Our top formal proposals


B. Calmas '18

Ella Anderson ‘17’s proposal for Charlie Vrattos ‘18.

The best Winter Formal proposals of all time comprise of a list of four courageous individuals. While there is nothing wrong with the subtle ask during conference, a grandiose performance at Roll Call or check-in is sure to garner the respect and admiration of your peers.

#4: Tilly Brooks ‘19 Proposal to Mike Aduboffour ‘17 (2017)

Coming in at #4 on our list, Tilly executed a stellar proposal to Mike at Roll Call. For those who did not attend Roll Call (shame on you) Tilly stood on the Schoolroom desk as the members of Lincoln’s dorm gathered around the tree in the center. Tilly proceeded to lead her dorm in a rap, concluding with a shout,  “Mike, will you go to formal?”. Her original and accomplished proposal impressed all who bore witness.

#3: Ella Anderson ‘17 and Hadley Callaway ‘17 Proposal to Gus Vrattos ‘19 and Charlie Vrattos ‘18 (2017)

The effort that Ella and Hadley put into their proposal has paid off. Their perfect print outs of Gus and Charlie’s faces hung in the Dining Hall for all to see for several days before being taken down. Their formal proposal fun did not stop there, however. Their faces have continued to float around campus, even startling unexpecting passersby. Charlie’s face was last seen posted up shockingly high on the Forum wall, causing one to ponder just how someone managed to reach that impressive height. Gus’s face was most recently spotted taped to a window in Hundred House, observing students as they walk around the Circle.

#2: Lillian Harris’s ‘15 Proposal to Richie Santry ‘18 (2015)

Lillian’s proposal to Richie was the first proposal of the year. Lillian had just finished giving her Chapel Talk, and as she began to turn around to walk out of the pulpit, she turned back around, leaned into the microphone, and said, “Richie Santry, will you go to Winter Formal with me?” Richie sat there stunned for a few seconds, unsure if he was supposed to respond or not (it was the moment of silence after the speaker, after all) before shouting, “Y-Yes?” This proposal was certainly the most public and bold to have graced the Groton campus.

#1: Ejaaz Jiu’s ‘15 Proposal to Layne Mckeown ‘18 (2015)

In the week leading up to formal, Ejaaz Jiu ‘15 stood atop the Schoolroom desk and sang a song to Layne before asking her to accompany him to formal. The song he chose to win her heart was none other than Hannah Montana’s “If We Were a Movie.” “I was so shocked,” said Layne ‘18. “I was honored to be proposed to in front of the whole school, I didn’t really know what to do, so I just stood there, haha.”

Oh, the thrills you miss out on when you skip Roll Call!