Groton’s TV Picks


Following a term of academic and pandemic-related stresses, students have gravitated towards TV to relax and unwind. Here are some of Groton students’ favorites:

Elizabeth Wolfram ’23: Country Comfort

“It’s super wholesome but also really funny. It’s a great show to watch when you want to be in a good mood and just feel relaxed. It’s sort of like a country/happy version of the Sound of Music so I’d say it’s pretty fun.”

Joon Whang ’23: Breaking Bad

“It is the greatest show of all time. The acting, screenwriting, and directing is unparalleled. And don’t say Criminal Minds is better, especially if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet.”

Claire Holding ’21: How I Met Your Mother

“It’s incredibly bingeable and a fantastic distraction from college decisions.”

Lily Gordon ’21: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“Its light humor and short episodes make it the perfect show to watch when wanting to unwind a bit. I find myself chuckling at its silliness and getting caught up in the character’s lives.”

Alicia Guo ’24: The One

Very interesting set up/world and a good mix of everything”

Jiacheng Kang 22: Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

“It’s by Michael Sandel, and I love listening to the ways that he explores how different philosophies impact modern-day policy decisions. (It’s on Youtube btw highly recommend binging on times two speed)”

Ben Milner ’24: Drive to Survive

“I was never into Formula 1 before I started watching it but it gets super in depth about all of the teams and cars and how the whole sport works.”

Hannah Wise ’21: Django Unchained

“Recently I’ve been enjoying Quentin Tarantino films because of the tension he creates in almost every scene, while also sprinkling in random bits of humor.”

Amelia Lee ’22: Money Heist

“It’s super intense and action packed, but it also leaves room for emotional and ethical dilemmas, such as the government vs Peter Pan theme.  Can’t wait to watch seasons three and four!”

Foster Waxman ’21: Bad Trip

“I love Eric Andre and this movie is on par with Borat.”

Ben Reyes ’23: Higurashi no naku koro ni (Higurashi: When they cry)

“Very spooky horror and very fun murder mystery!”