What to Look Forward to in Spring

Spring Fling

One of the students’ most anticipated events of the spring term is Spring Fling. This school-wide competition pits all dorms against each other. Prizes include the title of best girls dorm or best boys dorm with the promise of feeds. Planned by the fifth-form Events Committee, Spring Fling – along with Events Dance – represents the transition of leadership from the outgoing sixth form to the fifth form seniors-to-be. There are usually four events: the obstacle course, dodgeball, the tug-of-war, and a mystery event. Last year, the mystery event was a shoe scavenger hunt in which all students’ shoes were scattered on the football field. Each dorm sent students searching in pairs. The dorm which had all of their students return to the starting point with their retrieved shoes won. Prior mystery events include such varied contests as Slip ‘N Slide kickball and a watermelon-eating contest. The whole competition, which takes place after classes on the last Wednesday of the normal academic year, culminates in a heated tug-of-war bracket. Tug-of-war is by far the most important event of the day, and the winners of the event end the year in glory.

Spring Formal

As Winter Formal’s sunnier counterpart, Spring Formal takes place in a tent on the Circle. The dance is the perfect embodiment of springtime on the Circle. Students can look forward to the parlor cookies provided throughout the dance, and just like at Winter Formal there are photo booths for students. If the speakers should happen to blow out, one can expect students to chant “No music!” at the tops of their lungs.

Events Dance

Events Dance is the last dance of the year before Farewell Dance. Its location is revealed only minutes before the dance, leading to much anticipation every year. Past locations have included the Dance Studio and the barn behind the Dome. This dance is often the first premiere for the Radio Heads for the following school year.

One-Act Festival

The One-Act Festival is one of the most highly anticipated events of the spring. For the past two years, this play festival has taken place in the Black Box theater, with students lining up for up to two hours before both performances. This year, however, in an attempt to fit more people and because the theater’s primary show is happening in the Black Box, one-acts will move to the main stage and there will be only one performance. There will be eight shows, ranging from farce to drama. The Festival serves the purpose of bringing people into the theater – because rehearsals occur in addition to regular afternoon activities, tri-varsity athletes and seniors who have never been on stage before are able to perform. All students, however, even three-term actors, are welcome to participate.


Circlefest is essentially a large Groton picnic. The Dining Hall makes traditional picnic food (burgers and hot dogs) and food is served on the Webb-Marshall terrace. The school brings in huge inflatables, including slides and boxing arenas, for students to play on, and usually the night culminates with a movie on the Circle.


Spring Music

The Spring Instrumental Concert will be April 21, featuring the Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra, the Riverside Jazz Combo, and the Maquapellas. This big concert is the culmination of the efforts of our musical groups on campus. Additionally, Groton will be having a big outside Open Mic performance named Grotonstock after the iconic Woodstock Music Festival in upstate New York. This will take place May 12.

Circle Activities

Perhaps most of all, students look forward to the simple things. Studying on the Circle, seeking an early summer tan, playing Spikeball, and cornhole championships are all hallmarks of the spring term. Students can also look forward to newer traditions like all-school Capture the Flag, devised by Ben Milliken ‘18, and open pool with student lifeguards. In general, the Circle comes alive in the spring and students should wholeheartedly take advantage of the beautiful weather in what can be one of the most relaxing times of the year.