A New Face in the Art Center This Fall


Luke Benedict '21

Kristen Donovan teaching Visual Studies.

Although Kristen Donovan has been a classically trained artist for nearly all her life, she prefers to teach art: “I love teaching―probably more than painting.” Art studio founder, mother of three, and now a teacher at Groton School, Mrs. Donovan is a woman who firmly believes in fostering love and building confidence in her students. This year, she will be teaching art as a maternity substitute teacher.

Beginning her artistic journey at age seven, Mrs. Donovan began to study visual arts in Massachusetts under a local artist in the Boston School style, studying there until her final year of high school. For her undergraduate studies, Mrs. Donovan attended Boston College where she graduated with a degree in Studio Art, with a concentration in Art History. 

Mrs. Donovan specializes in working with acrylic paints, and especially enjoys painting still-life and portraits. Her artwork has been displayed in many exhibitions, her latest feature being a solo exhibit in the State House of Boston. Though she mainly works in acrylic, Mrs. Donovan was trained as an artist in many different media and subjects, allowing her to teach a wide variety of artistic styles to her students. 

Mrs. Donovan has had a great amount of experience teaching visual arts students, being the founder of her very own art school: Donovan Art Studio. Located in Stow, Massachusetts, Donovan Art Studio initially began as a way for Mrs. Donovan to continue to teach art and keep a schedule that would work for her family. However, it quickly grew into a creative center for all the people in the community, offering classes for all ages. 

“We teach kids from kindergarten through high school, as well as a class for senior citizens,” she said. “The students are exposed to many media and subjects and work on individual projects.” 

Her three children: Emma, Katie, and John Donovan ‘20, Groton’s art prefect, have all grown up participating in the studio as both students and helpers. Mrs. Donovan’s art school leads future artists through their journey from initial creative exploration to developing and solidifying artistic technique, and shaping inspiration and thought. 

“The most special part of the studio is the students who come back for many years,” says Mrs. Donovan. “It is an honor to be a part of a student’s artistic journey from first grade to their college portfolio development.”

Mrs. Donovan is looking forward to teaching Groton students this upcoming year, instructing them as artists, and nurturing them as people. 

I am excited and honored to be teaching art at Groton this year,” she says. “I can’t wait to see what this amazing group of students’ ideas are regarding the world around them, their place and future in it. I hope to teach the students the technical skills they need to be able to reflect their ideas and their voice in their art.” 

She hopes that through these events, all attendees will be able to “find making art accessible, meaningful, and enjoyable.”