The Circle Voice

Map that shows the old hockey rink and the tree house.

The Hidden History of Groton

Sophia Bay '23, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

What locations on campus shape our community? Sixty years ago, students might’ve answered the treehouse, while Groton students during the 1920s might’ve said Lake Romeyn. Yet, many of us are unaware...

The Circle Voice Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Circle Voice Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Cornelia Potter '21, Digital Editor October 13, 2019

  During the 1960s and 1970s, amidst the Vietnam War, America bubbled with social change and civil unrest, as did Groton students. In 1969 students created The Circle Voice to serve as the student...

Looking Back at Groton's 135 Birthdays

Looking Back at Groton’s 135 Birthdays

Claire Lee '20, Features Editor October 11, 2019

Despite many changes that have taken place, it is still Groton tradition to celebrate the school’s birthday with much pomp and grandeur.   26th of October 1885: Groton School’s first anniversary....

A History of Sunday Bell Ringing

A History of Sunday Bell Ringing

Wally Capen '22, Jack Sperling '22 February 5, 2019

Bell ringing at Groton began shortly after the chapel was built in 1900, and a club was soon established for the activity. The Bell Ringing Club has fluctuated in membership in recent years and disappeared...

A History of Senior Pranks

A History of Senior Pranks

Robin Huntington '22 and Amelia Lee '22 June 2, 2018

As Prize Day looms near, seniors indulge in the infamous “senior spring,” where they have less work, and therefore more time to dwell on their upcoming departures. What better way to make the last...

ALICE in Groton

ALICE in Groton

October 7, 2016

If there is ever a threat on campus, what should we do? Do we lockdown? Do we run? Do we counter? On September 15th, Detective Rachel Mead answered these questions, presenting a new, government-recommended...

Behind the Scenes of the DC

Rohan Varkey '18 February 9, 2016

It’s probably best to know about Groton’s Disciplinary Committee, or DC, as a student here, but many people do not know exactly how it works. Mr. O’Donnell, dean of students, explained that if...

Renegade Reverend

Renegade Reverend

Zizi Kendall '17, Assistant Features Editor October 31, 2015

Most of us know all about Groton. We know when the Dining Hall is open, and how late you can get up while still making breakfast. But for all we know about our school, we don’t know much about its founder,...

Dan Moriarty leads the singing of Blue Bottles.

Blue Bottles: A Tradition

Annie Colloredo-Mansfeld '18, Copy Editor October 31, 2015

Last Monday, we celebrated Groton’s 131st birthday at sit down dinner. After a meal of mashed potatoes and steak, the Dining Hall was slowly filled as students from the Webb Marshall Room filed in around...

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