Groton Valentine’s Day Playlist


With Valentine’s Day coming up, the Circle Voice asked the Groton community to recommend the best love songs that they had been listening to. Here is what some members of the community had to say about their song recommendations, and why they were their favorites:

Jaden Adinkrah ’23: “Like I Want You” by Giveon

“The emotion and technicality in Giveon’s voice just hits so different.”

Zoe Park ’21: “Honey, Honey” by ABBA

“I love, love, love ABBA, but what I love about ‘Honey, Honey’ is the female and male voice combination that makes it seem like the love goes both ways. If that was confusing, think ‘Don’t Go Breaking my Heart’ and the duality of that song.”

Bensen Han ’23: “Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy


“It’s epic! I listened to it a lot and it reminds me of getting dumped and crying.”


Caiyu Yang ’25: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift

“The rhythm is so catchy and it just keeps on repeating in my mind.”

Amelia Lee ’22, Maya Gite ’22, Angelica Parra ’21: “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo


“It’s a really heartbreaking song lyrically. Olivia Rodrigo’s voice and the simple production brings out the pain. My favorite part is the bridge, where she recalls all the places she visited and roads she crossed with him.” — Amelia Lee ’22

“This song is just *chef’s kiss* so passionate and emotional and just wow.” — Maya Gite ’22

“The emotion, the drama, the chorus, literally everything.” — Angelica Parra ’21

Ms. Ho: Simply “Simply The Best” by Noah Reid

“When Patrick sang this to David on ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ I turned to my fiance and said, ‘I want you to sing me this song at our wedding.’ We shall see!”

Griffin Elliott ’22: “Le Temps de l’Amour” by François Hardy

“The atmosphere is so mysterious and interesting and the lead singer’s voice is perfect for it.”

Ben Reyes ’23: “The Shadow of Your Smile” by Tony Bennett

“The lyrics and melody are beautiful. It is a song quite dear to my family because my great-grandfather recorded it for my great-grandmother once he knew he was going to die.”

Ian Gardiner ’24: “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King

“A great love song about reliance and connection. Also there’s lots of emotion and passion in the vocals  and it’s a catchy tune.”

Anna Ferronato Pimentel ’21: “Girl Crush” by Harry Styles


Jasmine Powell ’24: “Get You” by Daniel Caesar feat. Kali Uchis

“This song doesn’t feel like it tries too hard. Since it is R&B, it is very chill and easy to listen to. Kali Uchis’ voice really compliments Daniel Caesar because hers is lighter and airier while Caesar’s is rich.”

Ebun Lawore ’24: “Take Care of Yourself” by Teddy Thompson

“I like how it can be seen as both a sad breakup song and a sappy love song. I also really like how he goes up a whole octave at the end of the song.”

To hear all the songs that the Groton community recommended, check out this Spotify playlist: