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A Letter to the Editors From Your Former Assistants

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There was no shortage of work to be done when Editors-in-Chief Hadley Callaway and Jack McLaughlin first stepped into their positions a bit more than a year ago. Despite the mountain of tasks that barraged them over the course of the year, Jack and Hadley handled their burdens with admirable poise and ample kindness. Frantic late-night text messages, missed deadlines, and the demands of the endlessly-persnickety InDesign kept our editors on their toes throughout the year. The long nights they spent in the Schoolhouse basement were not for nothing, though; The Circle Voice took several important leaps forward this year. The paper’s design was refreshed by an infusion of cartoons and color, news stories began to focus nearly exclusively on the School, and the online Circle Voice improved noticeably in design and function. Jack and Hadley also took care of all their staffers, hosting a few wild parties for the CV staff over the course of the year. We will miss their guidance and unwavering dedication to the paper.

Millie Kim and Victor Liu went to considerable lengths this year to keep the News section running smoothly. As the only section with three pages’ worth of space to fill, they had to spend a fair amount of time in the CV Room over the year. They ensured every issue was fit for print, putting to work their skill in writing, editing, and layout. Millie and Victor balanced each other out well in their leadership positions. Victor was a strong voice, ensuring all contributors were on task, and Millie was an especially careful editor, scrutinizing every detail of News articles and layout. Both were valuable assets to The Circle Voice and we are grateful for their guidance this year.

We will certainly miss Chris Ye and his contributions to Features at The Circle Voice. From his awesome emails to his kind demeanor, he brought good energy to every interaction. He diligently assigned articles, and painstakingly made sure that everyone was well prepared. Whenever we ran into issues, he would patiently help us resolve them. His amazing Layout skills should also not be overlooked. Chris is the most caring and hardworking person we’ve ever known. He has been our rock at The Circle Voice. We’re thankful to have had the opportunity of working alongside such a funny, bright, and intelligent editor. He has left big shoes to fill. We know that wherever Chris goes, he will be very successful.

We in the Opinions section want to thank our fearless leader, Rand Hough, for teaching us to always allot more time for layout than we think we’ll need. Among his multitude of talents is his mastery of InDesign. We appreciated getting more responsibility as the year went on, and Rand was always quick to answer questions when we felt overwhelmed. We’ll miss Rand’s fearless opinions, humor articles (we didn’t feel too betrayed), and spot-on voice impressions.

This year, Delaney Tantillo was the cornerstone of the sports section. Her relentless work ethic and diligence kept the paper professional and interesting for its readers. Showing up to every meeting with enthusiasm and focused energy, Delaney shared creative article ideas pertaining both to Groton’s athletics and to professional leagues. In designing the paper, she always made sure the layout was clean and visually appealing. Delaney’s organization skills and hard work made it a pleasure to work under her. We wish Delaney all the best in the years to come!

Ella Anderson, layout queen, art connoisseur, and editor extraordinaire, has dutifully led the Art section of The Circle Voice for the past year. Besides her creative article ideas, she masterfully curated the section with a particular attention to detail that is hard to come by. Diligent, persistent, and organized, Ella has inspired a new wave of writers for the Arts section that will try their best to emulate her stellar performance as editor. We will miss her dedication to the paper.

Feild Gomila and Amani Jiu will be departing as writers and editors of  the humor section for The Circle Voice. Feild’s witty remarks will be missed, as he reminded us all to smile just a little bit wider and to shine just a little bit brighter. When asked if this was the end of his comedic career, Feild stated, “I’mma keep things witty and litty ’til the day I die.” We hope he lives up to this promise and continues to spread his joy wherever he may be. Amani deserves great praise for succeeding in her difficult task to make Groton funny. After she graduates on Prize Day, she will leave behind students and faculty sore from laughter. Her effort to make the daily lives of everyone on campus better will be missed. It will be difficult to continue the high standard of humor these two editors have set for us.

Hanna Kim has impressively led photographers and cartoonists this year as Creative Director for The Circle Voice. Curating the visuals for each issue, Hanna doled out photo assignments and ensured that pieces were in on time. She kept assignments interesting with her signature colorful emails and heart emoji sign off. She remained level-headed when faced with late assignments and helped photographers manage difficult tasks and angles. She came to each meeting genuinely excited and always remained engaged. Dedicated to her staff, Hanna was a friend to all. The visuals this year were incredible, and she started a trend of improvement that will continue. Diligent, kind, and dedicated, Hanna will be missed.

Zizi Kendall led the website like a well-oiled machine. Last summer when we were redesigning the site, she worked to make it look good past the point where anybody else would have thought necessary. Always juggling 20 different tasks at once, she still kept on top of everything. As she moves on to bigger and better places, she will be missed.

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