Lower School Athletes to Watch

Angus Frew:

Angus Frew ’25 grew up loving the game on ice. With an outdoor rink and a strong local Hockey program, Angus managed to “play nearly everyday.” Beyond his background in the sport, his hard work played a big factor to his success: as he puts it, “shooting in my basement translated to my shots in game and skating work in practice allowed me to expand my moves on the ice.” 


At Groton, he feels “right at home,” noting the inclusivity of the Hockey team and the positivity of “both captains and coaches.” With the guidance of his coaches and his steady determination, Angus will certainly be a star on Groton’s ice. 


Maria Montero:

Her athletic journey started off on the grass-green soccer fields; now, she is a force to reckon with on the hardwood floors of Groton’s basketball courts. The change happened when Maria Montero ’25 was young, and a basketball coach recognized her height and potential on court. By the age of 9, basketball had taken over as her main passion. 


Maria’s favorite part of basketball? Blocking people. But, she also loves to “help [her] teammates in every way [she] can.” Her qualities define her not only as a dominant basketball player but also as a strong team-player. Without question, Maria will be an incredible contributor to Groton’s basketball program.


Zach Baker:

Next time you go to a hockey game, keep an eye out for a red #6 zooming past his competition—that’s probably Zach Baker ’25. He was born into the sport, with both parents having played hockey themselves. He was drawn to the speed of the game and its adrenaline. After lacing up his first skates, he hasn’t looked back.


Zach is looking to bring his talents to full-force this season, especially with the St. Mark’s game, which he “had already dreamed about playing in” before Groton. A speedy skater who was even invited to the All-Vermont team, Zach will surely bring a lot to Groton Hockey.