Prize Day 2022



Memories, lessons, and friendships have been cultivated on the verdant fields of Groton; for nearly half a decade, the Circle has been home to our graduating class. On June 5th, hundreds of students, families, and faculty will convene for the Prize Day celebration–one final hurrah for the Form of 2022. 


Prize Day will mark the moment where this Circle is expanded beyond Groton. Soon, sixth formers will embark on their separate journeys and become responsible for a larger Circle: our global community. It’s an exhilarating, yet daunting prospect. However, the Form of 2022 is not without help. 


Delivering the Keynote Speech on Prize Day, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will offer her tokens of advice, providing our sixth formers with a toolbox that will help them continue their leadership as they transition from our Circle to an expanded world. Senator Gillibrand, in an interview with the Circle Voice, shared that her core message is CONGRATS: an acronym of the words Courage, Opportunity, Nature, Gratitude, Reflections, Ambition, Talents, and Seasons. 


Senator Gillibrand will explore the importance of recognizing our greater responsibility to the world and using our talents and opportunities to help others. As a Groton parent, she recognizes that Groton’s values of service taught her son, Theo Gillibrand ’22, “how to be a critical thinker” and “how to be the best version of himself.” 


As a public servant, she understands the importance of “giving back”—her advice will help our sixth formers fulfill the values of service that Groton has long espoused. In her senatorial role, she boldly led the fight for multiple causes on the floor of Congress, whether it be protecting the environment from toxic PFAS chemicals or advocating for paid leave through the FAMILY Act. The value of “Courage,” a respect for “Nature,” and a constant “Ambition” have shone through in her professional career. 


Joining Senator Gillibrand will be Headmaster Temba Maqubela, President of the Board of Trustees Benjamin Pyne, and student speaker Steven Pang ’22. 


Although the sixth formers will not be with us on the Circle next year, echoes of their legacies will be felt all across campus. Their time at Groton is merely the first chapter of the histories they will write for themselves. As they take the talents they developed in Groton’s red-brick buildings to help a world outside the Circle, we wish the Form of 2022 the best of luck in all their pursuits.