Brrr… Cool Winter Tutorials!


B. Calmas '18

Graph Theory.

As students get older at Groton, their options for courses get larger. Students can save some of their graduation requirements for later years, take electives, or take more courses in areas they are interested in. In Sixth Form, students are allowed to apply for a tutorial, which allows them to do challenging work in subjects not in Groton’s curriculum. Here are some of the tutorials happening this term:

Literature and Photography

Abby Power ’17 is doing this tutorial with Mr. Creamer, and in it she looks at the intersection of literature in photography. Abby has taken photos in relation to literature, written responses to photographs, and read books that use photographs. The books she has read include Austerlitz by W.G. Sebald, House of Coates by Brad Zeller and Alec Soth, and The Collected Works of Billy the Kid by Michael Ontdaatje.  She has looked at self-portraits by Cindy Sherman, Scape by Sarah Moore, and some pinhole photos by Barbara Ess. Currently, this tutorial is examining the relation between memory and photography.

Introduction to Neuroscience

This term Zizi Kendall ’17 is pursuing this tutorial with Mr. Belsky, and using Harvard’s online course MCBx80 “The Fundamentals of Neuroscience.” This tutorial is supplemented by video lectures and papers from neuroscience professionals. So far, Zizi and Mr. Belsky have covered the nervous system, brain anatomy, vision, and hearing. Also, they have investigated abnormal sleep cycles and other sleep abnormalities.

Introduction to Dante

Ella Anderson ’17 and Anson Jones ’17’s tutorial is reading Dante’s Divine Comedy with Mr. Harmon. They read a translation of it, but also look at other translations and the original Italian to see the different ways it has been translated. Each class, they alternate presenting their ideas on the cantos (“chapters”) they read and analyzing the poetry, as well as the ethical situations in their reading.  The Divine Comedy has influenced countless authors, and this tutorial covers some of this newer Dante-influenced literature, as well.

Graph Theory

This term, Peter Zhang ’17 and Chris Ye ’17 are doing a tutorial with Mr. Choate. In this tutorial they study graph theory, which is the study of graphs, or more broadly, the mathematics of connections. Graph theory is an important part of discrete mathematics, finding practical applications in computer science, logistics, and many different networks. Peter and Chris are learning it to further their mathematical studies. Their tutorial will end with them presenting the Travelling Salesman Problem, a problem that finds the shortest route between a set of points.

Advanced Music Theory

Matthew Higgins-Iati ’17 has already taken the AP Music Theory course, so this more advanced tutorial with Ms. Lanier is to enhance his study of music theory. In it, he studies advanced music theory, like augmented sixth chords, Neapolitan sixth chords, and twelve tone music. He analyzes orchestral, choral, and piano music for these devices. An example of the music he studies is the Brahms Intermezzo. He also occasionally writes bits of music using the theory devices he learns.

Mapping Global Curriculum

This tutorial, with Feild Gomila ’17 and Elle Santry ’17, is working in preparation for the Groton Global Education trip to Uganda this summer. On this trip, Groton’s partner school, Bishop’s School, will get tablets with apps to use for both math and science. This tutorial maps the curriculum for use in Uganda by working with the company that makes these apps. It will adjust the apps to the Ugandan math and science curriculum.