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Athlete of the Issue: Greg Segal

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A player with both talent and leadership is essential to the success of any team. Quarterback Greg Segal ‘18 is this sort of player, and Groton varsity football is lucky to have him at its helm.

Hailing from Montreal, Greg joined the Circle last year as a new fifth former. He padded up for the first time in seventh grade, but recalls “always wanting to start earlier.”  His arm strength and mobility in the pocket, as well as his keen field vision and game knowledge, made him a perfect fit as a quarterback. Greg’s enthusiasm for the sport has only grown since his first day on the field, and he now works as a leader on Groton’s varsity team.

In addition to his impressive natural talent, Greg’s enthusiasm and dedication to the game prove paramount to the camaraderie of the team. These strengths are evident in his captainship – his teammates elected him after playing beside him for only one year.  Kicker Sam Girian ‘18 says that Greg “always pumps up the team and has everyone’s back, even if someone makes a bad play or messes up.”

Noah Aaron ‘18, co-captain alongside Greg and Bennett Smith ‘19, adds, “He’s consistent with his effort. I want to follow Greg not because of what he says, but because I know he will consistently give 110%, every play.”

The leadership that Greg provides makes him a role model on the team, as well as inspires his teammates to put forth their greatest effort in every practice and game. Leading with a strong, team-first attitude, Greg finds safety and trust within his team.

“When you’re on a football team, you’re part of a family. You immediately have a full roster of guys ready to take a hit for you or lay out their body to protect you, and I am ready to do so for them,” Greg said.

The upcoming season will be both a challenge and an opportunity for the “Boys of Fall.” Several key members graduated last year, leaving the offensive line undersized. Noah said, “We’ll be as good as the line is. No matter what level of talent you have at the ‘skill positions,’ you have to be able to block. If Greg doesn’t have enough time to throw, our receivers can’t make plays. If there aren’t any holes to run through, [running back] Caleb Coleman can’t go anywhere.”

In the face of such a challenge, Greg is optimistic. He believes that the team has “a ton of skill and a handful of real playmakers, yet lacks size and depth.” He holds confidence that the team’s “speed, will to win, and coaching” will lead them to a successful season. He adds that he has been preparing extensively during the offseason: “I have been working on my mobility and quickness this summer in order to escape the pocket and extend the play to compensate for our undersized line.  I look forward to putting the training to the test and hopefully we’ll see my hard work pay off this season for the benefit of the team.” A true team leader, Greg is determined to make his second and last football season at Groton the best he can.

After the Circle, Greg looks to continue his football career in college.  He said that he has narrowed his search to “small Division III schools with academics that specialize in engineering, as well as a couple of Canadian universities.”

Greg is an excellent quarterback and a devoted teammate. Sam sees him as a “motivated leader who will do whatever he can to get better.” Every time he sets foot on the field, Greg is surrounded by his motivation: his teammates. He recalled his most memorable play from last season: “Seeing the joy on our captain’s face after beating his old school in his senior year, in a showdown that came down to the last drive, was exhilarating.  It reminded me of why we play the game: not for ourselves, but for the teammate suited up next to us.”

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