor

November 10, 2018

Whether energetic poodles or nervous Havanese, dogs are a familiar sight at Groton. Many Groton students have come to appreciate these on-campus dogs, since merely seeing them can be comforting during a tough day. Paula Marks has always had dogs in her family, and Darcy is her third dog. She commented...

A Refreshing Boarding School Perspective

Mr. Bannard on JV Baseball in 1998

Sophia Wu '21

November 10, 2018

Boarding school is an interesting concept. A few hundred teenagers are thrown onto a campus, often in the middle of nowhere, who are then expected to make friends with everyone else, get enough sleep, and excel in all their classes and sports. Boarding schools have existed for hundreds of years, and...

Upper Schoolers Tackle Fall FSAs

Elizabeth and Mary kickboxing.

Sammy Agrawal '21

October 19, 2018

Golf Andrej Klema ’21, a long time golfer, spends his afternoons improving his technique at the Groton Country Club. He hopes that this experience will aid him in setting a new personal record. Golfing also provides a distraction from work related anxiety, he said, adding that golfing is a “m...


Annabel Kocks '20

October 19, 2018

As the trees change from green to red and pumpkin spice lattés make a reappearance, teens all over America begin to shift their attention to Halloween. Typically, most Americans spend the eerie night showcasing their costumes and going door to door trick-or-treating at houses decked out with spiderwebs,...

Prefects Have Fun with Dorm Themes

LV's common room.

Amelia Lee '22

October 19, 2018

From Greek mythology to carnivals, Groton’s dorm themes this year bring a combination of creativity, humor, and inspiration to the living spaces on the Circle. While some adopt a more serious focus of empowering their residents, others aim to provide a temporary distraction from the notorious Groton...

Spotlight on Dining Hall Members

Sophia Wu '21 and Elena Junkala '21

October 19, 2018

Groton students are all familiar with the sight of apron-clad dining hall staff bustling in and out of the kitchen, yet most students walk up the spiral stairs, eat, and leave without a word to these members of our community. Though it is difficult to pull time out of our hectic schedules to get to know...

Meet Your New Senior and House Prefects

The new senior and house prefects

Katie Reveno '20, Assistant Features Editor

September 13, 2018

As we return for another year on the Circle, we are confronted with a version of Groton that is identical to and yet changed from the one we left in June. The physical features are all here, but the senior class, a defining feature of the Groton student body, has been filled with a fresh set of face...

What’s in Store for the SAC

What's in Store for the SAC

Eleanor Dunn '20

September 13, 2018

As we enter this coming school year, it’s easy for anxiety to bring back memories of work imposed all-nighters, early Saturday mornings, and painful exams. However, let me suggest that instead your attention is turned to the many fun events planned for this fall. Groton’s Student Activities Committee, o...

Spotlight on New Dorm Heads

Ms. Hamlin meets with her prefects.

Eunice Cho '20, Assistant Features Editor

September 13, 2018

Every spring, Groton students look forward to finding out the dorm arrangements for the coming year. Due to teachers either returning from sabbatical or leaving, many dorm buildings will acquire new leadership and accompanying names in the following school year. For this school year, there were a number of...

Seniors Take on Fall Tutorials

The four students participating in the organometallics tutorial.

Robin Huntington '22

September 13, 2018

Tutorials are student-led, in-depth courses that allow sixth formers to explore an area not usually offered by the school without the constraints of a larger class size or a rigid syllabus. This fall, three sixth form groups will pursue tutorials of varying topics: organometallics, solo acting, and special relati...

A History of Senior Pranks

A History of Senior Pranks

Robin Huntington '22 and Amelia Lee '22

June 2, 2018

As Prize Day looms near, seniors indulge in the infamous “senior spring,” where they have less work, and therefore more time to dwell on their upcoming departures. What better way to make the last few weeks special than to pull off an unforgettable prank? Senior pranks generally happen in mid to lat...

What to Look Forward to in Spring

Karla Sanford '19

May 30, 2018

Spring Fling One of the students’ most anticipated events of the spring term is Spring Fling. This school-wide competition pits all dorms against each other. Prizes include the title of best girls dorm or best boys dorm with the promise of feeds. Planned by the fifth-form Events Committee, Sprin...

Getting to Know Ed

S. Conroy '19

Alex Kogler '19

January 19, 2018

Does the name Ed Wetterwald ring a bell? For many students, he is the mysterious man behind the weekly menu emails. However, what most of us aren’t familiar with are the aspects of this Groton chef outside of Groton. Oftentimes in the Groton bubble, we forget about the others around us, only getting ...

A Survival Guide to Groton

Alex Kogler '19

September 11, 2017

Welcome new and returning students to the Circle! For those unaccustomed to life at Groton School, this is a survival guide to help you familiarize yourself with your new home, traditions unique to Groton, popular places to eat, and things to do. Cutting the Circle: Don’t At Groton, our li...

Word on the Circle

Word on the Circle

Features Staff

June 2, 2017

“My favorite memory this term has been delivering my chapel talk. Being able to openly reflect on my life experiences in that pulpit felt simply surreal. Even the process of writing it and preparing for its delivery was incredibly fulfilling. I cried as I typed out its final sentences.” – Mike Ad...

Afternoon Fun: Spring FSA’s

Afternoon Fun: Spring FSA's

Rohan Varkey '18

May 11, 2017

This term, the FSA, or Faculty Sponsored Activity, program is as popular as ever, allowing students to pursue an activity they are interested in as their afternoon activity. These FSAs span a wide array of activities, including: Horseback Riding: This term, Sandra Redjali ’19 is doing a horseback riding FSA with ...

IMPACT impacts Sixth Form

IMPACT impacts Sixth Form

Ben Calmas '18

May 11, 2017

IMPACT, spelt in capital letters but not an acronym, is a self defense and situational awareness course. Many Sixth Formers oppose having to go through this school-required process, popularly known as “model mugging.” Until going to the event, many view IMPACT as a waste of precious spring time, ...

Our top formal proposals

Ella Anderson ‘17’s proposal for Charlie Vrattos ‘18.

Annie Colloredo-Mansfeld, Assistant Features Editor

January 27, 2017

The best Winter Formal proposals of all time comprise of a list of four courageous individuals. While there is nothing wrong with the subtle ask during conference, a grandiose performance at Roll Call or check-in is sure to garner the respect and admiration of your peers. #4: Tilly Brooks ‘19 Proposal to Mik...

Students, faculty celebrate diversity on first Cultural Day

Students, faculty celebrate diversity on first Cultural Day

Eunice Cho '20, Reporter

January 27, 2017

On this coming Saturday, January 28th, the first Groton Cultural Day will be held in the Forum. In previous years, Groton hosted the Chinese New Year festival, where Ms. Jin put a whole evening together in the Forum with a themed dinner and various activities, including dance performances and games. Fa...

Mark your calendars: Upcoming SAC events

Layla McDermott ’18 rock climbing.

Layne McKeown, Reporter

January 27, 2017

JANUARY 28TH Date Night Taxi, 3v3 Basketball Tourney, Groton Cultural Night Once again, the Date Night Taxi will be available this weekend. New to SAC this year, the taxi will take you, your friends, or that special someone out for good food and good times. By emailing the “taxi drivers” the siz...

Brrr… Cool Winter Tutorials!

Graph Theory.

Rohan Varkey '18, Reporter

January 27, 2017

As students get older at Groton, their options for courses get larger. Students can save some of their graduation requirements for later years, take electives, or take more courses in areas they are interested in. In Sixth Form, students are allowed to apply for a tutorial, which allows them to do ch...

Boys’ Dorms Pop the Question

Boys’ Dorms Pop the Question

Gus Vrattos '19, Reporter

October 21, 2016

As Groton swings into full gear in the month of October, dorm proposals, a particularly fascinating tradition of Groton, have already taken place. Together, brother/sister dorms share feeds, communal check-ins and fun activities. While typically a boy’s dorm proposes to girl’s dorm, dorm proposals...

Fab-Lab-ulous: Groton’s own engineering hub

The Fab Lab is filled with many advanced tools.

Rohan Varkey '18, Assistant Features Editor

October 21, 2016

Often while walking through the Forum, people will see the Fab Lab, a space filled with mysterious machines and seemingly incomprehensible projects. Despite the great resources the Fab Lab holds, not many students besides those in Engineering tutorials and classes know exactly what engineering at Groton...

Best bites around Groton

Chloe White ‘19 picks up an order from the Cottage in Ayer.

Annie Colloredo-Mansfeld ‘18, Assistant Features Editor

October 21, 2016

With Parents’ Weekend here and St. Mark’s Day soon approaching, students and parents are faced with the annual opportunity of eating off campus. Eating food other than that of the dining hall is always one of the most exciting prospects of Parents’ Weekend, and there are are plenty of restaurants...

More than a room

More than a room

Rohan Varkey '18

October 7, 2016

Here at Groton, dorms mostly contain the same type of rooms: normal, non-prefect singles, doubles, and triples that have the same amount of space and a similar setup. However, there are some rooms that break this mold. These rooms can have more space, an interesting setup, or a distinguishing feature...

Guide to “Surprise” Holiday

The Curious George Store

Min Shin '18, Assistant Features Editor

September 13, 2016

As students and faculty return to the Circle after a long, well-spent summer vacation, there is no doubt that everyone is longing for the same day: Surprise Holiday. For those of you who are not aware, once a term the Deans and the Headmaster give students and faculty a day off to relax or head into...

MasterChef: Groton Faculty Edition

Annie Colloredo-Mansfeld '18, Assistant Features Editor

September 13, 2016

From dorm feeds to advisory dinners to class time rewards, teachers cook snacks for students throughout the school year. But a few teachers go above and beyond with regard to the quantity and quality of their meals. These delicious treats comprise this list. Mrs. LeRoy’s Monkey Bread Mrs. LeRoy is v...

A History of Senior Shenanigans

Seniors prepare for the prank

June 5, 2016

Pranks. Pranks. Pranks. What to do without pranks? A Groton without pranks is like a rainforest without rain, a peanut-butter and jelly without the jelly. Recently, graduates who returned to the Circle began conversations asking, "So, what kind of pranks are you kids up to nowadays?" Groton has a lon...