Top Four TV Shows to Watch During the Winter Break


Courtesy of Amy Ma ’23

Tiger King, Outer Banks, Love is Blind—I’ve watched them all, so what do I do now? While in quarantine from March to August 2020, I watched hours of TV and blew through multiple series. On the up side, I am now very well versed in popular shows, however, I also find myself struggling to find new shows to watch. So, as we head into Winter Break and our schedules consist of merely TV, meals, and sleep, here are my top four show recommendations.

The Crown (PG-13): The Crown intertwines history with drama in a hit series about Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family. Each episode surrounds an event in history that somehow shaped the royal family. The show is on Netflix’s Top 10 list, currently sitting at number five and is a must watch during this holiday break.
Sex and the City (R): For all you romcom and dramady lovers, Sex and the City is for you. The HBO show follows four women as they navigate their romantic relationships in New York City. These four women go through engagements, marriages, and breakups, but though it all, they have each other. Since 1998, when Sex and the City first aired, it has captured the attention of many who wish to live vicariously through these four New York women.
Queer Eye (PG-13): Want to mindlessly watch a show that is guaranteed to make you laugh? Queer Eye is your show! Queer Eye follows the Fab 5, a group of five gay men who “give lifestyle and and fashion makeovers to guests.” Each of the Fab Five has a role—interior design, culture, cooking, fashion, and self care—and together, they perform miracles on their guests’ lives.
Dead to Me (R): Dead to Me is funny, dark, and mysterious all at the same time. The show surrounds two women whose lives are intertwined in more ways than they know. One is coping with the loss of her husband who was killed in a hit and run and the other is dealing with the guilt from a terrible accident. With each episode, the women’s relevance in each other’s lives is revealed until everything comes to light.
There they are, my top four recommendations. Each show is a little different from the next and will surely leave you wanting more, but don’t worry, there are plenty of episodes in these four series to get you through the break. Happy TV watching!