With 17 Days Until Prize Day, Seniors Reflect

Alex Waxman ’18

Now a senior, Alex Waxman ’18 has a wide plethora of accomplishments under his belt. Whether as an actor in the latest play, or as a member of the crew team, Alex is an active member of the community. Reflecting on his four years at Groton, Alex says that his favorite aspect about Groton has been “having a compelling argument and discussion with someone every single day.” Not surprisingly, his favorite memories involve theater and crew – one time, he mentions, in the same day, when he went straight from New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (NEIRA) Championships to rehearsal for a one-act play he was directing. As for teachers, he says that English teachers Bill Mees and Ted Goodrich as well as Latin teacher Andres Reyes have been among his favorites “because they’re out of our time.” While Waxman notes he’s ready to leave the Circle, he’s “sad to go.”

Nailah Pierce ’18

Nailah, an avid rower and phenomenal poet is almost about to graduate. She says her favorite part of Groton is that “[she] wakes up with a sense of ‘I can’,” elaborating with “you are stretched to push yourself and excel in so many capacities here, and you come out better for it.” On the other hand, Nailah says, her least favorite aspect of Groton is that “sometimes expressing a need for help is responded to as ingratitude.” The Senior Skip Day of 2016 remains her favorite memory – Nailah says it was “an unforgettably beautiful day.” She continues to mention the variety of activities that day, ranging from the slip and slide to socializing with friends, concluding with “the Groton bubble burst for a moment, and you were confronted with how momentary your stress was.” Like Alex, Nailah mentions that Mr. Mees is her favorite teacher. She adds that “when he critiques your writing he is pulling from a wealth of experience and understanding.” Finally, Nailah admits that she will miss the Circle: “…the next adventure has begun and I am ready.”