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Courtesy of Daniel Ojeda

A New Face In the Athletic Center

Evan Khym ’24 March 9, 2021

This winter, Daniel “OJ” Ojeda joined the Groton Athletics Department as a strength and conditioning coach. In his short time on the Circle, OJ has established himself as a dependable and committed...

Courtesy of Olivia Dillon 21

The Phases of Winter Sports

Joon Yeong '23, Assistant Sports Editor March 9, 2021

As a school that stresses its academics along with athletics, the recent pandemic has led to a tough balancing between sports and health. First, there is the obvious concern regarding the spread of Covid-19...

Courtesy of Neve Ley

Athlete of the Issue: Neve Ley ’21

Julie Xie ’23 March 9, 2021

Neve Ley ’21, co-captain of the girl’s ice hockey team, has showcased her proficiency in the rink the moment she stepped on campus. From the team’s first win against St. Marks during her third form...

Courtesy of Ron Jenkins

NFL Draft Prospects

Huck Jamison '22 March 9, 2021

Can’t Miss The best prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft is Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell. Although someone like Trevor Lawrence is arguably the greatest football prospect the game has ever seen,...

Courtesy of NBA

A Lucky Run or the New Standard?

Henry Haskell '23 March 9, 2021

When the NBA season started this fall, all the talk in the Western Conference was about the clear contenders for the number one spot: the Clippers and Lakers. Surprisingly, as the All-Star Break draws...

Courtesy of Hannah Wise 21

It’s Time to Modernize Senior Prefect Elections

Beatrice Agbi '21 March 9, 2021

Groton, in its 135-year-long history as one of the nation’s top schools, has acquired quite the reputation for changing with, sometimes even before, the times. Once a school for rich white Christian...

Courtesy of Amy Ma 23

Steven Pang ’22 vs. Jack Wang ’22: Gamestop Debate

Steven Pang '22 and Jack Wang '22 March 9, 2021

For years, Gamestop, the video game chain focusing on brick and mortar stores, has been struggling to stay in business as more game purchases went online. Because of this, a great number of investors on...

Courtesy of Mei Matsui 23

Why Groton Should Have a Student Council

Joon Whang '23, Assistant Opinions Editor March 9, 2021

Life at school has become defined by a collection of stringent rules and procedures: meal times determine who gets a slice of pizza for lunch at what time; arrows direct traffic and movement in the Schoolhouse;...

“The Pandemic’s Frontlines” Circle Talk

Alisa Gulyansky '24 and Amelia Barnum '24, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

The most recent Circle Talk united us on something we all have in common: the devastating ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the name, “The Pandemic’s Frontlines,” suggests, the talk featured...

Courtesy of Zenande Mdlulu 21

The Multi Variable Decision

Elizabeth Wolfram '23, Opinions Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

This past August I looked through the Multivariable Calculus roster and found that I was the only girl in the class. I guess all the other girls must be in the other section I thought. I soon discovered,...

Groton’s Scholastic Awards

Amelia Lee '22, Assistant News March 9, 2021

For Groton students, the Covid-19 pandemic has limited important outlets of social interaction and travel. But it has certainly not limited their artistic abilities. As students have created meaningful...

Courtesy of Noemi Iwasaki 22

Standardized Tests Reimagined

Robbie Long '21, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

It’s January of 2020. My team bus slowly maneuvers the icy New England roads on the way home from a hockey game, and I begin to doze off while my “to-do list” for the next day sits on my computer...

Artist of the Issue: Janice Zhai

Lang Burgess '23 March 9, 2021

From choreographing dance routines to designing clothes, Janice Zhai ‘21 has done a bit of everything. She is an art prefect and recently received two honorable mentions in the Scholastic Art Awards...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Bridgerton – The Allure of Decorum During the Pandemic

Christina Chen '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

There are many aspects of Bridgerton, a recent Netflix Originals hit based on Julia Quinn’s novel series of the same name, that make it a charming and enticing series. Perhaps it’s the Regency era...

Courtesy of Amy Ma 23

Update on the New Schoolroom Busts

David Wang '23 and Amy Ma '23, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

Walk inside the schoolroom and you’ll find a range of dignified historic men, perched on mahogany staring back at you. From Caesar to Washington, these 17 busts stood as esteemed role-models for the...

Spotlight on Advanced Open Studio Art Class Projects: Blending of Mediums and Borders

Michelle Kim '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

The Advanced Open Studio art class directed by Ms. Ho and Ms. de Jesus-Akuete has pioneered through Covid-19 protocols by working on cooperative group projects, collaborating with artists distanced by...

Courtesy of Steven Pang 22

A Fantastic Year for Debate

Steven Pang '22, Online Columnist March 9, 2021

Although most sports this year have suffered because of Covid-19, Groton’s Debating Society has had a fantastic year. Not only has Groton’s Debate team emerged as one of the top teams in our league,...

Courtesy of Olivia Dillon 21

Smiles and Bagels: Suki and her Motherly Wisdom

Elizabeth Wolfram '23, Online Columnist March 9, 2021

It’s been a rough week. You’ve had lots of majors and have skipped lunch multiple times to study. Whenever you do so, you always get a quick bagel from the cafe before heading back to the stacks. On...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Social Dilemma: The Problem We Live With

Jack Lionette '23, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

Like most, I found myself turning towards my phone at an increasingly frequent rate during the pandemic. Without the ability to interact face to face with peers, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and texting...

Courtesy of Olivia Dillon 21

Spotlight: Essence Step Team

Ava Bridges '24, Arts Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

In Spring of 2018, six dancers, Angelica Parra ’21 and Edwina Polynice ’21 among them, prepared to take the stage during a Saturday Open Mic. Essence, Groton’s newly revived step group, was about...

Courtesy of Chloe Zheng 23

Major Weather Report: Winter Storm Jacques

Sophia-Nicole Bay '23, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

In his first year at Groton, Jacques Dy ’25 has already made a name for himself in the Groton community. A student with an eclectic range of interests, Jacques loves to snowboard and surf, as well as...

Courtesy of Amy Ma 23

Why Do These Covid-19 Rules Exist?

Jiacheng Kang '22 March 9, 2021

While some of Groton’s Covid-19 rules seem to make perfect sense, the rationale behind other rules might not be easily understandable. In an attempt to find the answers to these questions, the Circle...

Photo courtesy of C. Temerson

Yet Another Major Snowstorm!

Jacques Dy '25 February 14, 2021

 Once again, another winter storm is impacting the USA in what seems to be an extremely active February for storms. Time: On Sunday and Monday, snow showers that may or may not be associated with this...

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