AOTI: Wren Fortunoff

For Wren Fortunoff ’22, art has no boundaries. At Groton, the Sixth Former has immersed herself in the visual arts, building an impressive portfolio of works that have earned accolades such as Scholastic keys. Wren’s art stems from aspects of her life and persona, often elevated by a twist of reality, and always accompanied with a tasteful color palette. Original, expressive, and of course artistically splendid, Wren’s works are nothing short of a world of their own. 


How did art become a passion for you? 

I think art has always been a passion for me, but when I was younger it was something I simply did without much thought about what it meant to me. Now, I definitely see it as one of my biggest passions, and I invest as much time as I can at Groton amidst all the crazy business. 


Do you have any favorite mediums you enjoy working with? 

I enjoy using any materials that I can get my hands on; it doesn’t really matter to me what they are. Groton though has introduced me to a lot of new artist-grade materials (different paints, fabrics, inks) that I had never even heard of before coming here. 


What are some influences on your work? 

 I would say what inspires me is pretty random. I used to be very inspired by Brut artists or outsider artists (“raw artists,” usually self-taught or non-professionals, illustrate their experiences in unorthodox and colorful ways, often rejecting fine art). I guess I am inspired by artists who are deeply committed to their craft—people who can’t get enough of what they are creating.


You’ve described being an artist throughout your whole life, and also elevating your interest at Groton. How do you think you’ve developed and/or matured as an artist as you’ve grown?

Groton has taught me a lot about more conventional skills, like how to draw a human body and face or a realistic building. I am not used to painting realistically, but I have really appreciated this skill so that I can draw what’s in my imagination more accurately. Overall, I would say I have matured the most in my ideas, simply because I have gained more years and have more experiences to pull from. 


Do you have plans to continue in art in the future? 

I am not going to college right after Groton, so next winter I am hoping to work with a lady in New Mexico who makes mosaic murals in Albuquerque.  I also want to continue to study and create art in college when that time comes.