Boys Hockey Preview

Boys Hockey Preview

H. WISE ’21 for The Circle Voice

“We want to become the hardest working team in the ISL this year,” said Coach William Riley after their successful season ended in heartbreak last year. The boys varsity hockey team is out for revenge this year. After brutal back-to-back losses to St. Mark’s School, once on St. Mark’s Day and once in the playoffs, the boys “have improved over the off-season and have dedicated themselves to getting better and stronger,” said Coach Riley.

The team welcomed five new fourth formers and one new fifth form player. Most players had been practicing in their own time both on the ice and in the gym to attack the season ahead. They played and trained during preseason this Thanksgiving, beating both St Paul’s School and Taft School 3-1. 

The boys play two to three games a week in Division I of the New England Prep School Ice Hockey Association –– a grueling, nearly professional schedule in one of the most competitive high school hockey conferences in the country. Their goals this year are to win the Independent School League (ISL) Eberhart division and the small school championship.

They had a 19-8-2 record for the 2018-2019 season and are looking to improve on that this winter. The captains this year are Luke Beckstein, Marc Borghi, Gabriel Lamothe ’20 and Thomas Dempsey ’21. All four have great skills in both physical and tactical areas. They are adept at reading the team, the game, and players. 

Thomas believes that they can continue their 14-game win streak from last year, adding that “new players are going to have the opportunity to step up early and make an immediate impact.’’ He also praised their strong returning defense and is excited for a deeper offense this season. 

Gabriel hopes “to see a continuity in our work ethic and in the defensive commitment our had last year,” especially with the hardworking group they have. He emphasizes that the team has strength in speed, and would particularly benefit from playing at a high pace for every game. He also hopes to bring “leadership and positivity” to the team throughout the season even through tough games, and for the captains to help all the players towards the same goal.

While the boys have not continued their 14-game win streak from last year and lost to St. Mark’s on December 4, they started the season strong with wins at the St. Paul’s School Jamboree. They head into Christmas break and the rest of the season with a 3-2 record in the ISL and determination to finally beat St. Mark’s.