Meet Your Form Leadership

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Meet Your Form Leadership

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While the deans, headmaster and other administrators hold much decision-making power around campus, students from every form have a chance to make their voices heard through their elected student leaders. The Circle Voice has talked with all of them.

Malik Gaye and Elechi Egwuekwe ’18 are this year’s senior prefects. Senior prefects hold many responsibilities; they serve on the Disciplinary Committee, run Roll Call, announce Surprise Holiday and, of course, lead the student body. They liaise between students and the administration, meeting with the deans regularly and the trustees on Trustees Weekends.

The Brooks and Hundred House prefects are Maggie Cheever and Richie Santry ’18. House prefects share in many of the roles of senior prefects, with the notable exception of serving on the Disciplinary Committee.

This was the first year in which the announcement of these senior leaders was made before Prize Day — School administration hoped that this would give them more time to learn from their predecessors about their new roles.

This year’s foursome emphasizes positivity and increasing school spirit by making small changes, such as making Roll Call a must-attend activity once more.

Malik, for one, wants to see an end to “weekends with everybody staying in and just ordering food.” Maggie said that the prefects also “want to work with students and faculty to figure out how to help better manage stress and help students maintain a healthy perspective on what goes on at Groton.”

That being said, the prefects don’t just want their year to be known for being fun, but rather for having spirit. Richie said that it’s all about creating “positive energy.” The senior leaders will emphasize unity in the student body.

The fifth form officers are Lyndsey Toce and Johnny Stankard ‘19. Johnny said that they want to “unite the fifth form class together through a bunch of class activities like barbecues and s’mores.” Lyndsey also sees the potential for bonding,  rejecting the idea that Groton is where “fun goes to die,” and wants to help her classmates find “more time to unwind and have fun.”

Fifth form officers serve on the Disciplinary Committee. While disciplinary hearings are spoken of mostly in whispers, Lyndsey is “excited to have these difficult conversations with [her] fellow form officer and senior prefects.”

Fourth formers can look up to P.K. Baffour-Awuah  and Grace Mastroianni ‘20. P.K. appreciated his form officers last year because they planned events that “helped build form chemistry.” He hopes to continue in their path. Likewise, Grace plans to “make the most of [her] time as a form officer with both fun and dedication,” and said that she and P.K. make a good pair because, although friends, they bring different perspectives to the table.

The third form officers are Sophia Wu and Walker Smith ‘21. Both Sophia and Walker say that past senior prefects played a huge role in helping them feel comfortable, and they hope to do the same for their new form-mates. Sophia likes that her “form has been very united” and wants to help keep it that way as the Form of 2021 officially transitions into high school.

The incoming Second Form gets a few months of relaxation before they, too, will elect a pair of leaders.

The common link among prefects and form officers seems to be this: they want to be approachable and guide the School community to be a closer and better one.