An Introduction to Groton Arts


Choir is a way for students and faculty to express their love of singing. Led by music teacher and organist Daniel Moriarty, choir is a full class and performs every Sunday during Chapel. Students may additionally audition for Chamber Choir. For many choristers, the highlight of the year is Lessons and Carols, three Christmas services held in December.



Conducted by Kenji Kikuchi, Jazz Band, or Soul Sauce, is another music ensemble resulting from a year long class. Kate Clark ’21, a drummer in the group, said, “Jazz is not only a group that cares about music but they also like to have fun and joke around.” Jazz performs throughout the year including at Morning Chapel and Ryles Jazz Club. They also went to China last March. A small group of distinguished jazz performers every year comprise the additional Jazz Combo group.


A class like Choir and Jazz, Orchestra is open to everyone. Orchestra also has a chamber group that meets in addition to normal classes. Eliza Lord ’19 is a percussionist and said she enjoys orchestra because “it provides a chance to loosen up in the middle of the day.” This upcoming year, orchestra will travel to Italy and Spain.


Open Mic

Open Mic is held twice a term and is consistently packed with an eager audience. Held in Gammons, Open Mic is a space to perform anything. Performer and coordinator Clement Banwell ’19 has been a part of Open Mic since his second form year. He said his favorite part “is just listening to others and seeing how incredibly gifted Groton is … I truly enjoy just watching.” Open Mic is open to anyone and sign-ups are through email to the two heads for 2018-19, Clement and Sophie Conroy ’19.



An entertaining alternative to afternoon sports is theater. Every term there is at least one production held in the Campbell Performing Arts Center (CPAC). From last spring’s tearjerker Women of Lockerbie to the goofier A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum in 2014, each term the theater department showcases different productions. Andrea Underhill will run the program while Laurie Sales is on sabbatical, with Catrin Evans taking on Brandt Belknap’s technical responsibilities.


Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir is always bursting with energy and demonstrates one of Groton’s core values: inclusion. Everyone is welcomed to the weekly meetings no matter ability and experience. Cho Nikoi ’19 loves being a part of the Gospel Choir because of the “unmatched energy that the gospel choir always brings to its performances,” she said. Gospel Choir performs at various events, ranging from the REJOICE! High School Gospel Festival to Morning Chapel.



After years of having two single-gender a cappella groups, last year marked a merge into one all-gender group. Julien Alam ’19 has been a member since the second form and commented that he feels “so lucky to have such a fun group of people to make music with.” Along with Julien, heads this year are Sophie Conroy and Lily Cratsley ’19. Auditions to join the group are open to all students and take place in September. The Maqupellas perform on many occasions on-campus, such as at the Parents’ Weekend concert, and off-campus, including the Wick Festival at St. Marks School.


Visual Art

The Dillon Art Center is where all visual arts classes are held. Daily courses range from printmaking to photography, and each has its own dedicated studio. In addition to classrooms, there is the Brodigan Gallery, which has housed many guests’ works over the years. Art prefect Phoebe Shi ’19 said that she enjoys watercolor and is passionate about art because “it can say things language cannot.” Phoebe’s works have been showcased in the student gallery in the Dining hall and even on stage, in last year’s fall production of Twelfth Night.



Welcome to all students, dance is an afternoon activity alternative to a team sport, though many would argue it is one. Chip Pontifell ’19, dance captain, said, “Though small, we’ve had access to the great stage and lighting in the CPAC. Also because Groton has such a talented group of musicians it has been exciting to cross disciplines and choreograph a piece that incorporates live music.” The dance team usually has a final recital in the CPAC for fall and spring term participants. Though most versed in contemporary styles of dance, this past year the team added tap dance to their repertoire. Over the past few years, almost half of the dances performed at each recital have been student choreographed.


Film Club

Film Club is a relatively new club on campus led by Karla Sanford and Julien Alam ’19. Although, in past years the club has been largely theory based, this year the club plans to produce many short projects. Julien said, “Our goal is to learn about technical and creative aspects of film and hopefully to create our own work. In the end, we want to build a community for film on campus that as of yet we haven’t seen before.” All are welcome to join.


Step Club

Step Club is brand new to the Circle this school year. The brainchild of faculty member Carolyn Chica and Dashy Rodriguez ’19, members of the budding club began to meet last school year in a sort of pilot stage. Dashy said, “When I step I can think of nothing else and I can feel it in my bones. I hope to share that magic and love I feel with others.” This year, the step club will be fully up and running and open for all students who wish to learn more about step.