Athlete of the Issue: Ronan Doherty


Courtesy of Ronan Doherty ’21.


When Ronan Doherty first joined the hockey team as a young second former, the team record was 11-13. But during his fifth form year, the team’s record was a staggering 22-8. As a senior captain, he is entering his fifth and final season. Throughout his career, Ronan has received many accolades and achievements. In his junior season, Ronan received an ISL Honorable Mention award. Due to the complications of Covid-19, there may not be any interscholastic competition this upcoming season, but Ronan’s legacy as an athlete will definitely not be forgotten.


When did you first start playing hockey?


I started playing hockey when I was around 4 years old. My dad would wake me up at 5 in the morning and we would leave before the sun would some up. It was something I always looked forward to and grew to love.


Why do you enjoy the sport so much?


There’s not much that I don’t enjoy when playing. I love the speed and physicality of the game. There’s no better feeling when you’re flying on the ice, hitting someone on the boards, or scoring a goal.


What’s the best thing about playing hockey at Groton?


I think the best thing about playing hockey at Groton is that I’ve been able to play with some of my best friends. It’s been cool to be able to play with them and be successful on the ice for the last few years. They are memories I definitely will never forget.


Who’s your favorite hockey player and team?

With my whole family being from Boston and with me living just outside the city my entire life, my favorite hockey team is the Boston Bruins. They’ve been my favorite team since I can remember as I’ve been watching them play my entire life. My favorite player on the team is Patrice Bergeron. He’s the best all around player in the league and I’ve definitely tried to play like him.


Who is your biggest role model for hockey?

I definitely looked at my older brother Mike, a former hockey pro in the ECHL, as a role model. Seeing all the hard work he put in to become the best player possible was definitely something that I tried to reflect because I wanted to be just like my older brother. I think I get a lot of my drive from watching over the years not only him, but all of my siblings put in work that ultimately paid off for them in the long run. They pushed me to be the best player possible. I wanted to be just like them.


What is one hockey game or moment that you’re most proud of?


Easily against Tilton when we came back after being down 4-0 after the first period to come back and win 6-4 in front of the whole school.The atmosphere was insane with a packed fan section. We never gave up on the game and it really took the whole team to win that game. The way we came back is something that I don’t think will happen again at Groton.


Who inspires you the most to give your best during games?


I think my family does. I’ve grown up watching my siblings play the same sports throughout my childhood and saw how hard they play the game so I want to be like them. And my parents are people that have given me so much in my life and are my number 1 fans, I want to make them proud.


Obviously, due to Covid-19, the hockey season will be somehow changed. What are your hopes for this upcoming season?


I think just to have fun in the last year of my hockey career with some of my best friends. This season is obviously going to be much different than past seasons, but I think looking at the positives and making the season as fun as possible while going into every practice with the same mentality of seriousness and intensity as we would as if we were preparing for a game is something the veterans on the team will need to instill in the team as a whole.