Groton’s Quarantine Playlist


Courtesy of Angela Wei ’21

During a time when lifestyles and daily habits are constantly shifting, pressing play and jamming out to your favorite song remains the same exhilarating experience. Earlier this month, the Circle Voice asked the Groton community to recommend songs that they had been listening to during the pandemic. Ranging from EDM to Country, here is what some members of the community had to say about their song recommendations:


Tyler Santana ‘23: “Sunflower” by Post Malone, Swae Lee

“It reminds me of times when things weren’t so stressful. In general, I had more fun during the time when this song came out (it was my favorite song then) so I listen to it to reminisce about what my life used to be like.”


Mr. Capen: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin

“It brings me back, makes me dance, and moves me forward.”


Huck Jamison ‘22: “Who Didn’t” by Logan Mize

“I just think it’s a really peaceful song that makes me happy when I listen to it.”


Charlotte Maturo ‘23: “Paradise” by Bazzi

“I really like the chorus because it reminds me that even though there is a global pandemic, there is a reason to continue finding joy in the small things.”


Ms. Ho: “Put Down What You Are Carrying” by Trevor Hall (feat. Brett Dennen) 

“The song sends a nice reminder to be gentle with yourself. I love when this song comes up on a drive and I find myself harmonizing along the way.”


Ian Bayliss ‘22: “Down In The Valley” by Burl Ives, “You & Me” by Flume,

I really have been liking pretty opposite ends of the musical spectrum recently–namely, super synthesized pieces that surround you when you’re listening to them, and old-timey country and bluegrass, that relaxes you and can help you focus.


Zoe Park ‘21: “damn Right” by AUDREY NUNA

“It reminds me of a prefect I had that graduated a couple of years ago. During her time at Groton she made music and has continued to make music in college. Every time she posts something she somehow becomes cooler.”


Mr. Martinez: “Summertime” by Charlie Parker

“It seems necessary to listen to Charlie Parker after reading “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin.”


Mr. Fry: “Little Amens” by David Hodges

“This song reminds me that there’s still so much to be grateful for, despite everything.”


Jasmine Garcia ‘22: “Overwhelmed” by Royal & the Serpent

“This single is insane in its music production. The complex beats and instruments (mostly EDM/alternative) give it a great vibe. The song is also relatable because it spotlights being overwhelmed and anxious. Especially as life at Groton and generally in the world gets more confusing and stressful, this song can be comforting.”


Timothy Hebard ‘24: “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

“This is a great song; it always manages to pick me up and get me through challenges.”


Mx. Williams-Nicholas: “Greatest Change” by Jeremy Zuckerman

“I rewatched the show that inspired this track this summer– beautifully swell, extremely moving, and yet also calming. There’s also some potential for a really bad ‘change in x’ joke in the title.”

To hear all the songs that the Groton community recommended, check out this Spotify playlist: