Jim’s Right Hand Woman, Brit Hyde


Josephine Alling '20

Brit and Jim at work.

For the past two years, Brit has been an extra pair of hands helping in the Athletic Center, serving as the Assistant to Athletic Equipment Director. This began back in fourth form when Brit had seriously injured herself during a soccer game, and her extensive surgeries to repair the damage on the top of her tibia made her unable to participate in sports. Athletic Trainer Arthur Cheeks suggested she try an alternative activity in her afternoons.

During the fall and winter seasons, Brit works alongside Jim Lockney, Groton’s Athletic Equipment Manager, in the Athletic Center. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays she is there from 2:40 pm to 5:00 pm; on game days, she is there for four to five hours. During this time, Brit explained, she distributes, organizes, and hangs up uniforms. Aside from uniforms, she also aids Jim with any of the logistical and technical aspects of his job he needs help on. Jim said of Brit: “she will always take care of matters in a professional way. She’s firm and assertive.”

Not only does Brit make Jim’s job easier by sharing some of the workload, but her role also allows him to coach JV football in the fall. In speaking with the two of them, their strong bond was apparent. Jim said, “I nicknamed her sunshine because she puts a smile on my face, and she keeps me in check. We both understand each other and think the same way.” He went on to mention that teachers such as Kathy Leggat have praised Brit for her wonderful job and incredible ability to deal with any problem thrown her way.

It is apparent that the two have formed a dynamic team, but this will drastically change when Brit graduates in the spring. Jim said he will miss her as she “takes so much stress out of the job, as taking care of the uniforms is such a huge responsibility.” But for now, this duo will keep on ensuring that the Athletic Office runs perfectly so that everyone can have clean athletic clothing and get to their games on time. Brit’s role is integral to the everyday lives of our athletes on campus, so next time you receive your uniform, remember all of the work people put in to help get it into your hands.