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The Autumn Aux: Your Fall Playlist

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Fall term is an endless list of possibilities – the season to reinvent yourself. New year, new me, right? The changing colors of the trees is the sign that another year of Groton has begun. With a blank slate in front of us, perhaps it’s time to also modify our playlist. The following list of new songs will spice up your autumnal listening habits in hopes of getting you through another (or your first) Groton term.


“Warm Glow” by Hippo Campus

For: A Rainy Afternoon

“Warm Glow” sounds exactly like you think it sounds. It begins with soft  guitar and occasional drums in the background. As the song progresses, the mellow voices of Hippo Campus mesh with the backing track of synthetic music. This combination, topped off with the smooth voice of leading man Jake Luppen, creates a warm glow.


“Some Kind of Love” by The Killers

For: a Long Bus Ride

The Killers’ new song combines synthetic background music with delicate lyrics and an atmospheric feel. Their usually upbeat and eclectic style is nowhere to be found on “Some Kind of Love,” for their newest release is all about romance. A term of away games is upon us, and uninterrupted soft tunes and melancholic singing create a feeling well-suited for a long bus ride back to Groton.


“Dusk Till Dawn” by ZAYN and Sia

For: The Perfect Shower Sing-Along

Each of the artists’ unique performance styles present themselves in this new duet. Sia’s usual ballad, interrupted by Zayn’s sultry croon, results in a fun yet meaningful experience. “Dusk Till Dawn” combines their two styles of music by employing soft verses with explosive choruses.


“…Ready for It?” by Taylor Swift

For: When You’re Feeling Petty

Whether you like Taylor Swift or not, you cannot deny her remarkable vocality and knack for sharp, clever lyrics. The second song off her album reputation is yet another departure from Taylor’s previous discography: Swift clearly took the chance to further reinvent her reputation with the electrifying rap sequences in “Ready For It?”. The bitter, romantic lyrics can only account for so much of the darkness; Swift’s low notes and drastic note changes add to the shadowy intrigue of the songstress’ newest jam. Are you ready for it?


“So Much More Than This” By Grace VanderWaal

For: When You Are Feeling Hopeless

Penned by a fairly new artist, you might not appreciate “So Much More Than This” initially. If you give it a chance, though, you will fall in love with the slow, controlled rapping and melodious tune. If you listen closely to the powerful message hidden in the lyrics accompanied by cheerful tune, you can’t help but feel a bit of hope.


“Too Much to Ask” by Niall Horan

For: Surviving Math Homework

The melodious music and sensible lyrics make this song the perfect background music for your math homework. Horan’s latest single can be listened to on repeat; the soft, rhythmic tune is an excellent cure for the over-worked brain.


“One Day at a Time” by Quinn XCII

For: Playful Moods

You cannot help but smile as you listen to the playful lyrics in “One Day at a Time,” the newest release from the Detroit-based vocalist. The relaxed, reggae-influenced vibes; surprising rhythms; and catchy chorus will take you on a rollercoaster of happiness and excitement. This is a feel-good song.


“I’ll Make It Up to You” by Imagine Dragons

For: A Positivity Boost

Romantic, forgiving, and hopeful, “I’ll Make It Up to You” should most definitely make the final cut for your playlist. Imagine Dragons, typically known for thundering arena anthems, pares down their typical song for this fresh cut of their new album. The tune is unlike anything we’ve ever heard before from this boy band. In line with all Dragons songs, though, the song manages to emphasize positivity.


“Too Good at Goodbyes” by Sam Smith

For: When You’re In the Feels

Heartfelt and eccentric, “Too Good at Goodbyes’ marks a triumphant return from Smith’s overdrawn hiatus. This dramatic ballad is the first song from Sam Smith’s upcoming sophomore album set to release later this fall. If you don’t already listen to his music, this song is the perfect introduction to his awe-inspiring, melancholic-yet-catchy vocals.

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