A Groton Goodbye: Farewell to Suki


Bagels are a Groton classic. Walking into the Forum after a long morning of classes, the tantalizing smell of freshly toasted bagels wafts over from the cafe as students rush to grab a quick bite before class. Faces brighten up and smiles are shared during these brief moments thanks to Suki, who has been a beloved member of the Groton community since 2019. Unfortunately, after this December, Suki will no longer be a part of the Circle. She is retiring after serving the Groton community for three years and will be dearly missed by everyone, not just the students.

December 9th is Suki’s final day at Groton. To recognize her contributions to the community, the Circle Voice decided to interview Suki about her time at Groton and her plans moving forward.

What is your favorite type of bagel?

To be honest, I don’t like bagels. But if you want me to choose one, I think I would choose the plain one. I like to put light butter—I’m not crazy about cream cheese, you know. 

What are your favorite memories here at Groton?

My good memories are when students are really emotional, or when they are really sad, they love coming to talk to me about their own personal things. And they trust me, and I’m happy they trust me—and then they tell me everything. I love to comfort them, you know, they feel good after they talk to me. And maybe they’re really sad that day—I always pay attention to everyone, and then I ask them, do you want me to give you a hug? And then they say yes, and I give them a hug. I always remember a lot of students like that. I’m kind of like a mother for them. That’s really important.

What will you miss the most?

I’ll miss the students the most. My day is okay, but after I see you guys, I’m better. Because I love you guys, I really do. 

What are your plans for the future?

My whole life, I’ve been work, work, working. But I think I need to try, you know, to enjoy my early retirement—I will try to relax. Of course I will think about you guys—it’s really hard for me. And then I think I want to spend more time with my son, and my daughter. And I will enjoy travel a little bit. I think the big thing is that I want to go see my son in Japan. Then I will do something to help people. Hopefully I’ll find something I like, and then I can do it.