Groton Clubs on the Rise


Courtesy of Devon Mastroianni ’23

With Groton School’s student body and faculty becoming increasingly diverse, it should come as no surprise that the school’s array of extracurricular activities has shown similar growth and expansion. This fall, new clubs focusing on poetry, body positivity, cooking, and medicine have mushroomed on Groton’s campus. 

One exciting new club on campus is the Poetry Club, founded by Sophia Bay ’23 and Julie Xie ’23. It is run with the intention of “showcasing student writing and providing a comfortable atmosphere to grow” says Julie. The club is open to all, and the two co-founders encourage anyone who is interested in English or poetry to participate. During the meetings, members will usually break off into pairs and will either examine famous pieces of poetry or discuss poems written by group members themselves. At the end of the term, the club will have a poetry slam, in which Poetry Club members will showcase a poem to the student body.

Another club new to the circle is the Body Positivity/Neutrality Club, created by Amelia Pottash ’23, Calen Cagney ’23 and Lauren Clark ’23. The club aims to provide a safe space for Groton students to have meaningful discussions about body neutrality and positivity in an attempt to “change how body image is thought of here at Groton,” according to Amelia. The club is already off to a great start, receiving strong interest since its first meeting. Lauren hopes that “by being able to communicate with your peers, students may be able to find relationships with others and support each other.” The club will also hold meetings in collaboration with Groton’s counseling department to help educate students on this sensitive topic. In the future, the club hopes to bring in guest speakers who will offer new perspectives on body image issues. 

One new club at Groton that is literally quite “fire” is the Cooking Club, headed by Devon Mastroianni ’23, Calen Cagney ’23, Alice Liu ’23, Henry Pomeroy ’23, and Donovan Turck ’23. Every meeting, the club divides into 3-5 small groups and ventures off into their respective faculty kitchens where they cook their delicious meals. Upon completion, they sit down as a group and enjoy the results of their labor. According to Devon, one should not only join for the amazing food, but also for the “fire aux, super fun groups and heads.” In the future, be sure to keep your eye out for Halloween, Hanukkah, and Christmas themed recipes, as well as fair food, birthday cake, and fresh pasta, which will be sure to delight your taste buds. 

The last club new to campus is the Med Club, created by Janice Darkwah ‘23 and Jack Sperling ‘22. Although this club doesn’t plan to meet until winter term, it has already gathered strong interest and has many new interesting topics prepared. Stay tuned for the possibility of certified speakers and maybe even a couple biological dissections with science teachers Ms. Marks and Mr. Belsky.