The Circle Voice

Artist of the Issue: Jane Park 

Jane Park '21 performing. Courtesy of Jane Park '21.
September 13, 2020

You can catch her performing in dance recitals, singing postludes with the choir, and even composing original music– Jane Park ’21 is a multifaceted artist who is an active member of the music, dance,...

Artist of the Issue: Jed Rainey

Artist of the Issue: Jed Rainey
April 28, 2020

It's Saturday night, and the dance floor under the Dining Hall is lively and crowded, the space covered in graffiti and strobe lights.  Tracks blast from the DJ booth. There, you will find DJ Rainfall,...

Artist of The Issue: Chioma Ilozor

Chioma at her craft.
March 7, 2020

You’ve listened to her songs on Spotify. Under the name Ai Bendr –– inspired by her middle name, Ai Bendors –– Chioma Ilozor '20 has dropped many catchy singles, such as “Stay With Me,” “blue...

Artist of the Issue: Teddy Deng

Teddy Deng '20 crouching in the snow to get the perfect shot.
February 11, 2020

Teddy Deng ’20 felt an artistic spark during the summer of 2018 as he gazed at the night sky. Inspired by that beauty, Teddy grew into a passionate photographer, enjoying capturing the “natural world’s...

Artist of the Issue: John Donovan

December 20, 2019

John Donovan ’20 is a talented, comprehensive artist who loves stagecraft, drawing, and painting. His recent works include the set creation of Groton theater’s fall play, Antigone, which featured a...

Artist of the Issue: Andrew Lei

Andrew Practicing
February 5, 2019

Who was the man behind the electric bass during the performance of “The Man in the Mirror” on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Groton’s exceptionally talented bass player: Andrew Lei ’19.  He frequents...

Artist of the Issue: Julien Alam

Artist of the Issue: Julien Alam
November 10, 2018

“Most of my characters have really just been different parts of me,” said Julien Alam ’19. But they are also all different—ranging from a middle-aged grieving father in Scotland to a club owner...

Artist of the Issue: Charlotte “Chip” Pontifell

Chip practicing organ in the chapel.
October 19, 2018

A music prefect and dance captain, Chip Pontifell ’19 has fully immersed herself in the arts at Groton. Not only does she play the organ and the harpsichord––instruments that are not seen often on...

Artist of the Issue: GloMonCho

Artist of the Issue: GloMonCho
September 13, 2018

Before Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD entered the music scene, there was GloMonCho’s OffWhite. The album is a product of a Faculty Sponsored Activity (FSA) completed by Gloria Hui, Cho Nikoi, and Montanna...

Artist of the Issue: Ben Calmas

Ben poses with his camera.
June 2, 2018

According to Ben Calmas ’18, “something clicked” the first time he looked through a camera lens. At Groton, he has most recently contributed his artwork as Photography Editor for The Circle Voice...

Artist of the Issue: Josie Fulton

Artist of the Issue: Josie Fulton
May 30, 2018

If you’ve ever been to a Groton theater production, there is a good chance that you have seen Josie Fulton ‘18 doing one of the things she loves most: acting. Whether as a leading role  in Twelfth...

Artist of the Issue: Michael Senko

May 30, 2018

Five. That’s the number of singing groups Michael Senko ‘18 has been a member of during his four years at Groton. And if you have ever sat down in the Performing Arts Center to watch a show, there’s...

Artist of the Issue: James Hovet

Photo: S. Conroy '19
March 2, 2018

James Hovet ’18 has spent time in the CPAC ever since his arrival on the circle five years ago. Taking a bow after directing his first one-act play has been James’ most memorable Groton theater moment....

Artist of the Issue: Max Klein

Artist of the Issue: Max Klein
January 19, 2018

Leaving the audience in awe, Max Klein ‘18 graces concerts with his musical talents. From being a music prefect to composing pieces for theater productions such as Equus and Twelfth Night, he’s grown...

Artist of the Issue: Daisy Fey

Artist of the Issue: Daisy Fey
October 26, 2017

Some artists only master one art form and boast perfect control over their execution and inspiration. Daisy Fey ‘18 is the exact opposite: a Renaissance girl. Daisy paints, draws, sings, tattoos, and...

Artist of the Issue: Malik Gaye

Artist of the Issue: Malik Gaye
October 3, 2017

While others chose baseball bats and paintbrushes, Malik Gaye ‘18 chose masks and microphones. He has a pronounced gift for theater—especially comedy—and enjoys making people laugh, especially his...

Artist of the Issue: Candilla Park

September 11, 2017

Candilla “Candy” Park ‘18 is what some might call a Renaissance girl. From writing and debating to playing instruments, dancing, and painting, Candy has explored many mediums of art.She has dipped...

Artist of the Issue: Michael Aduboffour ’17

Artist of the Issue: Michael Aduboffour '17
June 2, 2017

While some Groton students blow the community away with their visual art, theatrical pursuits, or dance, Mike inspires with his words. He is an artistic force to be reckoned with in his own right. This...

Artist of the Issue: Piper Higgins ’17

Athlete of the Issue: Piper Higgins
May 11, 2017

An Open Mic head, Choir Prefect, and Music Prefect, Piper Higgins does it all. And yet, she has never taken a music lesson in her life. In her five years at Groton, Piper has continually inspired others...

Artist of the Issue

Artist of the Issue
Phoebe Fry
January 27, 2017

She does it all: singing, songwriting, guitar, and theater. At Groton, one would be hard-pressed to find a musical aspect of the school that Phoebe isn’t involved in. From two years of a songwriting...

Artist of the Issue: Matthew Higgins Iati

Artist of the Issue: Matthew Higgins Iati
December 15, 2016

One February day in 2012, the Frauenkirche in Dresden, Germany, was harboring three magnificent musical ensembles: The Staatskapelle Orchestra, the choir of St. Paul’s London, and the trebles of St....

Artist of the Issue: Anson Jones

Artist of the Issue: Anson Jones
October 20, 2016

One of the most most angelic voices on campus belongs to the unforgettable Anson Jones ’17. There’s no doubt you’ve seen her perform, whether in chapel, on stage, at Open Mic, or in the music wing...

Artist of the Issue: Mac Galinson

Artist of the Issue: Mac Galinson
October 7, 2016

To some people, art means taking a piece of paper and drawing when inspiration strikes. To others it means photographing the natural world. To Mac Galinson, it means acting on stage or writing songs for...

Artist of the Issue: Langa Chinyoka

Artist of the Issue: Langa Chinyoka
September 13, 2016

If you were to stop any returning student on the Circle and ask them, “Who is the coolest person at this school?” the answer, every time, would be Langa Chinyoka. She is, therefore, the Circle Voice’s...

Artist of the Issue: Candace Tong-Li ‘16

Candace practices her violin in the orchestra.
June 5, 2016

You may have attended a concert she has lead or seen some of her paintings hanging up around the schoolhouse. You may have seen her recently published, illustrated book, samples of which are posted around...

Artist of the Issue: Steven Anton ’16

Steven Anton '16 on drums.
May 13, 2016

Steven has been a major contributor to Groton’s Music Department since Third Form. He began playing the piano in kindergarten and picked up the saxophone in fourth grade, but it wasn’t until eight...

Artist of the Issue: Emma Rimmer ’16

Emma Rimmer is an enthusiastic chorister and actress.
April 22, 2016

From channeling the glamorous Glinda in this winter’s theater production of “The Wiz” to sweetly serenading the student body in her clear, ringing soprano during a Lessons and Carols solo, Emma Rimmer...

Artist of the Issue: Allie Banks ’16

Allie Banks '16 in action.
February 9, 2016

Allie Banks ’16, a photography and singing tour de force, brings a distinct energy and passion to this issue’s artist feature. An excellent conversationalist and interviewee, Allie is prominently featured...

Artist of the Issue: Libby Llanso ’16

Libby at work during one of her fashion design classes
October 31, 2015

Libby Llanso is a force to be reckoned with on the Groton arts scene. She’s hard to miss in the sea of seniors, and her bright personality and bold sartorial choices make her a standout. Even from seeing...

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