Embrace your angst with the best of the 2000s

Embrace your angst with the best of the 2000s

Freddie Tobeason '19

Thought you’d seen the last of us? Don’t worry. DJs Beckybeckyhi and Rizzle Lizzle Smizzle heard your pleas and are back with another angsty playlist to get you through these chilly winter months. Get ready for our freshest playlist yet, throwing back with a few classics from your wildest middle school days.

Back to December – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift reminisces and mourns over her separation from her past lover (in this case, Taylor Lautner) in “Back to December.” The tune is perfect to sing along to and its heavy reverb shows a side of Swift that listeners hadn’t seen before. Check out the music video for gray skies and snow-filled rooms that are eerily similar to winter at Groton.

Sk8ter Boi – Avril Lavigne

In this renowned song, Avril Lavigne, queen of neon stripes and highlighted hair, tells a tale of unrequited love between a sk8ter and a ballerina, who fails to see the value in her “Sk8ter Boi” until he becomes rich and famous. Avril preaches that we must live in the moment and appreciate what we have before it’s too late. Alex Waxman ‘18 remarks, “Avril Lavigne really outdid herself in a beautiful conglomeration of teenage angst, lost love, and sk8er vibes. She takes you on a wonderful journey, from which there is no going back.”

Grenade – Bruno Mars

The king of angst, overcome with love for an unfaithful ex, vows that he would do anything to protect her, including catching a grenade and jumping in front of a train. Do not take relationship advice from this guy, kids.

Fireflies – Owl City

Thought you’d seen the last of this song? Never fear! We’ve brought it back just so you can remember it’s overly-catchy autotune and central focus on an insect. As Lucy Chatfield ‘18 says, “Literally… This song has no meaning. It’s just about fireflies and insomnia.”

Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri

How do you really get over your ex-lover? Listen to this emotional masterpiece by Christina Perri. Angsty to the core, it will make you pretend you’re in your own black and white music video. “I listen to this song when I’m feeling sad and it makes me feel sadder, but I think that’s the beauty of it,” says Rohan Varkey ‘18.

Bet On It – Zac Efron

As a high school scholar-athlete, Troy Bolton understands the difficulties of youth. He releases his inner conflict in an upbeat song, full of raw, pure angst. The emotions he lets out in this song display the depth of his suffering as he gazes at his reflection in a murky pond. As Kate Hyde ‘18 says, “I feel for this young boy as he struggles. I think he understands the turmoil of my fellow teens. Thanks for being there for us, Troy.”

Potential Breakup Song – Aly and AJ

If you don’t know this song, you probably lived under a rock your whole life. Aly – no, not Manjee – and AJ belt about the pangs of breakup, making them relatable to us before we even understood relationships, back in 2007.

Too Little, Too Late – Jojo

The eloquence of the autotune in this one-hit wonder will pluck at the strings of your heart as you ponder what could have been. You’ll soon find yourself humming the tune under your breath while you beg for an extension on your research paper.

No Air – Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks understands what it’s like to walk through a bitterly cold New England night, one that seems to have “No Air.” Paired with a music video complete with early 2000’s Juicy Couture tracksuits and Blackberrys, this song captures both the cold reality of New England and Jordin’s failing relationship.

7 Things – Miley Cyrus

During her edgy-teen phase, Miley Cyrus expressed her conflicting emotions toward her lover in this catchy classic. The song even turns almost Screamo during the final choruses – feel free to unleash your inner rocker and whip your hair back and forth to this song.

Come Clean – Hilary Duff

In this song, Hilary Duff provides insightful advice: “Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams.” Hilary wants to feel the thunder and she wants to scream. This song is perfect for getting yourself back on your feet after a long day or belting it out in the shower.